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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

3 newspapers from Congress

Media is very powerful and newspapers play a vital role in influencing the common man with their opinions. It has become extremely vital for political parties to influence the newspapers to write news bias towards them. Congress party is of opinion that two of the major newspapers (Eenadu and Andhra Jyothy) are biased against their party. Hence Congress Party is encouraging three of their party members to launch newspapers soon.

The first one is going to be Sakshi by Y S Jagan (son of CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy). The second one is going to be a political weekly magazine Ee Varam by Vundavalli Arun Kumar. This newspaper will be launched on 15 August. Vundavalli Arjun Kumar became a celebrity overnight by accusing Ramoji Rao of misusing Margadarsi deposits. The third one is Surya by Nukarapu Suryaprakash Rao who produced films like Holi, Adirindayya Chandram, Brahmastram etc. With elections coming up in one and half years, it is very important to influence the public for these political parties through newspapers. Lets wait and watch.

Telugu Film News 11-07-2007

Simran in John Appa Rao 40+
Venkat Kuchipudi is directing his second film ‘John Appa Rao 40+’ with Krishna Bhagawan as hero Veteran actress Simran is going to act with Krishna Bhagawan in this film. Mandira Bedi was considered for this role earlier, but could not do because of dates problem. Kiran Varanasi who composed the remix of ‘vayyari’ song in Lakshyam film is going to provide music for this film. The shooting will start on 1st August in Dubai with a song. Sameer Reddy handles cinematographer. Ramesh Gopi pens dialogues.

Lakshyam hit’s the bulls eye
Gopichand’s latest film Lakshyam got tremendous openings and is still going fulls in most of the centers. Nallamalupu Bujji who stuck gold with his maiden production venture Lakshmi proved his commercial judgment again with this film. He took a risk by releasing in Nizam, Ceded and East on his own. This film collected an excellent share. Incidentally Lakshyam is the biggest hit in Gopichand’s career. Time and again Gopichand exhibited his ability of attracting masses to the theaters.

Muthyala Muggu hero is no more

Veteran film actor Sridhar (68) who shot to fame as hero with Muthyala Muggu and Goranta Deepam expired today at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad. He acted in over 150 films in Telugu. His hometown is Kommaluru (Krishna district). May his soul rest in peace.

Astrology Prediction On Chiru and 'Shankardada'

Astro Maestro Vakkantham Chandramouli says the fate of 'Shankardada Zindabad'.

"The third and sixth lord in Chiranjeevi's horoscope happened to be Jupiter and now the sub-sub lordship of that planet is coming during the release of the film. The exalted Jupiter will certainly give grand hit to Chiranjeevi. It's releasing in the combination of Saturn-Rahu-Jupiter. Saturn is exalted and Rahu is in the star of Ketu that is in house of fortune and Jupiter is exalted again. Saturn is giving Sasa Yoga and Jupiter is giving Hamsa Yoga. So the film is releasing under two Mahapurusha Yogas of Chiranjeevi. So, Shankardada Zindabad will be a big hit and there will be no dispute in that. The collections will be quick and high due to Rahu", said Vakkantam Chandramouli.

"Coming to the family issues of Chiranjeevi, Rahu entered for him in 2007 Feb that leads to disturbance from siblings. It lasts till 2009 December. But no bad can win over Chiranjeevi. Everything ends peacefully by 2009 Dec", he added.

Hyd Buzz: Will 'Kantree' Tagline Remain Same?

We all have known that NTR is going to hit the screen as 'Kantree' after 'Yamadonga' with Rajamouli. Initially it was assumed that Ram Charan's debut will be titled with that. The title was at first registered on Vaishno Academy and now it is taken over by Vyjayanthi banner.

Earlier it was said that 'Veedini Anchana Veyyalemu' will be the tagline for this title. Now will it remain to be the same? 'Kantree-Veedini Anchana Veyyalemu' will be the title then. The title appears to be giving a feel that the hero of the flick fights the villains with shrewdness and intelligence.

Puri's disciple Meher Ramesh is going to direct the film.

Photo: Bips snapped kissing soccer star Ronaldo?

After Shilpa Shetty, it’s Bipasha Basu who’s making news in the UK.

The Daily Star on Tuesday ran a front-page picture of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, 22, kissing Bipasha, 28, in Lisbon where they’d gone for the Seven Wonders show recently.

The picture — titled Ronaldo Plays Away — was taken on stage when the two were naming Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid as one of the new Wonders.

According to the Daily Star, the two were spotted later in the evening at a party at the Belem Club getting physical with each other. Cristiano Ronaldo is reported to be in a relationship with glamour model Gemma Atkinson.

Another tabloid, Metro, ran a similar story and picture titled Are You Playing Away, Cristiano? The Mirror and The Sun have also carried the story with the same photograph.

The Asian community snapped up the story eagerly. On being contacted on her cell phone, Bipasha said: “Yes, it is me in the picture. It was taken at an opportune moment and has been taken out of context. Again, it looks like a case of irresponsible assumptions.”

Bipasha is back in Mumbai.

Krishna Bhagawan To Tickle As Narada

Krishna Bhagawan's comedy and his typical timing are known for all. The film 'Yamagola Mallee Modalayyindi' is releasing on 27th of this month and it is said that Krishna Bhagwan's role will be the highlight in that. All that he is doing in that is the role of Narada. While Srikanth is playing the role of Yamadharma Raja's son, Venu is other hero in the film. While Meera Jasmine paired up with Srikanth, Reema Sen joined with Venu. So, it's the film with bigger heroine casting. Satyanarayan played the role of Yama Dharmaraju in it.

It is said that Krishna Bhagwan's role will bring all sorts of laughs in the film.

In recent times the film 'Dhee' got better talk with the role of Brahmanandam. MS Narayana made the film 'Dubai Seenu' get bigger response. Now we have to see if Krishna Bhagwan also joins the list by making this 'Yama Gola' a success with his performance.

Snippet: Hot Trisha Plays Tennis In Beach

Today the beach at Mahabalipuram turned hot with Trisha’s tennis. She played doubles pairing up with ace Tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi. She said that she got overwhelmed pairing with him for the game.

The event is organized to promote Sun Feast International Tennis Tourney which will be played by all the women tennis stars across the world.

Trisha also said that she loves Tennis and played a lot in school days and she is also an ardent fan of Sania Mirza, the tennis sensation of India.

Giving strokes like Sania Mirza, she turned the heads of all at Mahabalipuram today.

Why Nayantara Is Behaving Differently?

Kollywood is underlining typical decisions of Nayantara. She performed in the film 'Billa' wearing skimpiest dresses and looked hot.

But when she was asked to wear similar costumes for the film 'Yaradi Nee Mohini' with Dhanush, she said a bitter 'No'. She said that she would act only in 'full cover' in the film. Why she is showing that difference?

When enquired it was revealed that the Yaradi Nee Mohini producer is offering lesser remuneration when compared to that of 'Billa'. So, it's all against money. If there will be any producer who pays more than that of 'Billa' producer then what Nayan wears?

Star Talk: Heroine Wishes to Marry Foreigner

There is a popular belief that women receive big respect in India when compared to other countries. But a Tollywood actress condemns that. Actress Kousha says that Indian men are not respectful and concerned to females. She says that they demean women and treat them with disrespect. Probably her experiences must have given that impression to her.

Kousha is the bold lady who exposed her assets in the films 'Alex', 'Raraju' and 'Attili Sattibabu'. Earlier she debuted in the film 'Premaya Namaha'. She feels that women should be respected even though they are in show business with skin show. She implies that foreigners give that respect. She said all this when asked about her marriage. So, is she planning to marry any foreigner?

Photo Feature: Mughal Sultana Living In Slum Area

She is Sultana Begum, living in a slum area in Kolkata. She is the wife of last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Jaffer's great grandson Mirza Mohammad Bidar. She shares her happiness for Taj Mahal's position in newly elected seven wonders. She feels happy for being the straight descendant of Shahjahan's legacy. But her plight is pity now. She is 58 year old living as labor. She has a daughter who can be seen here.

Nostalgia: That's the Unbeatable Record of NTR

NTR had his own record of making two hits at the same time in which he portrayed completely opposite roles. In one film he opposed law and in the other he supported only that.

Those two films were 'Bobbili Puli' and 'Justice Chowdary' respectively. Both the films released at the same time and turned triumphant hits. That was the star power of NTR that convinced the audience with two opposite portrayals. The story line and screenplay of these two films were perfectly matched to the image of NTR and taste of audience.

This record was never happened later in the history of Tollywood.

Asin with R Com winners

Few lucky Reliance Mobile customers of Andhrapradesh and Tamilnadu who dialed 1234999 and had set ASIN’ ring back tunes as their Mytunes were flown down to Chennai to meet and greet ASIN.

At Chennai MGM resorts, Reliance Mobile customers and Big fm listeners from AndhraPradesh and Tamilnadu were waiting eagerly for the Chennai Chandrama Asin. Asin came to the venue and waved everyone.

She encouraged everyone to show their individual talents and most of them danced to their favorite songs, some of them did mimicry and some of them asked her few questions. This was followed by Lunch and then Photograph cum Autograph session. With a smiling face, for all the customers – she gave a pose to the photographer. Finally – all the winners thanked her for spending a day with them.

The question and answer session between ASIN and the winners is as follows:

1 We saw you smoking cigarette and beedi in a Telugu and a Tamil movie. Was it real or action ?
I smoked Malabar beedi and a cigarette but I inhaled it till mouth only and it did not go to my lungs…but trust me Cigarette is better than a beedi (smiles)…but I hate my fans who smoke.

2 In case – if you get a chance of doing a dual role – will you accept ?
Definitely, I will do a dual role. In Dashavatara – Kamalhassan is playing 10 roles.

3 What is your qualification ?
B.A English Literature

4 Who are there in your family ?
Myself, Mom and Dad

5 What is your advice to your fans ?
Don’t feel head-weighted if you win something and don’t go to abyss if you lose something. Afterall failures are the stepping stones for success

6 Do you have friends in your co-stars ?
Shalini and Ajith, Vijay’s family are close to me and my family members

7 What is your favourite song in Telugu ?
Aa ante amalapuram

Finally – she sang one Tamil song, entertained the audience and went away

Audio launch - Divya Poojalivigo

Pooja Prasad - 14 year old granddaughter of legendry producer VB Rajendra Prasad - has launched her devotional music album Nitya Poojalivigo on 21 June 2006. Today she launched her next album ‘Divya Poojalivigo’ in a grand style at Film Nagar Daiva Sannidhanam. Nagarjuna’s family (Nagarjuna, Amala, Sumanth and Supriya) attended the launch as guests. Jagapati Babu (uncle of Pooja Prasad) and Murali Mohan also attended this eve.

Murali Mohan launched the audiocassette and Nagarjuna launched the audio CD.

Music of this album is conducted by Dr. Bunty. It contains 14 Sanskrit sthotrams, devotional kirtanas in praise of several Gods and it make it a pleasant listening experience to everyone. Aditya music released the audio.

More about Pooja Prasad:
Pooja Prasad has always been highly devotional and she has been blessed with a melodious voice. She has been training in Carnatic music for the past five years. Pooja Prasad’s favorite singers are MS Subbalakshmi, Lata Mangeshkar, Bala Murali Krishna. She loves all Annamacharya and Ramadasu keertanas. Her favorite music directors are Ilaya Raja, Keeravani and AR Rehman. Her current favorite film songs are Pratidinam Nee Darsanam from Anumanaspadam, Entha Entha Dooram from Sainikudu, Manasa vacha from Godavari and Muvvala Navvakala from Pournami.

Wallpaper Of The Day 11-07-2007 ( Anchor Saira Bhanu wallpaper)

Anchor Saira Bhanu

NRI Chitram bags Allare Allari overseas rights

NRI Chitram Inc bagged overseas distribution rights of Allare Allari

After successfull distribution of Aaduvari Matalaku Ardhale Verule, we aquired the theatrical screening and home DVD rights of Allare Allari starring Venu, Allari Naresh, Parvathi Melton, Mallika Kappor that is being released worldwide on July 20th.

Produced by Bajju arts, Music by Chakri. The film is directed by Muppalaneni Siva, who in the past delivered block busters like Sankranthi, Raja, Sandade Sandadi, Priya O Priya, Tajmahal etc.

Our sincere thanks to Bhasheer garu for giving this opportunity.

For exhibition in your areas, please contact:
NRI Chitram - 248-522-8099

Abhishek: House look dull when Ash’s out!

Bachchan Jr finally breaks his silence on his marriage to ‘best friend’ Aishwarya Rai and the aftermath

How does it feel to be married?
Nothing has changed drastically. But it’s a wonderful feeling to be married to one’s best friend

We thought your dad was your best friend?
Can’t I have two best friends? I’m a very friendly person.

Is it possible to be best friends with your wife?
I don’t know about others. But I am. I guess I’m lucky.

Okay now about your wedding…it was easily the most talked-about event…

Was it? I was so much in the thick of the wedding and its preparations that I wasn’t really paying any attention to what was happening outside. Admittedly, the whole process of getting married and the rituals were unique to me. I couldn’t be looking at what was happening in the big wide world. I was with my family. We were part of something that was very private, precious and personal.

But you couldn’t be impervious to the constant attention that the wedding attracted across the world?
I was! I got to know about it only after the wedding. Obviously we knew my wedding would attract some amount of attention. But this? We aren’t that important.

Some of your close friends thought there was no need for so much secrecy about your marriage?

I don’t think we were being secretive. We were just keeping my wedding private. I think we had the right to do that. People seem to forget my family decided to keep my wedding a small affair because I’ve an ailing grandmother in the hospital.

Would I’ve called everyone if I could? Of course! Why wouldn’t I want all my friends present at one of the happiest moments of my life? There are lots of people in the industry whom I owe a lot to. And I’d have wanted them all to be there for us. Even without being present physically they showered their blessings on us. I can’t complain. If some people think our conduct wasn’t good enough I’m very sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it.

The past months have been a whirlwind for you…
I look back very fondly on the entire experience.

How does it feel to have Ash at home?
Aishwarya is a new and very important member of the family. And she fits in wonderfully. It’s so wonderful just to have her around the house. The house starts glowing when she’s around and things look dull when she’s out. My parents are just so happy to have another daughter in the house.

Screen Talk: Tall Lady Struggling As Sari Model

Hamsa Nandini is the model who was pulled in by director Vamshi to act in the film 'Anumandaspadam' a few moths ago.

The film bombed at box office and Hamsanandini got no second offer to act. She is too tall to resist and also looks very slim which doesn't suit to south Indian screen. She is now again back to modeling and freshly endorsing the Shanthi Silk Emporium. She is again attractive as model but on screen she is failing to attract.

But still, the sources sy that she is trying in her own way approaching producers either directly or indirectly to consider her for heroine roles.

Sexy actress's concern for social issues

She’s known for her dare-to-bare image and shocking quotes, but there’s another side to Sherlyn Chopra. The actress is also involved with social campaigns! So she was very impressed with the Live Earth concert which was held recently. Says Sherlyn, “Each of us could make a difference by starting off with something small. And I think the first thing is to turn off the lights when we don’t need them.” Well, we simply love the Chopra girl’s take on energy conservation. So the next time you see the lights off at Sherlyn’s place, it doesn’t mean she’s out of town!

Hyderabad Political News 11-07-07

Behind The Scene: Desam, TRS vie for PJR!

Now that Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy has entered into a collision course with Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, he has become the most sought after leader for both the Telugu Desam and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, obviously with an eye on the forthcoming Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections.

Sources close to PJR say both the TD and TRS had sent feelers to him for joining them in their fight against YSR. At the behest of TD president N Chandrababu Naidu, several Desam leaders from Hyderabad including Talasani Srinivasa Yadav and G Sayanna called on PJR and extended their solidarity with him. Some of the TD leaders also addressed press conferences in support of PJR. Interestingly, PJR himself told mediapersons on Tuesday that he had never faced such a humiliation even during NTR and Chandrababu regimes.

On the other hand, TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao has been in constant touch with PJR. Obviously, KCR is looking for a leader to replace Narendra to give aggressiveness to the Telangana movement. Therefore, he has given a Telangana twist to the PJR episode, by claiming that PJR and his family are being targetted for their fighting for the Telangana cause and that it is part of a bigger conspiracy of implementing a hidden agenda of harassing the separate Telangana leaders and demoralise them. So far, PJR has not given any positive signals to the TRS leadership, sources say.

Undavalli to revive attack on Ramoji

Grossly upset with the lack of progress in the CID inquiry against Margadarsi Financiers headed by media baron Ramoji Rao, Rajahmundry MP Undavalli Arun Kumar is learnt to have decided to expose both the inefficiency of the State administration as well as Ramoji Rao's manipulative tactics in his forthcoming weekly "Ee Varam."

Arun Kumar's new weekly, which is expected to hit the stands by August 15, is all set to revive the attack on Ramoji Rao. Sources say Arun Kumar had gathered more evidences against Margadarsi's illegal collection of deposits and is going to serialise them in his weekly. However, he wants to be careful in running the stories, so as to dispel the arguments that he would be going too personal against Ramoji Rao.

Sources say Arun Kumar is planning to employ the same tactics being used by the electronic media – sting operations – to dig out the illegal activities in Ramoji Film City and also the miseries of employees working in the RFC. "It is going to be an interesting reading. We need to expose this exploitation of people in the garb of media," he says.

Hyderabad Buzz: No sympathy to PJR in Cong

Though there have been many fans for Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy and enemies for Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy in the State Congress, hardly any Congress leader came to the support of PJR in his latest scuffle with the Chief Minister's family.

Except Shadnagar MLA P Shankar Rao and Sanathnagar MLA M Shashidhar Reddy, not a single member in the Congress Legislature Party came in support of PJR and the latter had to defend himself. Mediapersons desperately tried to provoke the other Telangana Congress leaders like Palvai Goverdhan Reddy, but they all tried to escape from the embarassment describing it as a personal matter between PJR and YSR families, though heart in hearts, they were sympathetical towards PJR. Their primary concern was not to create an impression in the mind of the Congress high command that there is a conspiracy against the Chief Minister. Naturally, they all have to save their skins.

Interestingly, PCC president K Kesava Rao, who failed to broker peace between YSR and PJR, has taken a stand against PJR. Obviously, he might have received the message from the high command that there is no need to spare PJR, in the wake of reports that he is looking for other alternatives to the Congress. So, the PCC is all set for a showdown with PJR!!

Fact Sheet: TD leaders' double standards!

Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu, who cries from the roof tops about the highhanded behaviour of the Congress leaders and their disregard for the law of the land, is blind to the hooliganism resorted to by his own party MLAs.

The way Desam MLA Chengala Venkat Rao behaved in the Visakhapatnam District Review Committee meeting on Tuesday exposes the double standards of the TD leadership. The MLA from Payakaraopet not only prevented the meeting from taking up of the agenda by forcibly snatching papers from the Zilla Parishad chief executive officer P Rama Rao, but also roughed up a constable who was posted there to ensure peaceful conduct of the proceedings. The district officials, who were upset with the MLA's highhanded behaviour, boycotted the meeting, which was ultimately adjourned without taking up any proceedings. The officials demanded that the MLA should tender a written apology to them.

Surprisingly, Venkat Rao received support from CPI leaders, who were also opposing the Bauxite factory proposed to be set up by Jindal group. They said there was nothing wrong on the part of the MLA, as the police constable appeared like a Congress goonda. The TD MLA's unruly behaviour was not condemned by Naidu at all!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NRIs Trapped Chandrababu For 'That'

Chandrababu Naidu was given bigger attention in his recent visit to USA by American-Telugus. The reason is that about 15-17 candidates are looking for TDP MLA Seats in next elections of 2009. We have to see how many will get tickets with this curry favor to Chandrababu Naidu. A strong rumor is circling that mails are hitting NTR Bhavan stating not to consider certain NRIs for MLA ticket or Party Membership due to their bad background. Thus the black sheep also started among BABUS in this MLA ticket hunt. On the other hand the TDP organized the NRI BABU SHOW very well and the team's organizational skills are highly acclaimed everywhere. They are very good at pooling funds and mobilizing people.

Two Banners Fight For 'Allare Allari'

The plight of Allare Allari was miserable ever since the completion of shooting part. The problems ignited due to Basheed, the producer, say many. The issue resulted in the longstanding delay in release of this film. Here is a public notice issued by the Convener, Telugu Film Producers Council.

"With the help of Producers' Council the issue of 'Allare Allari' starring Venu, Allari Naresh, Parvati Melton and Mallika Kapoor is settled between Lakshmi Ganapathi Films and Bajju Arts Productions. There were some conditions laid by the council. As a part of those conditions, the business deals can be dealt only with Bajju Arts Productions. But the transactions should take place only at Producers' council by taking the receipt for each Rupee used in transaction. The distributors those don't follow this rule will not have any rights of distribution. This is the second notice issued by Convener, Telugu Film Producers Council".

When will this film release? Just wait and see.

Reel Talk: Ramya Krishna Rocking the Senses!

Ramya Krishna is now increasing the enthusiasm of TV viewers. Her new Show on Gemini TV turned the heads of many. She anchored the game show with Nagarjuna with all necessary interest boosters. The talk has been widely spread about that program and people are now waiting the next episode of the same with all eagerness.

Ramya Krishna is looking gorgeous as usual and her star image is clearly useful for small screen. Earlier she anchored a gold show and now came up with an innovative game show with celebrities every week. The ERP Rating of the channel will definitely increase with this show, say the channel sources.

So like Sekhar Suman, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan on National TV channels, now we have Ramya Krishna as local player attracting the huge crowds among couch potatoes.

Hyd Gossip : Luring 'Eenadu', 'AJ' and 'Vaarta' Journalists

'Saakhsi' is the News Paper that's going to start in the captaincy of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He hired Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy, who worked in Udayam long back and gave him the mantle of Chief Editorship. He has also given him complete freedom in hiring the people to work with him. The first step, Mr Sajjala took was pulling out AVL Narasimha Rao from Vaartha for marketing. He offered double the salary and extra perks to Mr AVL to accomplish that.

It is said that Mr Sajjala streamlined the people from Eenadu, AJ and Vaartha to rope into 'Saakshi'. Grapevine says that many key people in these News Papers would drain out to 'Saakshi' bagging whopping salaries and perks. Sources say that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy advised Mr Sajjala to pull out all key people from those News Papers 'at any cost'. So the process started now. It is said that analytical and statistical News Providers those have the mettle are being offered huge pay pack of Rs. 1 to Rs 1.25 lakh per month. Journalists with innovative and convincing writing abilities, possessed with knowledge in Telugu language and literature are also being offered somewhere between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh per month. We have to see how many will be loyal to Ramoji Rao or the owners of other two magazines.

Chiranjeevi's Kannada to Trap Bangaloreans!

Chiranjeevi speaks Kannada. He says, "Start Madthini. Kelthiya?" This is a line in the song of Shankardada Zindabad. This comes in 'Jagadeka Veeruniki…' number. The line means 'I'll start. Will you listen?" That's a situational line in the song.

This is to enthuse the Kannada film audiences those watch Chiranjeevi's films on par with Telugu fans. The following is observed in big way in Bangalore. So it's a line to lure them. Even in 'Shankardada MBBS' the song 'Da Da Da Da… has a few lines of other language although they weren't shot n Chiranjeevi then.

To share a trivial nostalgia at this moment, long back, the film 'Jagadekaveerudu Athiloka Sundari' also shown Chiranjeevi saying Kannada line 'Namma Hesare Raju..' in a song.

Screen Talk: Shriya Decided To Put On Weight!

Shriya's dreams weren't synchronized with the reality. She thought the film 'Sivaji' would bring her unending fame in TN and AP. But things are other way round now. There is a practice in Tamil Nadu that the film lovers call Rajni as 'Anna'. That's there in AP also with respect to Sr NTR or Chiranjeevi. But stepping ahead, the Tamil film lovers call Rajni's heroines as 'vadina'.

Now the new vadina, Shriya is not with satisfied looks beside Rajni as per majority of Tamilians. They said that she has no oomph factor or Tamilsezhvi (traditional Tamil look) appearance to tune with Rajni Kanth's chemistry. This is disturbing her now. Of late she discovered that the success on Tamil screen would come with little heaviness in body. So she decided to shun her slim and sleek look and planning to add weight to that.

That's certainly a good decision but still it stands as 'trial and error method'. Don't worry Shriya! Just give a trial.

Karishma Kotak-See The Difference

Just see the difference. It's Karishma Kotak's freshly taken photograph. The snap in the inset is her old photograph. She has put on weight now and looking in tune with the chemistry of Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

If her performance also croons in synchrony then she may bag few more offers beside big stars.

If she is marked only for looks but not any performance then this will be her first and last film in Telugu. Let us wish all the best for her.

Photo Feature: Kamal and Gowtami Sharing Looks

Kollywood says high about the affair of Kamal Hasan and Gowtami. Both of them share good time all the while and now Gowtami is staying with Kamal. He also celebrated her birthday grandly recently. This is the public presence of this duo when the camera was clicked. Both are sharing hot and affectionate looks.

Bipasha's Breast Makes National News

Almost all the TV channels started discussing about Bipasha Basu's breast upliftment. While a National channel discussed about it couple of days back, a local Telugu channel also did the same in its entertainment news.

It seems that Bipasha Basu underwent silicon transplantation some years ago and didn't pay the dues to the cosmetologist Dr Gupta. He started the propaganda that Bipasha's beauty is not original but artificially carved by him. This news took its place in Mumbai tabloid and appeared in a few National channels.

Silicon transplantation is so common that many Bollywood heroines had underwent before and still undergoing now. The latest among the list is Rakhi Sawanth as she said that in an interview.

What Is This 'Okka', 'Okka', 'Okka'?!

Telugu cinema has its uniqueness in confusing the people with same sort of title every time. The sentiment of 'Okka' started little while ago as majority of the films with that sound worked well at box office leaving exceptions. Just observe the following titles.

Oke Okkadu
Oka Vichitram
Oka Oorilo
Okka Magadu

Now adding another feather to it the title 'Okkadochchesaadu' is coming into news. That's the title given by Kalyan Ram to his future venture on NTR Arts banner with Harshavardhan as debutant director. Kalyan Ram has the credit of introducing Surender Reddy as director with the film 'Atanokkadey' a few years back. The film turned a hit and Surender has been bagging bigger offers. Now he is introducing Harshavardhan with his subsequent venture on his banner. Other titles about this film are yet to be revealed.

So, we have another 'Okka' title in Telugu filmography.

Hyd Buzz: Winning Dubai Trip With Sexy Dames

Beautiful girls are seen not on silver screen but in pubs and discotheques, say the college students in Hyderabad. They are seen in big number in places like Touch, Ahala and Liquids. The music lovers dabbling in Karaoke are drowning deep in musical whirlpool and participating in bi-weekly Karaoke contest as well. The contest held at 10 Down Street witnessed 15 enthusiastic participants. The winner will be getting a free trip to Dubai and a Nokia black berry mobile. It's really a contest amidst beautiful girls. Hyderabad is going western that way.

The first part of the bi-weekly Karaoke contest held at 10Downing Street on Thursday witnessed 15 spirited participants.

‘So what if he didn’t give it a try at the Indian Idol level? My friend is indeed serious about winning this contest,’ said Waseem, an engineer student, as his classmate Rajbeer belted out Hotel California and became one of the strong contenders to win the contest limited to English numbers.

Shah Rukh Khan

Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president K Keshava Rao has nothing to do with the street brawl between the families of Chief Minister YS Rajashekar Reddy and former CLP leader P Janardhan Reddy. But he is in deep trouble. As the president of the ruling party in the State, he has to ensure that there's no trouble for the party because of the actions of some leaders. AICC president Sonia Gandhi has reportedly sought a report on the street fighting between YSR's brother YS Ravindranath Reddy and his son YS Sumadhur Reddy and PJR's son P Vishnuvardhan Reddy and his followers.

Sonia Gandhi believes that the street fight has brought ill repute to the Congress and lowered the image of the party in the eyes of the public. Keshava Rao is busy preparing a report. To ensure that there's no further trouble between the two families, Keshava Rao has in fact offered to broker peace.

This is the first time that the families of Congress top leaders have fought on the street like rowdies. The police too behaved in a partisan manner siding with the chief minister's family.

Keshava Rao has to include all these in the report to the AICC leadership. The job before him is tricklish.

So he wants to broker peace and tone down the incident in the report. Poor Keshava Rao has now a Herculean task ahead of him. He must have realised that heading the ruling party is not an easy job, more so when not only party leaders are at loggerheads but their families too.

Impression: Old But Still Active

Nagesh is the comedian from Tamilnadu who acted in many Telugu films as well. He is known for his own dubbing even in Telugu. He is 80 plus now but still active at heart and body. He keeps on smiling and makes others also smile. When asked about the secret of his health he said, "Smile".

He added, "Smiling makes the mind pleasant. Laughing gives exercise to body. Perceiving things in humor will add health to it".

Well, that's more than a philosophy of happy living with healthy mind and body. It's the entire attitude that should be developed. It comes only by practice.

Net attitude: SRK has two e-mail IDs

Shah Rukh Khan is extremely internet savvy and carries his laptop wherever he goes.

But a birdie near his Bandra abode tells us that SRK has two e-mail IDs — one is an old Hotmail account that he uses for professional reasons, while the other is a Mac account purely for personal contacts.

Apparently, SRK is very protective about this ID and only gives it out to friends and close acquaintances.

So where does that leave his zillions of fans?

Sorry dahlings, but you’ll just have to make do with his personal website!

The numbers game the Hyderabad police play

It is quite clear that the Hyderabad city police has acted in a partisan manner. The open street brawl between the family members of chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy and former CLP leader P Janardhan Reddy has lowered the prestige of not only the Congress but also the Hyderabad city police.

Police are known to act in partisan manner. It is universally acknowledged truth. But they do it in a secretive manner so that people do not lose faith in them.

However, in this case they took sides with the chief minister's family. Both the family members filed cases against each other.

But the police had acted only on the complaint filed by the chief minister's family. There was no action on the case filed by PJR's family.

And pray tell what is the reason the police are coming out with to explain their strange partisan attitude?

The city police say that YSR's kin filed the complaint at 4.30 pm while PJR's kin filed the complaint at 9.30 pm. The difference is full five hours.

Since the family of YSR has filed the complaint at 4.30 pm, they have acted on this complaint first.

What a logic, my dear khaki men? Even if we go by your logic, you have acted on the 4.30 pm complaint since it was filed first, you should have arrested YSR's family members too, five hours later. Since the time gap between the two complaints is five hours.

If you are sincere in your argument and defence, you should have arrested YSR's family five hours after the arrest of PJR's son and his son-in-law.

This is the new numbers game the Hyderabad police wants to play. And whom are they fooling?

Star Night by TASC

Peacock Indian Cafe & Navodaya bags Yamadonga

PEACOCK INDIAN CAFE & Navodaya Movies bags Yamadonga USA rights

Producer Cherry' Weekend Distributors is releasing NTR's latest film Yamadonga in association with PEACOCK INDIAN CAFE & Navodaya Movies.

Yamadonga is a socio-fantasy entertainer that is going prestigious for various aspects.

Yamadonga comes from the combination that delivered super hits like Student No.1 and Simhadri. SS Ramamouli directed the film and MM Keeravani scored music. Mohan Babu played the role of Lord Yama.

Many highlights are noticed in the film those have been boosting up the interest of people. Here are a few pointed so far.

1.NTR Singing 'Olammee Tikkaregindaa..' in his own voice.
2.Mohan Babu as Yama who acts as parallel hero in the film.
3.Sr NTR's performance in the form of graphics.
4.Biggest ever indoor set so far in whole of Asia and also the costliest individual set is erected for Yamadonga.
5.Rajamouli, who hasn't seen any failure till now is making the film.
6.NTR's look with long hair and slim silhouette.
7.Mamata Mohan Das and Priyamani are acting in this film along with 5 more heroines.

For trade enquiries, please call
Raman Sanchula 408-464-4788
Rahul Kumar 404-395-1318

Chandrababu: NRIs will vote for me

Mr Naidu who returned from his 13-day foreign tour addressed a press conference here at NTR Trust Bhavan.

N. Chandrababu Naidu on Monday said it is only a matter of time before Non-Resident Indians, particularly Telugus in the U.S., overtake Jews in all spheres of life, be it educational, social or political.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday on return from his tour of the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom, he said during his meetings with Indians and Telugus in 10 cities, he found astonishing levels of competence in their respective areas of work.

They have shown the world that hard work will pay, Mr. Naidu said, recalling that over the decades, it was the Jewish population that had proved their mettle.

Now, Indians and Telugus are strong, education-wise and on the socio-economic front and the only sector left to prove their leadership is politics, he said.

Naidu said all non-resident Telugus would vote for his party if they were given a chance. Describing his tour to the US, Canada and England as "most fruitful", Mr Naidu said the recently floated NRI-TD would work as a link between the NRIs and the party.

Denying reports that he had visited the US for fund rising, Mr Naidu said that he had toured extensively to create awareness on the Telugu language and culture.

Box Office: 'Sivaji' Trailing Down- 'Lakshyam' On Top

1. Lakshyam:

The film is on top of the list this week as the openings are big. The mass masala concept with sentiment is attracting the masses. The presence of Jagpathi Babu along with Gopichand in the film and the family touch given in publicity gave an impression that it is a family entertainer. Both the masses and class audiences have watched this film in the first 3 days in full. Its real trend will be observed this week.

2. Sivaji:
The film is slowing down in collections when compared to previous weeks. Now the film lovers got immune to the hype and artificial pep given by publicity for this film. Now they are relying only on mouth publicity. Majority views are below the expectations. Hence the chances are meager to pick up the collections. This film sits in 2 nd position in box office list of this week.

3. Dubai Seenu:
The film is making considerably good collections for the mouth publicity it bagged. The comedy elements by MS Narayana pushed the film towards success. The typical character called Salman Raju made the film hilarious in last 30 minutes. The film sits in third position in the box office list of this week.

4. Satyabhama:
The film attracted the audiences by the presence of 'Missamma' pair. But the audiences found that they have come for the wrong film. The slow narration and uninteresting screenplay killed the film totally. The first two days 'openings are only because of Bhoomika factor but nothing else. The collections are doubtful for this film in second week. It is now in 4 th place in the list and in trailing position.

5. AMAV:
The film is still making collections as there is no other family entertainer in theatres. As all the films have proved to be mass flicks mixed with comedy, the only family entertainer with big stars like Venkatesh and Trisha is 'Adavari Matalaku Arthaley Veruley'. Hence it is in 5 th position in the list.

Screen Talk: Bebo stuns in slim look!

Kareena Kapoor has shed a lot of flab and is looking very gorgeous these days. "It took me six months to reach this level. I followed a strict exercise routine with a strict diet. It has taken sheer hard work and will power to slim down to this extent," Kareena says. For the actress, food is one of her biggest weaknesses. "I am a Kapoor. And the Kapoors are known for their fondness for food. But I have resisted all temptations that would add fat to my body."

The other reason to lose weight was also the film Tashan that has her with Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar. "The character that I play in the film needs me to be slim and attractive. But honestly I feel so much better and lighter," she adds.

TANA Highlights: Good, Bad and Ugly

The celebrations of TANA have completed successfully with the participation of many from Telugu community in Washington DC. Here are a few highlights of the event in nut shell.

1. Banquet party was huge success. But food arrangements disappointed many.
2. Entire TANA festival chanted Nandamuri and TDP mantra.
3. Balakrishna gave excellent performance as Srikrishna Deva Raya and Yamadharmaraju. But he disappointed with his speech as many couldn't able to understand.
4. Prabha gave excellent performance on stage.
5. Sunil gave extraordinarily entertaining performance.
6. M S Ramaiah's speech attracted many youngsters.
7. The ironic and funny side of TANA is Youth Program. The hosts conducting that spoke only in English while NBK promoting the flavor of speaking in TELUGU.
8. Total number of visitors around 8000-9000. The organizers are claiming 12000, but the actual figure is only around 8000. Some one on stage even claimed 16000.
9. Clinton keynote address at the conference opening.
10. Worst sound system. Many couldn't able to undetstand speeches.

Telugu News 10-07-07

Jagan enters scene in PJR row

The clashes between the family members of Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy and Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy took an interesting twist with the entry of the Chief Minister's son Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

Jagan, who operates from Bangalore, was the first person to know about the clashes and the injuries caused to his uncle Y S Ravindra Reddy. He became furious and reportedly asked his supporters in Hyderabad to consolidate all the party ranks against PJR. Within a couple of hours, Jagan Yuva Sena activists plunged into the scene, ransacked the houses of PJR supporters, organised rallies against him and burnt his effigies.

Simultaneously, Jagan is learnt to have organised the young leaders of the Congress in Hyderabad to work out plans to cut down the image and influence of PJR in the city, so that the party would not suffer any major losses even if PJR is expelled from the party. Home Minister K Jana Reddy's son K Raghuveer Reddy, Mines Minister Sabita Indra Reddy's son Karthik Reddy and BC Welfare Minister Mukesh Goud's son Vikram have pledged their support to Jagan. Above all, PCC general secretary Danam Nagender, who is nursing a grouse against PJR for obstructing his entry into the Legislative Council, has found it a right opportunity to run down PJR and assured Jagan that he would decimate the MLA, given a free hand. No other MLA from Telangana, too, has dared to come to the support of PJR, fearing reprisal from Jagan and YSR.

So, it is bad time for PJR!

Behind The Scene: YSR clips Bhanu's wings!

Looks like the honeymoon of Special secretary in the Chief Minister's peshi M G V K Bhanu with Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy has come to an end.

Bhanu, son-in-law of former Union Minister P V Rangaiah Naidu and an Assam-cadre IAS officer, entered the Chief Minister's peshi, thanks to the recommendation from Chief Minister's friend and advisor K V P Ramachandra Rao. Hitherto, Bhanu had been enjoying enormous powers, playing instrumental role in the execution of irrigation projects and befriending the contractors. His cousin K V Rao (another son-in-law of Rangaiah Naidu) also played a key role in the government as Principal Secretary, Infrastructure and Investment department.

However, of late, the Chief Minister has understood the dubious credentials of these two IAS officers, who minted money using their clout. So, he started cutting them to size. While K V Rao sought voluntary retirement from service to join Nagarjuna Constructions Company, Bhanu is waiting for a right opportunity. The Chief Minister ordered that Bhanu was stripped of two important subjects -- ports and airports, which would now be transferred to Principal Secretary Jannat Hussain. Gradually, he is likely to be sent back to his Assam cadre, sources in the CMO say.

Fact Sheet: PJR-YSR tussle takes T-turn

The feud between Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy's family members and that of Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy has taken Telangana turn, what with the pro-Telangana forces stepping into the scene and making it more complicated.

A large number of Telangana activists, employees, students and Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders called on PJR on Monday and expressed their solidarity with him. Even TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao, who had little regard for PJR, came to the police station personally to support PJR. These leaders have smeared the Telangana colour to the family feud, saying PJR is being targetted by YSR, only because the latter has been raising GO 610 and other the issue concerning Telangana and that it clearly showed the utter contempt towards Telangana leaders.

The visit of so-many Telangana leaders to the police station in support of PJR raised many an eyebrow and triggered speculations over the future course of action he might take. It is evident that the TRS leaders are planning to elicit support of PJR in the forthcoming Greater Hyderabad elections and his open confrontation with the Chief Minister has come at a right time. Phew, what a political game!

Spy Report: KK proposes, YSR disposes!

Pradesh Congress Committee president K Kesava Rao has found himself in a tricky situation, following the unwarranted confrontation between Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and Khairatabad MLA P Janardhan Reddy.

Kesava Rao has been a close friend of PJR and many a time, he came to the latter's rescue when the Chief Minister was contemplating action against him on several issues like Pothireddypadu. In fact, there were allegations in the past that Kesava Rao himself was behind the dissidence stand of Hyderabad Brothers – PJR and Marri Shashidhar Reddy, but whenever such a suspicion arose, Kesava Rao displayed his loyalty towards YSR.

This time, too, the PCC president tried to intervene and pacify both the YSR and PJR camps. He had a telephonic talk with PJR in the afternoon and forced him to agree for a compromise with the Chief Minister. However, he could not convince the Chief Minister for a compromise, as the latter was too firm on taking action against PJR.

Apparently, YSR was upset when his brother Y S Ravindra Reddy called him up and broke down over phone while narrating the incident. The Chief Minister immediately called up the top police officials to arrest PJR and take him to task. "I cannot spare this fellow (PJR) this time. He has crossed all his limits. I am confident I can convince the high command for a firm action against him," YSR reportedly told Kesava Rao.

Now, the PCC president is in a dilemma on what to do. He is planning to submit a neutral report to the Congress high command and wait for its direction.

Monday, July 9, 2007

PJR: Book YSR's relatives for murder attempt

Hyderabad(IANS): An Andhra Pradesh Congress leader refused to leave a police station here Monday, demanding that Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy's relatives be booked for attempt to murder, plunging the party in crisis.

MLA P. Janardhan Reddy was also protesting against the arrest of his family members. A court Monday morning sent his son P. Vishnuvardhan Reddy and son-in-law Santosh Reddy to judicial custody for allegedly assaulting the chief minister's brother Y.S. Ravindernath Reddy and nephew Y.S. Sumadhar Reddy Sunday night.

Vishnuvardhan and Santosh, booked for attempt to murder and on four other charges including rioting and criminal intimidation, were produced before a city magistrate and sent to jail till July 20.

Vishnuvardhan, who is also a youth Congress leader, and Santosh were taken to the Chanchalguda Central Jail even as Janardhan Reddy continued his protest at the Jubilee Hills police station.

PJR, as Janardhan Reddy is popularly known, was brought to the police station Sunday night after the clash between his son and the chief minister's kin triggered tension in the area.

All efforts by police officials to persuade him to leave the place have failed. He is insisting that the chief minister's relatives be arrested and for attempt to murder.

On a complaint by PJR's wife, the police have filed cases against the chief minister's brother and nephew but not for attempt to murder. Police have not yet arrested the duo.

While PJR's supporters were prevented by the police from going towards the police station and some of them were even arrested, dissident leaders of the Congress, leaders of other parties, especially those fighting for separate statehood for the Telangana region, have been pouring in to meet him.

The rivalry between Rajasekhara Reddy, who is in the Maldives celebrating his 58th birthday, and PJR took an ugly turn Sunday night as the family members of the two politicians clashed publicly over a petty issue.

The trouble started on a narrow road in the MLA Quarters in the posh Jubilee Hills neighbourhood when the chief minister's brother and nephew, who were returning home in a car, found another car blocking their way.

The car belonged to PJR's son, who was attending a function at his sister's house in the same area. The chief minister's brother Ravindernath blew the horn and that led to an argument between the two sides.

Ravindernath and his son alleged that they were beaten up by PJR's son and son-in-law. Soon PJR and other members of the two families reached there and the two groups nearly came to blows.

Police rushed to the scene and took PJR and his family members to the police station.

While Ravindernath and his son claimed that PJR's son and son-in-law assaulted them, PJR's wife Sulochanamma has lodged a complaint with the police saying that the chief minister's brother and nephew began the fight by abusing them and alleged that they beat her son and son-in-law.

The supporters of Janardhan Reddy also damaged four buses late Sunday.

Janardhan Reddy, who led the Congress party in the state assembly when it was in opposition from 1994 to 1999, is a bitter critic of the chief minister.

PJR, who represents Khairatabad assembly constituency in Hyderabad, has been criticising the style of functioning of the chief minister and opposed certain decisions of the government.

Muhurat - Ghosha

Narasimha Nandi is directing a film based on Gurajada Appa Rao’s literary work Ghosha. This film was launched at a function held in Nanakram Guda studios. Harsha Vardhan Chowdary sounded the clapboard. Magam Pulla Rao switched on the camera. B Gopal performed pooja.

Speaking on the occasion actor Baladitya said, “The story takes place in 1940s. Hence the sets, costumes and locations will be different. This film says that humanity is the real religion. I am doing the role of a harijan. The film is about the conflict I have with a traditional Brahmin.”

Debutant director Narasimha Nandi said, “I worked with B Gopal for many films. Respect is more important a human being than five elements. I hope that the audience will accept this different subject.”

Sakesh Sairam composes music. Regular shooting will start from 20th of this month in Rajahmundry. It will be completed in single schedule. Juvvisetty Sree Raghavamma and Nandireddy Narasimha Reddy produce this film on Lakshmi Narasimha Cinema banner.

Telugu Film News 09-07-2007

Yama Donga audio releases on July 14th
NTR and director SS Rajamouli's most-anticipated film "Yama Donga" will have its music launch on July 14th. Vel Records, which is owned by Keeravani's wife Sri Valli, is releasing the audio albums. The unique of this album is that that it carries Yamadonga postcards and other memorabilia.

A big party is planning to be held on that day. Yama Donga is produced by Cherry and Urmila Gunnam and has music by Keeravani.

Lakshyam gets good openings
Gopichand and Anushka starrer "Lakshyam" has taken a flying start. The film was released on Thursday, July 5th . The initial reports are encouraging. On the other hand, on Friday, Bhumika and Shivaji starrer "Satyabhama" too released and it got good response. So Tollywood is smiling again this season.

Prabhas film release on 4 Jan
The tentative release date for Prabhas’s next film in the direction of Puri Jagan is fixed at 4 January 2008. This film will be produced by KS Rama Rao. Puri Jagan will complete the shooting part of his current film Chiruta by next month and this film is expected to go floors in August. Media speculated that Shadow is the title of this film as Creative Commercial registered this title recently. But producer KS Rama Rao denied that Shadow is not the title of the film and that title was registered by him on behalf of somebody else.

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