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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Buzz: No Retakes For Ramcharan-Only 'Reshoots'!

It's true that Ramcharan, the destined successor of Chrianjeevi, is not consuming as many 'retakes' as other new heroes consume. But his performance is demanding 'reshoots'. The team of his film is going again all the way to Bangkok to re-shoot some important scenes. Every one is meddling with the production of the film.

It' all Puri's indecisive vacillation, say a few. Puri is Okaying the shot and packing up. But after watching the film that he canned so far, he is finding something is lacking. Hence he is going back again and shooting the scenes aiming at betterment. Why Puri is doing so? That's with the fear of launching Ram Charan, the Chiru's son, say many.

Will all these cooks spoil the broth?

Telugu Film News 09-06-2007 Latest

Buzz: Puri Jagannath's son in Chirutha?

Chiru’s son’s film Chirutha, is all set to release on September 22, the date on which Chiranjeevi’s debut Pranam Khareedu was released in 1978. The latest buzz about the film is that director Puri Jagannath will let his little son play the childhood role of Ramcharan Teja.

Snippet: Lobbying Started For 'Sivaji' Tickets
Now the lobbying activity has started for the tickets of 'Sivaji'. The film is releasing on 15 th June but the trial of fans to procure tickets has started now itself.

Many of the theaters in Hyderabad are planning to issue tickets in advance booking 2 days prior to the release of the film. Some theaters are planning to keep the bookings open for 1 week for all shows and start issuing three days before the release of the film.

On the other hand the black ticket vendors are also aggressive on this and eagerly awaiting the procurement of maximum number of tickets to sell them at premium prices by rising to the demand.

Gossip: Gopika Getting Married Next Month
It's the fresh gossip that is making rounds. Gopika has been in love with a software engineer in USA (state not known). She is going to USA shortly and is going to get engaged as per the gossip.

The grapevine also says that the marriage would take place only in the month of July. It is said that Gopika is not going to retire from acting immediately after the marriage but completes all her commitments and signed projects.

She will be deciding whether to continue on silver screen only after that.

'Charlie's Angels' Inspiration For 'Abbo Adavallu'
Cameroon Diaz and Drew Marrymore starrer 'Charlie's Angels' has now turned an inspiration for the makers of the film 'Abbo Adavallu'.

The shooting is going on from the past few weeks. The film has action and sentiment in it as said by the maker Ashok Reddy. TN Raju is directing the film. Saili, Vanita and Sruti are the 3 angels here. They will be on screen spilling glamour and also action. They play the roles of saviors of ignorant people who face problems from anti social elements.

We have to see how it will be received by the audiences.

Gossip: It’s Kamlini! Handle With Care!
No one is taking liberties with Kamilini Mukherji on sets. No jokes. No kidding. And no hugs. Yes. Every guy treats her as Sumanth’s private property. As her proposed marriage with Sumanth is making rounds, she is getting undue respect from every quarter. She is presently doing the role of heroine in EVV’s film ‘Pellaindi Kaani…’ Sumanth is also enquiring her well being off and on by making repeated phone calls to the people involved in the production of the film.

Is KA Paul A Cheat, Crooked And False Doctorate?

He is on 'Peace Mission'. But he created noise in media.
He is on 'Peace Mission'. But he shouts loudly with excitement.
He is on 'Peace Mission'. But he is moving with anger.

Who is he? He is Kilari Anand Paul, popularly known as Dr. KA Paul, the religious preacher. These are all the assumptions of people followed by KA Paul's statements regarding YSR, Sonia and Bush.

Having a peep into his history, we can understand complete darker side of Paul.

A professor from Osmania University brought a file that said, "It paints a grim picture indeed, labeling him "an egomaniac with a doctored past and an obsession with an airplane that receives more money than starving orphans in India". Yes, he received more money in the form of donations for his personal aircraft, its fuel and its maintenance than for the orphans across the world. Indeed, the plane was lying in work shop in Mexico from many years. But still, the website of KA Paul states that donations can be sent for the well being of his Plane!!"

Showing that the professor said, "A person of this sort said yesterday, 'YSR asked me for donations during elections. But I said no. At the same time I said that I can pool funds if it is for widows and orphans. I can pool in about 50 million dollars from my disciples in USA'. Is that not funny"? How can man obsessed with the fancy of personal Aircraft now talk about orphans and widows and their welfare??"

Samarpan Rao, a person from Medak Church Diocese also had shown a News Paper cutting that said, "KA Paul took $850,000 from the Friends of the Israeli Defense Force (FIDF) to fly them to Poland and Israel for a Holocaust Memorial. As it's illegal for a charity organization to use charter flights, he had then declared it a donation. When he told the FIDF that they could only take them as far as Poland, or would have to take them to Syria before taking them to Israel, they understandably grew suspicious and pulled out of the agreement. Dr. Paul kept the money, claiming that because it was a donation, he needn't have to give it back. The real reason he wouldn't give it back is because he'd already used it to have the plane repaired and inspected in preparation for his own planned flight to Syria".

Showing that Mr Rao said, "How can a person of this sort that bagged loads of donations for his personal fancies say he cannot donate for others?"

It sounds really stunning to see the antagonism of KA Paul among Christian groups itself.

"There is another cruel and nasty side of KA Paul which people should know. He is not a true Christian who should love people, poor, diseased and worried.

He brought 10 'orphans' over from India to the US for a series of fund raisers, in his plane. When one of the girls fell ill and had to be admitted to hospital, he flew off with the 9 remaining girls, leaving her completely alone. When the hospital raised a fuss and brought in the media and the courts, he claimed that they were having problems bringing the orphan's guardian to America, and that without the girl's de facto mother she was in bad shape. This was all news to the girl's actual mother, who was certainly alive and well and thought her daughter was still at boarding school", said George Victor, a principal of a Missionary College reading out the information about him.

Someone standing beside Victor said that KA Paul is worried as he faced a loss of about Rs 200 Crore that he would have bagged just by fund raising in the form of donations. He also added his assumption that Paul is the friend of Chandrababu and also GMC Balayogi who was killed in the helicopter of Paul himself.

"There is an assumption that KA Paul intentionally killed Balayogi by sending him in that helicopter. The reason is that Balayogi kept his properties in the name of KA Paul. The wife or children of Balayogi are not so sharp to notice all these things and thus Paul grabbed Balayogi's property so cruelly", said a Father of a Church at Samalkot who asked not to mention his name.

Supporting the same, a person recalled a past incident saying that an American News Paper once mentioned, "He interfered with a murder investigation in India, whisking off three of the witnesses for a rally in the middle of the investigation".

The same person also said, "KA Paul is a big fake who claims that his doctorate is an honorary one, but the director of the Bible school from which he claims to have received it has no record of it ever being awarded. He has previously claimed another ministry's leper colony as his own, going so far as to videotape the colony for use in his own promotional videos, and using it to lure unsuspecting volunteers over to India on false pretences".

Well, how it sounds after listening to all this? If KA Paul has something to say about YSR and Sonia, people are saying several things on him which needs a deep probe to study.

Coming to the News printed in popular Telugu dailies, a citizen said, "Has the editors of those News Papers gone mad? Is there any scam or scandal to write about it in such way? The dailies have no other job other than publishing the sorrowful picture of YSR. Is there any stuff in Paul's statements? Is there is any reason in writing that news on the banner of News Paper? There is nothing wrong in asking for funds during elections or after elections. It would have been really great if the News dailies publish the ins and outs of KA Paul and his activities after thorough investigation".

To sum up, this KA Paul incident has become the topic for discussion among the people of AP.

Nostalgia: Heroine's Father Gone Mad-Became Nude

This was the incident that was happened in Chennai about 30 years back. Those were the days when a new heroine was introduced on Telugu screen. She made her entry with the encouragement of her mother who was known for 'activeness' in all aspects.

She regularly used to meet film directors of those days to make her daughter an actress. The daughter was also liberal with everyone from 'make up man' to producer. She regularly used to go on the car of a director of those days. She used to entertain many filmy men openly with the back up of her mother. That disturbed her father psychologically. There were none to listen to him in his house. Then her father, who never liked his daughter to go public (especially in show business) turned mad and walked nude on Chennai roads in his last days. But his wife or daughter hardly cared for him. They ignored him and he was dead. Now the actress completed her hey days of career and now aiming at 'bigger things' and that in known for many.

Paul knocked away Balayogi's monies?

The sudden surfacing of Global Peace Initiative chief K A Paul making a spate of allegations against Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and AICC president Sonia Gandhi has given enough fodder to mediapersons to write spicy and juicy stories.

Now, mediapersons have started digging out the past history of Paul. One of the inquiries revealed that Paul had knocked away crores of rupees of unaccounted money from former Lok Sabha Speaker G M C Balayogi. It is learnt Balayogi had made lot of money in his short political career as MLA, minister, MP and Lok Sabha Speaker and used to keep it with Paul, who was his close associate. In fact, even Balayogi's wife and children were not aware of the wealth amassed by him, as he never used to keep his monies in the house.

When Balayogi really wanted money back from Paul, the latter reportedly told him that it was invested in different missionaries and he would soon get back the same. In the meantime, Balayogi died in a helicopter crash. There were suspicions that Paul had a hand behind Balayogi's death, because the helicopter was arranged by Paul. In fact, Paul was also supposed to travel along with Balayogi, but he strategically dropped out at the eleventh hour and within a half an hour, the helicopter crashed, killing Balayogi on the spot. And with him, all the secrets about his money dealings with Paul also crashed. Today, Balayogi's family members are leading a middle class life in a plot allotted by YSR government!

Reel Talk: Milestones in Bhoomika's Career

Bhoomika is the actress who turned the heads of mass and class audiences with the films like Khushi, Okkadu and Simhadri. Later she acted in the film 'jai Chiranjeeva' with Chiranjeevi which is a mega budget film. But the film 'Missamma' is the pearl in her career on Telugu screen so far. She learnt that hero needn't be a popular one to play beside her. She is now acting in the film Satyabhama which is going to be a variety role for her. Little while ago she paired up with Raja and played the role of Kubera's daughter Anupama. That was flopped anyway.

Bhoomika also signed on a couple of films with Ravi Babu and Dasarath. She is pairing up with Jagapathi Babu along with Anushka in Dasarath's film and grooving with comedy oriented role in Ravi Babu's film. She is going to play a female-centric role in Ravi Babu's film.

We have to see what more wonders Bhoomika would do in her career down the line.

Rajendra Prasad as Quick Gun Murugan

Telugu film comedy hero Rajendra Prasad is currently acting in a film titled in English, 'Quick Gun Murugan'. The details of this film are being kept under wraps for obvious reasons, however here are few details from indfilmnews.blogspot.com.

The readers might be aware of 'Quick Gun Murugan' spoof series on Channel V, the brainchild of the channel creative head Shashanka Ghosh. Now he is directing the small screen ht in to a film with the same name 'Quick Gun Murugan'.

This film sports Rajendra Prasad in the title role flaunting a cowboy get up. Telugu and Tamil film actress Rambha plays the role of a blonde. Nassar plays the role of villain. The main theme of the film is said to be the fight between vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism. Quick Gun Murugan vows to save cows because he thinks he is a cowboy where are Nassar play the role of the owner of a fast-food restaurant that promotes beef eating.

This western slapstick comedy is being produced by 'Phat Phish'. Shooting of the film gets concluded in next couple of weeks. This film is aimed at the Indian multiplexes and is being made on smart budget . The producers are also planning to do a sequel to this film - 'Quick Gun in America'.

Telugu Film News 09-06-2007

Preparations for NBK's birthday bash
Everything is set for grand celebrations of Nandamuri Balakrishna's birthday on June 10th at Rajahmundry. Balakrishna who is shooting for Okkamagadu at Pudipalli village near Rajahmundry is celebrating this birthday with his fans at a public place in a grand scale. Fans from all over the state especially from Coastal Andhra districts are expected to come to Rajahmundry.

Director YVS, fans and Telugu Desam party members in Rajahmundry have already arrangements for the birthday bash.

Sumanth's diary is full
Hero Sumanth's diary is full this year. He has already signed two films – one for his uncle Nagarjuna and the other for a new production company. Nagarjuna will produce Sumanth's immediate film on his Annapurna Studios banner. Kajal is his heroine in this film. He has also signed another film for another new director Raj Pippala, an ad filmmaker.

Raj Pippalla's recent work includes a Liril Ad, shot in iceland and an Adidas Ad shot in Morocco. Ramana Gogula joins the creative team with his melodies.

Shivaji to release with 700 prints
Rajnikanth's Shivaji is going to set a new record for a regional movie. Shivaji that was made with a huge budget over Rs 50 Crores will release with 700 prints all over the world on June 15 th. This is a record for a regional film. Only few Bollywood films like Krrish, Dhoom -2 released with over 700 prints in India so far. Rajnikanth's box-office power is beyond one state and there is lot of hype surrounding it. So the production house, AVM, is planning to pump in with more prints.

Pawan Kalyan's Hungama!
*ing... Pawan Kalyan, Iliyana
Director : Trivikram
Producer : Allu Aravind
Music : Devi Sree Prasad
Banner : Geetha Arts

PAATA Audio CD Released!
*ing... Madhu Sudhan, Jyothi Krishana, Poonam Singar

Mumaith, Parvathi Melton in Kannada films
Item girl Mumaith Khan too is entering into Kannada films. As she has already tasted success in Telugu, Mumaith is in much demand in other language films.
Particularly Kannada film makers are making beeline to her. Parvathi Melton also joins the club of heroines who are migrating to Kannada film world. She has signed two films there.

Shilpa to open a restaurant in London
YORKSHIRE: She’s already proclaimed her love for the country that revived her career, and now Shilpa Shetty is all set to cash in on her fame in the UK. After a string of acting offers, including a broadway show, and talk show appearances the actress now plans to open a restaurant in central London in September.

“I haven’t finalised the name of the restaurant as yet. Authentic Indian food will be served there as I love Indian food,” she said.

Shilpa’s trip to Yorkshire has been full of mishaps - first she lost her baggage and then developed a crick in the neck. “I have taken shots to be here,” she revealed. However, that has not stopped her from working up a lot of exciting plans for future.

“First there is the launch of my perfume called S2, which is a mix between Jasmine and citrus. I am glad that the super drug stores here have volunteered to promote it for a month,” she said.

And then, she’s excited about the broadway show, which she says will be taken to London and Germany. “Nothing has been finalised yet, except that Ganesh Hegde will be choreographing the show,” she informed.

Yesterday night, British MP Keith Vaz and Wizcraft threw a birthday party for Shilpa. “I’m loving all the attention that I’m getting here,” she said.

Before rushing off for her various assignments, Shilpa did let one big cat out of the bag. “I have been offered this fantastic British movie. I can’t tell you much about it, but I’m most probably doing it.”

Bipasha likes to be different!
Actress Bipasha Basu is living out of her suitcase, so it’s not very often that we get to catch up with her. But we did recently, and our conversation gradually led to boyfriend John Abraham’s new look — short hair and all! “I prefer him in short hair. He looks so good!” says the actress. About her own tresses, they seem to have grown longer than her last bob-cut look. “Oh, I keep doing something or the other to my hair. That’s why every time you see me, you’ll think I look different!” explains Bips. Well, that’s quite the ‘long and short’ of it.

Behind The Scene: Paul makes Babu sleepless!
International evangelist KA Paul made Babu go without sleep. Paul, who is currently in Hyderabad, made some sensational allegations against AICC chief Sonia Gandhi and Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy much to the chagrin of the Congress leaders and to the delight of the Telugu Desam. The TD leadership does not want to let go the opportunity. It wanted to derive the maximum mileage out of the allegation, without of course, bothering to find out whether the charges were true or motivated.

Immediately after making the wild allegations, Paul sought an appointment with Chandrababu Naidu. Babu agreed only to fall in a dilemma a few moments later. TD leaders told Chandrababu Naidu that Paul is facing charges of child abuse back home in the US. The TD leaders, were, however not sure about the charges. They wanted to know whether the Paul who is facing child abuse charges is the same Paul who has sought appointment with Chandrababu Naidu.

This led to frantic telephone calls to TD sympathisers in the US and journalists in Hyderabad. If Babu meets Paul, it will give a tool into the hands of the Congress to launch a scathing attack on the Telugu Desam leader, in case the charges of child abuse were true. This made Babu and other TD leaders go without sleep literally.

City consultant held for visa fraud

Delhi police have arrested the managing director of the city-based overseas educational consultancy Apriori Solutions for visa fraud. The arrest of Santosh Reddy blows the lid off another major visa racket using fraudulent documents and follows the unmasking of a similar racket run with the help of MLAs and MPs.

Chanakyapuri police were acting on a complaint lodged by the US Embassy after a student, Edulakanti Ranadeep Kumar, 25, a resident of Vidyaranyapuri in Hanumakonda, was caught red handed trying to get an F1 visa with fake documents.

Based on his confession, cops raided Apriori Solutions at Sripuram Colony in Malakpet and arrested the MD, Santosh Reddy, a resident of Moosarambagh. He was produced in court and will be taken to Delhi.

In its complaint, the US Embassy alleged that Ranadeep stuck a deal with Santosh Reddy to pay Rs 20,000 for supplying the support documents for visa application. He paid Rs 11,000 as first instalment and agreed to pay Rs 9,000 after getting the visa. But he was caught by Embassy officials during the interview on June 4.

Ranadeep, who was trying to get admission to Stanford University, produced an ID card, pay slip of Damco Company, IT Returns of his relatives E. Venkata Sudha Shiva Reddy and E. Sabita and three affidavits fraudulently obtained by Santosh Reddy.

Apart from this, he also submitted a certificate and bank statement of Andhra Bank, property and land valuation certificate of the AP government and other documents.

Police confiscated the experience letter of Suphala IT Services after Embassy officials alleged that it looked dubious. They suspect that the firm may have sent several other students on F1 visa obtained by fraudulent documents. G. Rajashekar, a former partner of the company, said that all the documents provided by Santosh seemed to be genuine. "Ranadheer may have submitted fake documents but how can the consultancy be held responsible for that?" he asked.

Santosh Reddy refused to talk to the media when he was produced at the Nampally Criminal Court. US consulate general said recently that his officials would work closely with Indian police to prosecute the perpetrators.

Bhagyaraja's Talk About His Daughter

Bhagya Raja is a renowned Tamil film maker and actor who was very active during 80s. He made the films like 'Chinna Illu' those turned popular in Telugu as well. Now he is again becoming active both in Tamil and Telugu by penning scripts and making films.

Now Bhagya Raja's daughter turned an actress in Tamil recently. It is a known fact that many film celebrities introduce their sons in films but keep away in the matter of daughters.

When the same impression was kept before Bhagya Raja with reference to her daughter, he said, "In a Tabloid interview I said that my son is inclined in acting but my daughter is not interested. Reading that my daughter asked me why I told so. She said that she is willing to prove her talent as actress. That's why I gave green signal for her to become an actress. She acted in Tamil film 'Parijatam'".

Bhagya Raja is known for practical approach and thinking. He is known for soft porn dialogues and themes in his films. But can Bhagya Raja digest that if his daughter also acts in such soft erotic comedy films? We have to wait and see.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Telugu Film News 08-06-2007 Latest

Babu to open website for NRIs
Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu is going to open an exclusive website for non-resident Indians. He will inaugurate the website at NTR Bhavan, party headquaraters, on Saturday. Chandrababu Naidu will have a live chat with NRI sympathisers from around the world.

Of late, Chandrababu Naidu has been concentrating on NRIs. In the recent TD's Mahanadu at Tirupati, he allowed an NRI to speak at length. He did not impose time limit on the NRI speaker. He has also set up an exclusive cell for the NRIs. He will boost the TD's image during his visit to the USA next month. Babu has been looking at NRIs as a major source of donations for the party. Now that the TD is not in power, every paise counts. And Chandrababu Naidu does not want to leave NRIs alone.

Will MS Raju Pay Rs 20 Lakh as Compensation?
Remakes are the order of the day. A remake is usually from one language to the other. Telugu film ‘Aata’ is a rare exception. Critics say this film is the remake of ‘Gudumba Shankar, another Telugu film. Weakening the Villain’s psychologically instead of hitting him directly is the thread of the story in these two films. Veera Shankar, the director of ‘Gudumba Shankar’ lodged a complaint with Writers’ Association alleging that ‘Aata’ is hundred percent remake of his film. He is trying to collect as much as 20 lakhs from M.S.Raju, the maker of ‘Aata’ for plagiarizing his theme.

Reel Talk: Sunil To Rock As Top Star Soon!
Comedian Sunil is going to rock as Top Star soon on Telugu screen. He is going to act in the direction of Surender Reddy for which Trivikram Srinivas will be writing the script. Will that not be a crazy combination? After the success of Andala Ramudu many offers have been lining up for Sunil but the actor is very keen in selecting them. He is not hasty in zeroing in on films just because his first debut as hero was a hit.

Now the film is going to be titled 'Banthi' and it will be made by NRI producers as per the talk. Well, we all know that Banthi is the character name of Sunil in the film 'Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav'.

If everything goes well it will be a sensation for sure.

US Embassy detects cases of visa fraud

NEW DELHI: Alerted by the "mad rush" of unqualified visa seekers, the US Embassy here has detected seven cases involving use of false documents to travel to America in the past one week.

The detection is significant as during the last entire year only 57 cases of visa fraud were detected by the Embassy.

All the cases, which include applicants like religious workers, temporary skilled workers in H1B category, students and tourist travellers, have been referred to investigating agencies here, the Embassy said.

The Embassy had last month said that it had noticed a mad rush of unqualified visa applicants and had stepped up vigil to detect these.

It warned that those using fraudulent documents for visas would face legal action as the Mission was taking the matter seriously.

The decision to step up vigil came close on the heels of exposure of human smuggling racket involving some MPs.

The Embassy had said there are individuals and companies who are taking advantage of Indians by suggesting they can provide a short cut to an American visa and made it clear that no firm or person can help obtain a US visa.

"Producing or submitting false papers is consumer fraud and a criminal act. Those who pay such brokers and submit false papers do so at great risk," US Ambassador David C Mulford said.

Siva Reddy and Vijaya Lakshmi's show in Milwauke

Funstar Siva Reddy and Singing Star Vijaya Lakshmi's Comedy and Music show in Milwauke.

Andhra Samajam Of Greater Milwaukee Presents


Telugu Comedy Artist and FunStar "Siva Reddy" and Playback Singer, World record holder and Singing Star "Vijaya Lakshmi"

Saturday June 9th,2007 at 6 PM
Venue: Pewaukee Highschool Auditorium
520 Lake Street

Tickets: Members - $10, Non-Members - $15, Children 5-18 Yrs - $5

Tickets available at with ASGM Executive Committee (262-893-9638) and Namaste Plaza snacks and food available at nominal rate.

For suggestions or questions pl send mail to funstar.sivareddy@gmail.com

PS: We want audience (adults and children) participation. If you would like to dance to the tunes of Vijaya Lakshmi, please submit song request to Anand Adavi at 414-520-6427.

Photo Gallary : Kodithe Kotali Ra Album

Kodithe Kottaliraa(Nitin Satya,Ajayraj,Vijayalakshmi,Christin)

Charmme in Mantra (Telugu & Tamil cinema Actress)

Charmme in Mantra

Photo Gallery : Sivaji - Rajnikant, Shriya Latest Pics

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