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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wallpaper Of The Day 11-05-2007

Suhani Kalita (Bapu Bomma)


Hari Varun,Jyothi Krishna


AMAV Numbers: Biggest Blockbuster in USA for 2007

Venky’s Aduvari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule is the biggest grosser in USA for the year 2007. AMAV is on its way to be one of the all time blockbusters in overseas. Venky’s superb performance, Trisha’s sensible character, Comedy, Sentiment and last but not least movie being a clean family entertainer is catering to all viewers. Here are the head counts for AMAV for two weeks in major centers of USA.

Moviecity, NJ: For the first two weeks approximately 5000 watched the movie. This is the highest for any Venky’s movie in NJ. Almost all shows were sold out and there were few additional shows screened during weekends to accommodate the huge response. The movie will return to Moviecity again in another one or two week.

Park Theater: Freemont, CA: The movie was screened for two weeks and more then 4200 movie buffs witnessed the shows. There is still huge demand for re-runs and AMAV will be back to Freemont in a week. This is the center where we have seen considerable number of repeat audience.

Detroit Desi Cinema: Livonia, Detroit: The third biggest USA center has been witnessing fewer crowds for Telugu movies recently and AMAV brought back the glory. More than 2050 people watched the movie amidst lot of competition and stood out as number 2, in terms of head count for two weeks despite of missing the shows on Friday 27th Apr. AMAV is expected to be screened again in a next couple of weeks.

Washington DC/Virginia: This is again the highest grosses for any Venky’s film in this center. More than 2000 people watched the movie for just one week. All show except one were sold out in this center.

Minneapolis: AMAV was screened 4 shows on one day (28th Apr – Saturday) and more then 1000 people watched the movie in just one day. This is the highest grocer for this center. Re-runs are expected very soon.

Chicago, IL: The movie was screened here for release week and due to flight delay the shows were cancelled on Friday. More than 1700 people watched the movie and exhibitors are planning to screen the movie again next week.

Atlanta, GA: The move is already back to this center for re-run this week on huge public demand. During the first week, more than 1400 people watched the movie here.

Dallas, TX: The movie didn’t open here for the release week due to unavailability of theater. AMAV was screened during the second week and it witnessed huge crowds. More than 1300 people watched the movie.

Houston: Screened during the second week and more than 800 people watched the movie by making it as biggest grosser in this center.

Delaware, CT: AMAV was screened during the second week in these centers and there more then 1600 people watched the movie in both centers together. There will be re-runs in these two centers very soon.

We are very happy and proud to announce that AMAV is the biggest grosser in USA for 2007. And we are bringing to the following cities for this weekend – Boston, LA, Atlanta, Florida, NC, Richmond and Kansas City.

We will be screening the movie again in major centers and will publish the schedules soon. Please watch out your favorite web sites for weekly schedules.

We thank all the viewers in USA for their support and encouragement to bring best movies to USA.

Star Talk: Aishwarya's Hatred on Her Mother!

Don't come to conclusions. We are not talking about Aishwarya Rai. This is about Aishwarya, the daughter of yester year's hot actress Lakshmi. Aishwrya had tough time with mother and later with her husband as well.

Aishwarya said, "I ran away from home in my childhood itself. I hated my mother as she married Shiva Chandran. I don't know how my father looks, I saw him only when I turned 21. I call Shiva Chandran as 'Sir'. How can I call him Dad? But Shiva Chandran turns up for every small problem I face. That's the love he has on me. Later I got married but kicked out with my 2 year old Anena. She is now 12 years old. I'm no way inclined to bring her into films. I want her to be an educated girl unlike me. I want to see her with many degrees. Coming to me, am now playing some variety roles. I feel comfortable doing them".

Well, Aishwarya did rough cop role in the film 'Sree Mahalakshmi' that released recently.

Snippet: Trisha Shared Her Love with That Hero!

Vikram shared a personal sweet-nothing in his latest chitchat. He said that he went to Switzerland for the shooting of the film 'Bheema' and that was his third time. He had let out his feelings on cool Switzerland and also said that Trisha gave him good company. When asked what Trisha gave him as gift, he said, "She shared love and affection with me. What else I wan from her than that?"

Little while ago Trisha also said that she likes Vikram. But in fact, she said that she likes Pawan Kalyan in Telugu for unknown reason.

But Tamil tabloids started writing something hot about Vikram-Trisha intimacy. Will it lead to bigger gossips? Need to wait and see.

Screen Buzz: Prakash Raj goes to Cannes!

His performance, screen presence and dialogue delivery speak volumes. Now a sought-after producer, actor Prakash Raj is flying high, as his home production Mozhi will be screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Radha Mohan, Mozhi features Jyothika, Prithviraj, Swarnamalya and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. According to Prakash Raj, “The success of Mozhi is very heartening. This is Radha Mohan for you. I’ve known him for ten years. He can see humour in just about anything. Cinema is not a mere craft for me. A film says who the producer is, who the director is and what the cast is. It is your identity.”

Gossip: Malavika's Husband Loves Her Being Sexy!

Malavika says that her husband is very cooperative and supporting. She said, "Initially I felt that I have to go far from film industry after getting married. But things are different now. My husband is highly cooperative and wants to see me glamorous and as star-in-demand all the while. He loves me wearing sexy outfits as well. He is very practical and I'm lucky for finding him".

Malavika is now acting in hot-hot stuff than before. She acted in Tamil film 'Naan Avanillai' freshly with sensuous appeal .She is also ready to hit Telugu screen if producers welcome her. Is there anybody listening?

Malavika's 'Adbhuta Dweepam' is the latest one that showcased her beauty. But she acted in that film just before her marriage.

Tidbit: Nayantara's Appreciation for Ravi Teja's Nasty Jokes!

Nayantara said that Ravi Teja is very jovial in sets and attempts to make people laugh. She said that he makes nasty jokes laughable. Well, that's an appreciation. She says that Ravi Teja has the ability to make pale jokes also enjoyable in his presentation.

It is common that heroines laugh all the while for the jokes cracked by director or producer or the hero. Is Nayan giving this appreciation as a part of hypocritical sycophancy or it's real? That's known to Nayan only.

Both Nayan and Ravi Teja have acted in Dubai Sreenu in Sreenu Vaitla's direction and that is scheduled to release shortly.

The time of Sreenu is very good now and expectations are positive on the film 'Dubai Sreenu'.

Gossip: Gowthami Appears With Tonsured Head!

Gowthami ,who is living with Kamal Hasan, has lost her long locks of hair. She got her head tonsured as an offering to Lord Venkateswara a few months ago. She did this to have a blissful life with Kamal. Though she made her mark as an actress in Tamilnadu, she had hailed from Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh. When she came down to Visakha patnam to spend sometime with the company of her parents, who are doctors by profession, she was found with a boyish haircut. Half grown hair after the tonsure gave this deceptive look. She says she is terribly happy with Kamal.

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