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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jeevi Review - Raghavan

Raghavan Jeevi Review - Raghavan
Raghavan is a decent film which you can watch at leisure. Box office wise, the film has potential to do well in A centers


Genre: Thriller
Dubbed (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu - Tamil)
seventh Channel Communications

Cast: kamal Hassan, kamalinee Mukherjee, Jyothika, Prakash Raj, Lev Gorn, Ajay Naidu, Salim Baig and Mumaith Khan (ttem)

Camera: Ravi Varman
Harris Jayaraj
Stunts: Siva
Screenplay - direction:
Gowtam Menon
KVV Satyanarayana
Release date
: 1 September 2007



raghavan Raghavan (Kamal Hassan) is an efficient and intelligent ACP. Some mysterious men kill Raghavan's colleague Anand Raj's (Prakash Raj) daughter. Serial killings persist and investigations reveal that there is a serial killer behind these murders. Raghavan is forced to leave for New York on this official work. The rest of the story is all about how he solves the mystery behind the killings and get hold of killers.

Artists Performance

Raghavan Kamal Hassan gives another stellar performance in this film with his exemplaryacting. He looked tough and brought authenticity to his role. Kamalinee Mukherjee did a small role in the film and she is excellent. Jyothika is pretty good as the depressed woman. Prakash Raj is good. Salim Baig (Panda of Gharshana) did a vital role and he suited the character. Lev Gorn is very good as an NYPD cop.

Technical Departments:

raghavanStory - screenplay - direction: The basic storyline of this film resembles the story of Murder by Numbers (2002). The thread of two brilliant students committing serial killings and two cops chasing them is lifted from Murder by Numbers. Screenplay of the film is pretty good. The director has gone into the finer details of the film while making it. The direction of the film is stylish and there is brilliance in shot-making. He followed Mani Ratnam's pattern while writing the romance thread for Kamal and Jyothika.

RaghavanOther departments: Music is nice and picturization is good. Cinematography by Ravi Varman is excellent. Editing by Anthony deserves a special mention. The way he uses diffusion and color transition in the firstsong is good. Dialogues by Dasarath (Santosham movie director) deserves a special mention. Stunts by Siva are neat. Production values are good.

raghavanAnalysis: The first half of the film is very good. The second half drags a bit because there is not much of story remains once the identity of killers is revealed. Director handled the romance in the film in a matured way. There is no problem of Tamil nativity in this film because the subject is typical Hollywood cop thriller type. The major plus points of the film are director's taking and Kamal Hassan. On the flipside, the serial killing concept of the film might become too serious for a general entertainment seeker. On a whole, Raghavan is a decent film which you can watch at leisure. Box office wise, the film has potential to do well in A centers.

Screen Talk: Sneha's Bold Exposing Decision!

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Sneha has been the darling of many family audiences. She hardly exposed on screen inappropriately. Still, she could bag some good films and make a stand for herself in filmdom. But the competition of glam dolls is hitting her career graph. Looking at that she is now liberalizing her costumes and concealing aspects. Kollywood sources say that she will be showing herself hot on screen from now onwards and she is also going for skin whitening therapy.

Did you remember? Soundarya was very conservative initially. But with the film 'Narasimha' she started showing her navel beauty. Although she was ever conservative through out her career, she never missed showing herself with sex appeal.

Now Sneha also must be planning for that.

Star Talk: Simplicity Is My Sex Appeal!

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Parvati Melton is not only an actress but also a style consultant. Her fresh talk gives that impression. She says that being simple is the best thing to look beautiful.

My Sex Appeal:
"My simplicity is my beauty quotient", she adds. She also insists that wearing all sorts of dresses and putting on simple matching only would increase the beauty.

She said that she has ample projects in her hand now in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

Leisure Activity:
Reading books in the leisure time that I find seldom. I like fiction, autobiographies and love stories.

Bollywood dreams:
I have the intention but the opportunity should come my way. Right now my focus is on establishing myself strong in Telugu field.

Dream Role:
I wish to act in a role that brings me national fame. I feel like doing roles those are different from one another. I don't want to do same kind of roles in two films.

Favorite Hero:
I cannot answer to this question. I cat tell about them personally. I like many heroes with respect to performance. Indeed performance again depends on the directors.

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