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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hero Likes NTR and Krishna than His Father

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Many assume that Nagarjuna would say the name of his father when asked to name his favorite actor. But he said other way.

"Many assume that I like only my father's films. Than my father's films, I like NTR's and Krishna's films. I used to love the cowboy style films of Krishna when I was in teens", said Nagarjuna.

He also added saying, "Acting with my father in Sree Ramadasu is an overwhelming moment for me".

He shared his likes saying, "I love the song Telusa Manasa.. from 'Criminal' very much. Mahesh Bhatt asked me to look into the song aspect as he was completely ignorant about Telugu. I acted in that song with complete freedom. I also like the songs 'Om Namaha…' and 'Amani Padave..' from Geetanjali".

When asked how he feels when the artistes introduced by him grow well in the Industry, he said, "I feel very happy. That proves to be highly satisfied. Ram Gopal Varma is one example for that. And Sandeep Chowta is another. I have seen Sandeep Chowta in a Bangalore live concert and pulled him for 'Chandralekha'. Now I have given chance for Hemachander, the young singer after liking his voice".

Unlike before, Nagarjuna is appearing frequently in interviews after taking the ownership of MAA. Well, that's a part of publicity for his newly releasing film 'Don' as well.

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