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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vijayanand Movies bags 'Mantra' overseas rights

Vijayanand Movies has acquired the theatrical and dvd rights for worldwide.

Charmee acted mantra had got very good reviews worldwide and Charmee is back with another "anukokunda oka roju" proving her caliber better this time. The movie is based on suspense thriller which keeps everyone thinking about what will happen in the next scene in the movie plot. The music is already a big hit with couple of songs like "MAHA MAHA" is already a big chartbuster on all the radio channels.

The movie got very good reviews with all the websites read by the telugu people across worldwide.

These films, produced by Ravi Prakash & Kalyan Ram on the Gen Next Movies, are great youngsters who put their heart in producing a great movie in Tollywood history. The director OSHO Tulasi ram has proved his caliber by directing a movie which can be equaled to the likes of Ram Gopal Varma movies. Story deserves a special mention in this film. Story of the film is compact and the storyline is unpredictable laced with suspense.

Though it is a first venture for us, it promises to bring quality south Indian and Bollywood films into worldwide markets, going forward. Exhibitors may contact Madhu or Rupesh for more information regarding screening MANTRA in their respective cities or countries.

Our Special Thanks Ravi Prakash, Kalyan Ram, Tulasi ram

For Trade enquiries please Contact

Madhu Rayapati 270-779-1542
Rupesh Mamidi 602-373-4892

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