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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers and Intellectuals meet

We the members of "Progressive Telugu forum" are organizing "Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers and Intellectuals" meet in Bay Area and Los Angeles. We would really appreciate if you could publish the following and help us in reaching out to all the like minded people.

Shekhar Seera,

Progressive Telugu Forum is organizing " CHANGE & HOPE" meets for Chiranjeevi Well-Wishers ,families,and Intellectuals on this Saturday(12/29) and Sunday (12/30) in Bay Area & Artesia, LA.

All the telugu people who are interested in bringing in CHANGE and looking for HOPE in current political system in AP are requested to attend these meets and air their opinion .

LA Area Meet -- http://www.chiruforap.com/la.htm

Bay Area Meet -- http://www.chiruforap.com/bayarea.htm

Those who are interested but not able to attend the meet are encouraged to visit www.chiruforap.com and sign the OnLine Petition to Dr Chiranjeevi.

Shekhar Seera,
General Secretary,
Progressvie Telugu Forum.

Chiru and Balayya Fans Need to Get Enlightened

Fans are too crazy about their stars and their expectations are also found incredible. They want to see the success of their hero as a politician like in movies. A group of fans assume that their star would be the CM of the state if steps into politics. Be it with Chiranjeevi or Balakrishna, the condition is same. Stars are not stars without fans. And if they go by the desire of fans, even the perils are to be faced by them. When Chiranjeevi was asked why he was not doing the films like 'Rudraveena', he said that his fans are not willing to see him in such kind of films and hence he is pinning only for action masala flicks. Now, fans are forcing him to announce new party and step into politics. Why Chiranjeevi is not responding in favor of fans now? He knows that fans cannot help him if he faces political perils. He also knows that reality is not cinema. But fans are unaware of that. They assume everything cinematic. Chiranjeevi's political knowledge is also very poor and things do not happen as they happened in the film 'Mutha Mestri'. In the films like 'Mutha Mestri' or 'Tagore' or 'Stalin', entire population of AP can be shown as fans to Chiranjeevi. But is that true in reality? How many votes can Chiranjeevi get from the fans and admirers of Chiranjeevi? Will that bring majority for him to form government? When NTR turned CM with TDP, there was only one powerful opposition at that time, which was Congress. Communists were never strong in AP. Now we have Congress, TDP, TRS, Lok Satta and many more! Can Chiranjeevi fight with all these?

Keeping that aside and coming to the issue of Balakrishna, his fans wish to see him as CM of AP. He got the legacy of acting from his father and fans wish to see him getting the legacy of CM's chair as well. In the film 'Veerabhadra', AS Ravi Kumar Choudary cracked some dialogues stating that Balayya has the charm to be CM (!) Now Balayya fans are making a movie with the title 'Balu..Balakrishna Ki Yama Fan'. This is to elevate the charisma of Balakrishna. Sreenivas is making the film on the banner of 'Sai Datta Productions'.

Well, what Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna have done to society? What is the caliber they have to reform society and show better days to live in? All that they did in the last 3 decades is acting, acting and acting before camera. Is that the criteria for becoming CM? Stars are also going uncomfortable with the over activeness of fans. Fans are being carried away by their own whims and fancies leaving deaf ear for their heroes' request for 'silence'. When the people get enlightened has to be seen.

Rumors: Mohan Babu Over Taking Chiranjeevi!


This is the news from Film Nagar sources that the subject 'Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy' that was written by MS Reddy is taken away by Mohan Babu amidst Chiru's political turmoil. It was intended to make with Chiranjeevi earlier. Chiranjeevi also announced that he is willing to do that subject as his 150 th film. But Mohan Babu is over taking his idea and making the film on his 'Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures' playing the title role. It seems that this film would start sometime in the month of March.

On the other hand Chiranjeevi is now busy with discussing story for his 149th film and that may be announced soon officially. Although there are many uncertain things regarding his next movie and political entry, it is said that Chiranjeevi will be completing his 149 th film at brisk pace and get into political plans very soon.

Let us see what happens.

Snippet: Heroine Appearing Again In TV Ads

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Richa was the heroine who was popular with the film 'Nuvve Kavali'. That was the only notable film of that actress.

Although she acted in a few films after that, they didn't do well at the box office. Now after a long gap she is appearing again on small screen with some commercial ads. There is no change in her personality or features even after this long gap. She is looking in same cute fashion now.

Inside sources say that Richa is making plans to make a firm hold in Bollywood. In fact that is difficult at this juncture as competition is very big. Hence she is choosing the performance oriented flicks if any in Hindi. So, she may be willing to make a name for herself like Deepthi Nawal, Smitha Patil and Nandita Das. She is also open for the calls of Telugu directors for regular films. Let us wish her all the best.

Screen Talk: Allu Arjun Is Only Romeo!

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There has been a talk about the title of Allu Arjun's film that is being made in the direction of Bommarillu Bhasker and production of Dil Raju. Initially the title 'Varadhi' has seen light. But that is ruled out now as that's sounding old and holding no punch. Then the title 'Premikudu' had come into discussion. Even that was ruled out as that received no positive applause from people. Now the title 'Romeo' that was announced before the beginning of shooting may be finalized. The title got good response.

There is discussion on the caption of it as well. 'In search of Juliet', 'I need a Juliet' and 'For Love of Love and With Love' are the tag lines those are making rounds. Among these, 'I Need a Juliet' is picked up from the song 'I'm a Romeo-I need a Juliet'.

Let us wait for the official announcement of the same.

Allari Naresh Heading Towards Guinness Record?

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Allari Naresh seems to be working to set a Guinness Record. He signed up 9 films in the year 2007 where 4 were released, 2 are under making and rest are about to start shooting.

Seema Sastry, Aththili Sattibabu LKG, Allare Allari and Pellaindi Kaani are the films those were released in 2007. Visakha Express, Bommana Brothers-Chandana Sisters are the films those are under making. Vandarojulu is the film announced by Jaya that is yet to start its shooting. Apart from all these, Allari Naresh has signed up on 3 more films those are to be made and released in 2008. So as of now, it is confirmed that 6 films of Allari Naresh are going to release before May 2008. Then for rest of the year 2008, he can act in another 10-15 films to set a new record in Tollywood.

We have to see if Allari Naresh sets up a Guinness Record as the hero who acted in more number of films in single year. Well, if releases are to be counted, the record was set by Mammooty. In one of the years, about 35 films of Mammooty were released. That is due to the postponement of the release of films he acted in previous year. Let us see how far Allari Naresh makes the record.

Spotlight: "Dasari Narayana Rao C'licks' Everywhere"

Dasari Narayana Rao spoke high about NTR in an audio function yesterday. That created ripples among many and let us see how a few have reacted to it.

"Dasari Narayana Rao wants to click everywhere and on every dais. He speaks to make news but not to make sense. He is unaware of his loose tongue and rants nonsense in public. He assumes to be an intellectual. He made ludicrous of himself and stultified fully by saying high about NTR during the audio release function of Balakrishna's 'Okka Magadu'. He said, "NTR is an individual and a great force that formed government just after 9 months of establishing new party. I'm not giving publicity to NTR but saying that it's history". How can he chant that being a Congress Minister? Yes, controversy brings popularity and makes his statement headline in News Paper. That's what Dasari knows and that's the same he wants", said a small time director on the condition of anonymity.

"He wants to see his speech clicks everywhere and people know that he licks everywhere. He never made a film with Balakrishna. That's a different case. He would have done his job in audio release function and leave the place. If he has to speak, he would have spoken about the small films in general, as he does every time. But speaking about NTR is something against to protocol and the feelings of Congressmen", said a Congress leader.

"Dasari is an opportunist. No one knows what his idea is behind licking Balakrishna", said a TDP sympathizer.

Rumors: Suhani Found Flirting And Dating!

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Grapevine says that actress Suhani is now flirting and dating with her boy friend leaving the shooting schedules aside. She is going to debut as heroine with the film 'Sawal' in the direction of B Jaya and on the other hand also acting in the film 'Krushi' with new face Yashwanth. The shooting of that film is going on the banks of River Godavari and the gossip says that she is flirting with her boy friend that came to that place. She is roaming the places near Godavari and also spent some time at Patti Seema, as per the inside sources.

"It is becoming difficult to control Suhani. She has become very active all of a sudden and also mischievously escaping with her Boy Friend. We really wonder if she is the same cute girl who acted in 'Manasantha Nuvve'. She has really grown up", said a unit member of that film.

Let us see what news Suhani makes and how she becomes popular.

Screen Buzz: Trisha indulges in a BMW

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It seems like actress Trisha is riding high these days. A little birdie told us that the pretty actress recently bought a swanky new set of wheels — a Model 5 Series BMW car, which she booked some months ago. The actress, who was very particular about getting a black-coloured model and had also asked for some custom-made alterations, had to wait a little longer than usual to pick up the car.

Apparently, Trisha was so thrilled when she received the car that she drove down to a temple for a pooja and then took it to Prasad studios where she was shooting for Kuruvi with Vijay in Chennai.

However, it looks like Trisha’s excitement didn’t last for long because two days later, she was back to using her old car. The reason? She found it difficult to manage the swanky car on the pot-holed city roads and was also afraid that someone might accidentally dent her car.

Rumors: Allari Naresh Toes With Gajala!

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Director EVV is making his son, Allari Naresh, dance day in and day out. He is found terribly happy with the latter's dancing performance in the recently released film, 'Seema Sastry'. He insists his son not to lose grip on the dance. Now Naresh has resolved to repeat the similar performance in his next film 'Bommana Brothers –Chandana Sisters'. Before taking part in the shooting in Dubai, Naresh made a rigorous rehearsal of dance with Gazala in Hyderabad for a week. That's in a private guesthouse close to EVV's office.

Reel Buzz: C Kalyan's Rs 300 Cr In 3 Years

Producer C Kalyan bought a piece of 10 acres of land at Rs 85 lakh per acre, 3 years ago in Nanakramguda area. Now an acre in that place costs Rs 30 Cr and that way he ended up with Rs 300 Cr there itself. C Kalyan is a living example for bold investments and growing rich in shorter span.

One need not be highly struggling or highly mischievous to earn big. It's the luck factor that accelerates the riches of a person. A steep profit of Rs 290 Cr in 3 years is really marvelous and Kalyan may sell that land for a software park as per the inside sources.

He has few more interesting lands those are in the process of escalating their prices.

'Okka Magaadu' Audio Release

Much anticipated audio of "Okka Magadu" was launched at a glittering ceremony held at Cyber Gardens, Hyderabad on Friday night. Hundreds of fans from all over the state attended the function. Union Minister Dasari Narayana Rao was the chief guest. He released the first cassette and gave it to K Raghavendra Rao. And then Raghavendra Rao released the audio CDs and handed it to Nandamuri Ramakrishna. The first cassette was bought by Rajamouli.
Ramya Krishna, Charmee, Anushka, Sanghavi, Sreenu Vaitla, A S Ravi Kumar Chowdhary, Ramesh Reddy, Chandra Bose, MRV Prasad, Trivikram Rao, Devi Vara Prasad, R Narayana Murthy Medikonda and Krishna Prasad were chief among the guests.

Dasari Narayana Rao

"There is none to compare with Swargiya Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao. He is an actor by par excellence and a great human being. NTR had shown what Telugu pride is. He became a Chief Minister in 9 months after launching his party. That is a history, not publicity stunt. Balakrishna is true successor to him. I gave the title Yuvarathna to NBK. He now should be called Nata Yurarathna. Okka Magadu is going to shatter all the records."


"All of you have been expecting a lot from Okka Magadu. It reaches your expectations and has plenty of surprises. Dialogues are like a feast for you fans. Whenever I did something unique and not revealed the unique getups till the release, the movies became trendsetters. It is a proven fact. We are not revealing the Okka Magadu get up and I am sure you will be thrilled to see it on the screen. Manisharma has given me musical hits like Samarasinha Reddy and Narasinha Naidu. His music helped 50 percent to the success of those films. He gives his best again in Okka Magadu. YVS is a different kind of filmmaker and very passionate. He knows everything. When we shoot songs, he becomes dance master, when he narrates a scene he turns actor and when it is for action sequences he becomes fightmaster. He has command over all departments of filmmaking. Okka Magadu is going to be big surprise."

R Narayana Murthy

"NTR lived in our hearts. He is yuga purushudu and played varied characters. Balakrishna also has to play many such diverse roles and then he will jump into politics and becomes chief minister as all of you are wishing."

Sreenu Vaitla

"I have a doubt how much a film would collect if a Samarasinha Reddy and Narasinha Naidu releases these times. I am sure I would get the answer for it this Sankranthi."


"I should not be speaking at this stage instead I should be enjoying with the fans out there sitting other side. Balayya is a lion and is waiting to roar. He will shake the industry again."


"Songs are pretty good and so is Balayya. I know the film is also good. So you will enjoy it."

Ramya Krishna

"I wish all the best to the team. When such a dedicated fans like are there, why can't this film be a hit?"


"It has been my dream to work with my idol late NTR. As a fan of Nandamuri, it is a dream come to true to do this powerful film with NTR's heir Nandamuri Natasinham Balakrishna. There is no replacement for him for this script. If not he, I would not have made this."

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Gallery: Exclusive NBK's Okka Magadu Audio Function

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