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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chiranjeevi fans take out rally in Vizag

Vizag: Fans of actor Chiranjeevi took out a rally from Poorna Market to Dabagardens via Jagadamba on Tuesday urging him to plunge into active politics.

M. Raghava Rao, president of Mega Star Fans’ Sangham and its general secretary P. Sarath Kumar and treasurer T.S. Dorabbai led the procession.

“We sincerely appeal to him to join politics as he is a man of commitment and has lot of love and affection for the oppressed and neglected sections. He has been doing good work through blood bank and other charitable projects founded by him,” V. Satish Kumar, a Chiranjeevi fan, said.

Former DGP to support ChiranjeeviFormer DGP to support Chiranjeevi

HYDERABAD: Tollywood superstar Chiranjeevi would get a strong supporter in M V Bhaskar Rao, former director general of police, when he launches his proposed political party next month.

"I will join hands with him. I have briefed him on the situation of backward classes in the state in the past. What he is planning to do is the need of the hour," said Rao, who flirted briefly with politics 10 years ago. "The two castes —Reddys and Kammas— that together constitute only 10 per cent of the state population, have been cornering over 50 per cent of the political power and behaving like maharajas. The political monopoly of these castes should end and make way for political and social equality," he said.

Rao, angry over the insulting treatment of the then government, resigned from his job as Director General Civil Defence in 1997 to start a political outfit, Andhra Nadu. He was then left with three years of service. Andhra Nadu fought the Lok Sabha elections in 1998 and Assembly polls the following year and lost steam. It subsequently merged with the Congress.

A strong votary of power sharing by all sections of the society, Rao does not cherish the idea of reservation and preferential treatment given to under-privileged groups. He describes sops such as Rs 2-a-kg rice as dole that is given to the African Americans in the U.S. It is this behaviour that smacks of feudal mindset which should not be accepted in a democracy like ours. "Why should you give them dole? Why shouldn’t you increase their abilities to earn decent living? It is so because the ruling classes would want to continue their political monopoly," he said.

Chiranjeevi fan is Guntur district YC chief

A day after the ransacking of district Congress office by angry Youth Congress (YC) workers over appointment of some realtors to key posts in the party, state YC president TJR Sudhakara Babu has confirmed the appointment of Dasari Kiran Kumar as Guntur district YC chief, saying that all-India YC president Ashok Tanvar has cleared the name of Kiran for the post.

Sources said though the district party leadership wanted to take action against those who led the attack, it backtracked following the intervention of Tenali MP Balasoury, who has been instrumental in installing Kiran, the Chiranjeevi Yuvatha president, as district YC chief. Party district president Muppalaneni Seshagiri Rao too provided the respite to the disgruntled youth leaders by saying that there was no need to lodge a police complaint against the party workers.

Chitchat with Prabhas

Prabhas, the young rebel star, celebrates his birthday today (October 23). For the first time he is celebrating with fans coming from all over the state. On this occasion, he met the media and shared his feelings. Excerpts from the interview with him.

Q: What are the new decisions or resolutions you have taken for this birthday?

A: No specific resolutions but I want to do more entertaining movies from now on. Personally, I have always been very silent person and not meddling in anyone’s business.

Q: You are continuously doing action-oriented movies. What is the reason?

A: I did experiment with some films. And you know the results (laughs). People like to see me in them and at the same time, I like to do such films too. When people like it, we have to cater to them. I did Chakram and Porunami for variations but they are miserably failed.

Q: Most of yours film has mother sentiment. Any special reason?

A: It is happening without design. From “Eeshwar, Chatrapathi to Yogi”, it happened accidentally but it’s not a deliberate attempt. To be frank, I don’t like sentimental movies.

Q: You have acted in 9 films so far. What is your analysis of them?

A: Chatrapati is my best film. It won me good name as artiste and as well as brought big commercial break. I genuinely believe it is the only film that I gave maximum.

Q: What are the criteria for selecting a movie?

A: I look at director and producer. It is important to have a good director and a reliable producer too. I had some bad experiences in couple of films from production side. Script is also important.

Q: Do you involve in other aspects of film?

A: I don’t involve in story discussions or anything. Once I like the story, I work according to the director. Heroine selection is also not my choice.

Q: Will you be doing a mythological role?

A: I love to do them. But it should happen. May be Rajamouli might plan this.

Q: What about acting with your pedananna?

A: My Pedananna (Krishnamraju) is planning a film with me next year. Script work is going on.

Q: Tell us about Bujjigaadu?

A: It is a complete family entertainer. It is Puri Jagannadh kind of movie. Both of us have become good friends already. I can’t say more than that. Shooting will commence from November.

Q: When are you going to get married?

A: My brother should get married first. My marriage can wait.

Q: Your favourite co-star

A: Shriya.

Q: But you did work with Trisha in three films?

A: She is the choice of my director. Not mine.

Akshaya Movies Album

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Indian American student sues New York policeIndian American student sues New York police

New York(IANS) A civil liberties group has sued the New York Police Department (NYPD) on behalf of an Indian student who was detained in July while photographing a subway station here.

The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) filed the suit Thursday in the district court of Manhattan, alleging that police officers unlawfully handcuffed Arun Wiita, 26, a Columbia University graduate student.

Wiita was spotted using a digital camera near 207th Street and Tenth Avenue in Manhattan.

A resident of New Jersey, Wiita is seeking compensatory damages and reimbursement of legal fees.

"I was surprised and upset that I could be handcuffed on the street for taking a photograph," Wiita said. "What was really disheartening was that I knew this has probably happened before and that it could happen again to anyone."

"Wiita's arrest came within hours of his having embarked on a carefully planned 10-day project to photograph all 468 subway stations in New York," the lawsuit read.

"Though he was subsequently released without formal charges, Wiita was humiliated and confused by the arrest, and he believes that he was targeted in part because of his South Asian or Middle Eastern appearance," the lawsuit added. Wiita's mother is from India. He was born in the US.

Earlier this year, the police settled a suit brought by NYCLU on behalf of an award-winning documentary maker Rakesh Sharma, who was detained for filming with a handheld camera on a Manhattan street.

As a result, the mayor's office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting twice revamped its rules regarding the use of cameras on streets, parks or public property, tailoring them to apply only to potentially disruptive movie and television productions.

Police sources said officers question people photographing the city's rail infrastructure on "rare occasions", citing instances in which law enforcement officials have identified Iranian intelligence agents and suspected Pakistani terrorists taking photographs of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges.

Aishwarya at Longiness Event Album

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Chitchat with Venkatesh

Venkatesh’s birthday is coming up on 13th of December. His latest film Tulasi created a record by running for 50 days in 225 centers. Here are the excerpts -

What is going to be your next film?
I always plan something whenever I want to take up a project. But ultimately I end choosing one from the ones I get in my way. I never believe in desperately chasing any project or proposition. Lots of guys are coming to me with a heavy action subject. But I want to do a simple story with breezy romance and lots of comedy.

When will your next project start?
I am listening to various scripts. I will be able to take a decision by this month end. And after that it would typically take a couple of months to launch the project.

What kind of films you want to do?
Audience always expect sincere projects from me. I can’t get away with average films like other heroes. Audience outrightly reject me whenever I did a bad film. Hence it is my responsibility to make at least a minimum guarantee project.

There had been comments that Tulasi had lots of violence?
People saw me in action-less films like Raja, Vasantham, Malliswari, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Sankranthi, AMAV etc. When you look from a comparative angle, there is more violence in Tulasi. But if you look it as a normal action film, the violence in Tulasi is completely justified from the character point of view.

What is your response on Chiranjeevi entering politics?
He has not made it public officially yet. I am well wisher of the entire film industry and whenever somebody is venturing into politics from films, I always felt happy. I am going to talk about it when he announces it openly.

Why are you not making any multistarrers?
Show me a bound script and I will start my work in a multistarrer from tomorrow. No director is coming with a good subject.

Are you open for sequels of your own films?

Which films do you prefer?
I love to do sequels of Bobbili Raja and Gharshana. Bobbili Raja has lots of action/thrill/adventure in it. Gharshana is a slick cop flick with thrilling episodes.

Who is the best among the heroines you worked with?
We cannot compare on one scale as each heroine worked for some limited characters in my films. Hence I am going to talk about the character based roles. I loved the way Revathy played the intense Maggie character in Prema film. I also liked the roles of Soundarya and Sridevi in Pavitra Bandham and Kshanakshanam respectively.

Lots of production houses are entering into TV media. Do you have any plans?
I may not produce TV serials. But I will definitely act in TV serials once I retire. I am sure that I am going to enjoy acting in TV. When I was in USA I used to watch lots of TV compared to films.

Did you watch Happy Days?
It is a fantastic film. I sent flowers to the entire team of Happy Days after watching it. I always wanted to work with the directors of Sekhar Kammula’s sensibilities. I will do a film with Sekhar Kammula soon. The success of Happy Days sends right signals to the young directors.

You are a cricket fan. What’s your opinion on present Indian cricket?
I am happy that Kumble is made as captain of Test cricket. He is the right guy to lead us. He is more mature and a well balanced cricketer. I will be traveling to Australia to watch Indian cricket tour in March 2008.

When are you going to direct films?
I am still not cutout for direction. I can help and give some ideas in scripting stage. I am capable of judging the scripts and I can do 60% right.

Talk: Anushka Opens Lips about Her 'Hips'

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This is a talk that has come out from a unit member of the film in which Anushka is playing a heroine now. It seems that Anushka is now worried about her bulging hips. She told one of her friends that she is worried for that and also facing some comments from the people in her circles.

It seems that she said, "I have faced comments about my hip with the film 'Lakshyam'. I'm not looking comfortable while wearing jeans".

So, we may see Anushka going for figure correction if she considers that to be serious problem. But her vital stats are not so odd now. Many like Anuskha with that hour glass figure only. On a whole she has number of films in hand now. Apart from Don, Okka Magadu, Swagatham and Arundhathi she has 2 more films those were lined up. She is also the most expensive actress in Tollywood. Then why should she worry for her hip!

Screen Buzz: Kiran Rathod’s Nude Video!

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Now a hot video is making rounds in internet stating that it is the nude video of Kiran Rathod. Like many morphed videos with look-alikes of Preety Zinta, Trisha and all, initially it was assumed to be the same in this connection as well. But later it was discovered to be the original video. But there is nothing big to come to conclusion.

The video is not a morphed one but only picked up from a Hindi film song where Kiran Rathod was shot with her male partner wearing a skimpy two piece bikini in skin color. In first look for a few seconds that appears to be a nude one but in actual sense that’s not.

Internet is too mischievous. And it is proven again.

Sekhar Kammula’s Fears With Mahesh Babu

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Mahesh Babu is very much inclined to work with Sekhar Kammula but there are some problems with respect to the match of tastes and balance of egos as per sources. Sekhar is down to earth in attitude, down to earth in thought process and down to earth in film making. He never invests big but makes a box office wonder. His strength has been script all these days. But there is a comment in the industry that Sekhar Kammula’s real strength will be known only after making a film with a big hero.

“We need not accolade Sekhar Kammula with what he did till now. His real stamina will be known only after dealing a big star in Tollywood. Making films with stars is not as easy as sitting in Minerva coffee shop and sipping a coffee. It needs lots of energy levels and ability to bow head before stars. Sekhar, after making these many hits and establishing a brand for himself cannot bow head before big stars. At the same time stars cannot bear if the director shows his own whims and fancies. We have to see how Sekhar tackles all these things”, said a director having a sip of wine at Film Nagar Club couple of days ago as per the inside sources.

“Sekhar is known only for pleasing A class audience. But Mahesh Babu is for all the classes. Will the match holds right compatibility between Mahesh and Sekhar?” said another.

Mahesh Babu is eager to work with Sekhar only for the success he made with ‘Happy Days’. Mahesh feels that there is something great in Sekhar that is appealing for audience. Let us see how Mahesh Babu-Sekhar Kammula match works out.

hoto Feature: Watch Nayantara's Bold Scenes

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Yes, you need to wait a few weeks to watch the hottest scenes of Nayantara in the Tamil film 'Billa'. She said, "I never acted this hot in any film. I don't know how people will receive me".

Indeed, Nayantara exposed 85 percent of her body for this film. Wait to watch Nayantara in raunchy look on silver screen. After lip lock scene with Simbhu, now Nayantara is creating 'sensation in the bodies of men' with these hot postures!!!!!

Katrina Kaif Album

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