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Friday, December 7, 2007

Sekhar Kammula’s Fears With Mahesh Babu

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Mahesh Babu is very much inclined to work with Sekhar Kammula but there are some problems with respect to the match of tastes and balance of egos as per sources. Sekhar is down to earth in attitude, down to earth in thought process and down to earth in film making. He never invests big but makes a box office wonder. His strength has been script all these days. But there is a comment in the industry that Sekhar Kammula’s real strength will be known only after making a film with a big hero.

“We need not accolade Sekhar Kammula with what he did till now. His real stamina will be known only after dealing a big star in Tollywood. Making films with stars is not as easy as sitting in Minerva coffee shop and sipping a coffee. It needs lots of energy levels and ability to bow head before stars. Sekhar, after making these many hits and establishing a brand for himself cannot bow head before big stars. At the same time stars cannot bear if the director shows his own whims and fancies. We have to see how Sekhar tackles all these things”, said a director having a sip of wine at Film Nagar Club couple of days ago as per the inside sources.

“Sekhar is known only for pleasing A class audience. But Mahesh Babu is for all the classes. Will the match holds right compatibility between Mahesh and Sekhar?” said another.

Mahesh Babu is eager to work with Sekhar only for the success he made with ‘Happy Days’. Mahesh feels that there is something great in Sekhar that is appealing for audience. Let us see how Mahesh Babu-Sekhar Kammula match works out.

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