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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Allari Naresh Heading Towards Guinness Record?

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Allari Naresh seems to be working to set a Guinness Record. He signed up 9 films in the year 2007 where 4 were released, 2 are under making and rest are about to start shooting.

Seema Sastry, Aththili Sattibabu LKG, Allare Allari and Pellaindi Kaani are the films those were released in 2007. Visakha Express, Bommana Brothers-Chandana Sisters are the films those are under making. Vandarojulu is the film announced by Jaya that is yet to start its shooting. Apart from all these, Allari Naresh has signed up on 3 more films those are to be made and released in 2008. So as of now, it is confirmed that 6 films of Allari Naresh are going to release before May 2008. Then for rest of the year 2008, he can act in another 10-15 films to set a new record in Tollywood.

We have to see if Allari Naresh sets up a Guinness Record as the hero who acted in more number of films in single year. Well, if releases are to be counted, the record was set by Mammooty. In one of the years, about 35 films of Mammooty were released. That is due to the postponement of the release of films he acted in previous year. Let us see how far Allari Naresh makes the record.

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