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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is That Old ANR's Perverted Behaviour?

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ANR is the man who has been attracting huge fan following and majority of his fans are from ladies. But the ladies themselves are opining less about that octogenarian Dada Saheb Phalke winner.

A few ladies complain saying, "ANR is speaking in nasty way that doesn't suit his age on the dais. His nasty talk about Anushka, assuming that to be romantic is being relayed on small screens very frequently. That is being used as a promo to promote the film 'Don'. He said that Anushka is so good looking and she has given all the kisses for my son only. He added saying that had she saved some kisses for me I would have asked Raghavendra Rao to make 'Musali Mogudu-Paduchu Pellam' to pair up with her".

It is all old news and there is nothing new in that. Is that a perversion of ANR? But a professional says that is not perversion but only an identity crisis.

A doctor of psychiatry say, "It is the crisis that a man or woman gets while growing old. They want to project to be young at heart by competing with youngsters. They feel that kind of behavior boosts up their aura. But the society wants to see a man according to his age. ANR is like any other old man who wants to seek attention towards his greatest asset, 'the health'. He walks very briskly on dais and while climbing the steps of dais. That is to project that he is young and energetic. He speaks with romantic fervor to prove that he is still libidinous. He has been the star with that image for many decades. So he doesn't want to lose that for ever. He is unaware that such type of talk puts his reverence down".

ANR has been quoting at least a single romantic or semi-erotic line while speaking on dais these days. He is really showing himself as 24 at 84.

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