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Monday, December 17, 2007

Teja's Mass Compliment To A Beautiful Girl

Teja is now in the process of picking up right girls and guys for his about to be made film with all new faces. The film would start after the completion of Teja's project with MS Raju's son, Sumanth Ashwin. He is conducting a contest in association with Kingfisher and MAA Television. Babu Mohan is one of the jury members in the contest. Many girls and guys have enthusiastically come to participate in the contest. A beautiful girl who is looking fair in complexion and shown performance in perfection received praises from Teja.

He said, "Nuvvosthey Bombayiki Bandey" (If you come it will be like a band for Bombay girls). The compliment is mass oriented and that received huge applause from the audience sitting in the contest.

Teja is conducting this contest to unearth the right talent from Telugu speaking actors and actresses. He says that he is overwhelming to see more talent among the youngsters. He conducted similar contest while making 'Jai'. Only Navdeep could become notable from that film. Now we have to see who emerges from this flick.

Babu Mohan said that he is envious of the show as he couldn't participate in such shows while making entry into films.

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