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Friday, August 10, 2007

Yamadonga gets U/A and USA Business Status

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Yamadonga Censor certification is done and got U/A certificate. As of now first 3 weeks business for USA is closed. We will be releasing YAMADONGA in USA on August 15th with 12 prints in 22 centers.

Publicity material for all the 22 centers are sent. If any of the exhibitors need more publicity material please contact us immediately.
There are number of calls for the centers which are closed already. If we mentioned as CLOSED don't call us. It is waste of time for you and us also. If you are interested in the center OPEN you can contact us.

Exhibitors are requested to send Schedule for First week by today evening.

For more info Contact
Raman Sanchula @ 408-464-4788
Uday @ 732-476-9246

Yamadonga USA Business Status


Staus Location Name
CLOSED Atlanta Rahul Kumar
CLOSED Baton Rouge,LA Vishu Mandava
CLOSED Birmingham, AL Vishu Mandava
CLOSED Cary, NC Vijay Reddy
CLOSED Charlotte.NC Vijay Reddy
CLOSED Chicago, IL Naga Seshu
CLOSED Cincinnati, OH Ravi
CLOSED Cleveland, OH Ravi
CLOSED Columbus, OH Ravi
CLOSED Dallas, TX Mahipal Reddy
CLOSED Dayton,OH Ravi
CLOSED Detroit, MI Ramakrishna
OPEN Edison, NJ
CLOSED Huntsville, AL Vishu Mandava
CLOSED Kansas City,KN Chaitanya
CLOSED Memphis,TN Kanth Nallabantu
CLOSED Minneapolis Shankar bandi
CLOSED Mobil,AL Vishu Mandava
CLOSED New Orleans, LA Vishu Mandava
CLOSED San Jose, CA Hari
CLOSED St. Louis,MO Srinivas
CLOSED Virginia,VA Vijay Reddy


CLOSED Austin Roop Chand
CLOSED Boston Uday
CLOSED Florida Vekant vottikuti
CLOSED Houston Sri Nagesh
CLOSED Los Angeles Sreedhar Chava
CLOSED New Haven/Hartford, CT Dinesh Muvva
CLOSED Phoenix Satish
CLOSED San Antonio Roop Chand


CLOSED Delaware Vijay Reddy
CLOSED Denver Prasad
CLOSED Louisville/Lexington Raja Surapaneni
CLOSED Madison, WI Chaitanya
CLOSED Milwaukee, WI Chaitanya
CLOSED Nashville Kanth Nallabantu
CLOSED Philadelphia Bhasker
CLOSED Pittsburg Sri Atluri
OPEN Portland
CLOSED Richmond, VA Siva pillai
OPEN San Diego
OPEN Seattle
CLOSED Springdale, Arkansas Chaitanya
CLOSED Tulsa, OK Chaitanya


OPEN Bloomington/Puri IL
OPEN Albany
OPEN Ceder Rapids, IO
OPEN Davenport
OPEN De Moines
OPEN Greenville, SC
OPEN Harris Berg
OPEN Indianapolis
OPEN New York
OPEN Oklahoma City
OPEN Omaha, NE
OPEN Sacramento

Interview with Mickey J Meyer

The 25 year old young music director Mickey J Mayer is widely appreciated for his tunes in films e 10th Class and Notebook. He is all set to get his big break now with Sekhar Kammula's Happy Days. Here are the excerpts -

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I had been learning piano and violin since childhood. I was also trained in Carnatic singing and used to sing Ghazals in All India Radio when I was a kid. After completing my fifth standard, I got admission into Trinity College of Music in London. I completed the 8 years music course from that esteemed music university. I completed music course in 2002 and I had been working on my music and practicing it for years.

I grew up listening to the music of AR Rehman. I got addicted to film music because of AR Rehman. I decided to take up the job of a music director for Telugu films. I approached Tammareddy Bharadwaja and he gave me a chance to compose music for his 'Pothe Poni'. After that I worked for 10th Class and Notebook.

I met Sekhar Kammula after the release of Dollar dreams. And our combination got finalized for Happy Days.

Tell us about Happy Days music?
The project started in January 2007. I had to compose lots of tunes for each song to impress Sekhar Kammula. It is easy to work with Sekhar Kammula as our wavelength matches. Happy Days music is very close to my heart. It will be surely heart touching and nostalgic. The script of the film is very good and it inspired me to come up with fine music. Sekhar has given me lot of freedom. I got musicians from Singapore, New York, Hyderabad and Chennai to work for this album. The sounds used in this album are very different from what we hear in regular films. There is western influence in these songs and instruments like piano and guitar strings dominate the music. The title song of the film has rock background.

Are you also doing background music for Happy Days?
I composed only songs for my first three films. I am doing both songs and background music for Happy Days.

Which one is easy, composing songs or doing background music?
Both are equally important for any film. But composing background music is difficult. It would become more challenging to do background music for good scenes.

What is your favorite album and favorite song?
I am a great fan of AR Rehman. My favorite album is Vandemataram (AR Rehman) and favorite song is Tu Hi Re (Bombay film).

Which are your favorite songs in your own films?
Arere (Happy Days) and Nemaha (10th class).

Tell us about Trinity college of music?
They teach western classical music in a systematic method using notations for eight years each grade every year. In order to have expertise in music composing, one should have thorough knowledge in western classical notations. It will be very helpful in BGM. Music directors like Harris Jayaraj and Yuan Shankar Raja graduated from this college. Ilayaraja completed his doctorate in this music college.

We are also trained to compose music using live orchestra where we pen the notations and distribute among the musicians and let the conductor organize the music in synchronization with the musicians. In Hollywood, everything in music is done using notations.

How important is music college education for a music director?
AR Rehman gone to the stage of composing songs for UNO and Hollywood films like Lord of the Rings. If we learn the music from the foundation level in music colleges, it shows in our work. And longevity is guaranteed as music schools teach us all aspects and hone our skills to give different music as per the genre of the films.

What are your future projects?
I am completely focused on doing the background music for Happy Days now. I am waiting for the release of Happy Days before committing my next project.

Buzz: Is Lokesh wedding date 'jinxed'?

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Numerologists argue that the date fixed for the wedding of former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu's son Nara Lokesh is "not auspicious". The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has, however, declared this date (August 26) as auspicious and good for marriages.

The argument put forward by numerologists is that dates like 8,17,26 are not auspicious as far as entering into wedlock is concerned. Numerologist Rachaa Suresh argues that these dates may sound numerically interesting but numerologically they are not.

"The number 8 is as fascinating as its devastating effect on the married life of people who enter into wedlock on these dates," he says.

Numerology do not agree on certain events which come once in a life, like marriage. Numerology believes more in numbers than in heavenly bodies like astrology.

Even the numbers that totals up 8 are 8, 17 and 26 while 5, 14 and 23 totals up 5. Numbers 4, 13, 22 and 31 totals up 4. So dates like 8, 17, 26, 5, 14, 23, 4, 13, 22 and 31 are inauspicious . Either the individual date or date+ month + year sum total should not add up to 8, 5 or 4.

Audio launch - Hello Premistara!

Music of Sairam Shankar’s latest film ‘Hello Premistara’ was launched at function held in Hotel Marriot in Hyderabad. Sheila plays female lead. Puri Jagan and Dil Raju jointly produce it. Chakri composed music and Raja Kumar directed it.

This function is attended by NTR, Prabhas, Ravi Teja, Srikanth, Sairam Shankar, Puri Jagan, Dil Raju, Sheila, Raj Kumar, Chakri, KS Rama Rao, Kandikonda, MS Bharani, Raju Harwani and Rajasimha attended this function.

NTR launched the audiocassette and gave the first unit to Ravi Teja. Prabhas launched the audio CD and gave the first unit to Srikanth.

NTR said, “Two great forces (Dil Raju and Puri Jagan) joined to produce this film. I wish that this film will give a break to hero Sairam Shankar. Chakri composed music. He has a great future in the film industry. I still like Naire song from Andhrawala film. I like ‘Ninna monna’ song from this album. I wish this film a huge success.”

Dil Raju said, “All the heroes present here worked for my films. I will make a film with NTR very soon. Devi Sri Prasad called me one day and recommended Raj Kumar. Since I was busy in producing another film I requested Raj Kumar to narrate the story to Puri Jagan. He also liked the story. Hence we decided to produce this film together. This film will be a guaranteed hit. Chakri always gives good music to Vaishno Academy.”
Dialogue writer Raja Simha said, “I worked as an assistant to Paruchuri brothers in the past. I would like to thank Dil Raju for giving this offer. Dil Raju and Puri Jagan won recent filmfare awards as best producer and best director respectively. Hence we can expect more awards for this film too.”

Music director Chakri said, “I worked really hard to compose music to this film. All songs have come out well. Kandikonda gave good lyrics. I am introducing two new singers called Madhuri and Shivani with this album. I saw the film. Sairam Shankar will become a big hero. Sheila will get good recognition.”

Puri Jagan said, “I felt good when I listened to Raj Kumar’s story. He has tremendous clarity. He penned script well. I love ‘Ninna Monna’ song in this album. Chakri phoned me and made me listen this tune when I was in Bangkok. I felt little jealous that this song is not there in my film. I would like to thank to Vaishno Krishna for putting good efforts at production front. I hope that this film will bring success to Sairam Shankar and Sheila.”
The guests were asked if anybody proposed them by saying 'Hello Premistara! Here are the responses

NTR: a girl loved me when I was in 10th class. I don’t want to reveal the name.
Prabhas: Many girls asked me after Varsham release.
Ravi Teja: a 10th class girl asked me when I was in 7th class.
Srikant: My wife asked me
Puri Jagan: I wrote a love letter to a girl in 5th class and got no response. From 6th class onwards I started writing stories. ‘Chitikina manasulu’ was my first story.
Dil Raju: Naaku antha scene ledu.

Tollywood Film News 10-08-07

Yamadonga obtains U/A certificate
NTR’s Yamadonga obtained U/A certificate from censor board yesterday. This film is all set to release all over the world on 15 August on the eve of Indian independence day. Yamadonga is simultaneously releasing in USA with 12 prints in 22 theaters. Rajamouli directed this film. Priyamani and Mamata Mohandas play main leads. Mohan Babu donned the role of Yama. MM Keeravani scored the music.

Asha Bhonsle sings for Chandamama
After a long gap Asha Bhonsle rendered her voice to a Telugu song titled ‘naalo voohalaku’ in Krishna Vamsi’s Chandamama. KM Radhakrishnan (Anand fame) composed music for this film. Navadeep, Siva Balaji, Sindhu Menon and Kajal Agarwal played the mail leads. C Kalyan is the producer. The shooting of the film is almost complete.

Vijaya Dasami music on 23 August
Kalyanram Nandamuri’s latest film Vijaya Dasari’s music will be launched on 23rd August. A song is being shot on the lead pair in Nanakram Guda studios now. Vedika plays female lead. Samudra remake this film from Tamil blockbuster Sivakasi. Movie will released on either 6th or 13th of September.

City Buzz: Actress Ileana causes a traffic jam!

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Actress Iliana held up traffic for over an hour as star struck fans thronged SR Nagar as they tried to get a glimpse of their favourite star who was opening an eatery in the area. Cops and the organisers had a tough time controlling the mob. While the fans didn’t mind being stuck in the hot sun for Illiana, many commuters stuck in the jam were not amused and they could be heard abusing the poor actress and her fans!

Snippet: Suriya-Jyotika baby due today

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Kollywood’s newest couple actors Suriya and Jyotika will become parents today, as the young mother-to-be was admitted to the Apollo First Med hospital on Poonamalee High road for her delivery on August 9 itself, a few days before her due date which was August 13.

According to sources in the hospital, Suriya’s family was very keen that the first grandchild be born on Friday, August 10 as all Fridays during the Aadi month are considered very auspicious. It is believed that Jyotika may have to undergo a C-section, which has been scheduled for the morning of August 10, before rahu kalam, which is between 10.30 am to 12 noon.

There are rumours that according the the scan, the couple may be expecting twins, but the news could not be confirmed as family members are being very tight-lipped about the delivery. The hospital premises are out of bounds for media and fans, only family member are being allowed inside. Suriya has cancelled all his shoots and outdoor schedules so that he can be present in Chennai for the delivery.

Screen Talk: Ramya Krishna Fears Aging!

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The veteran beauty queen of silver screen and present heart throb of the small screen seems to be obsessed over her wrinkles and has issues with her body ageing. It is learned that she worried so much that the 40 plus actress is considering plastic surgery, despite husband's objections.

One of her friends says on the condition of anonymity, "Ramya got a permanent baby belly after having the boy and have issues with getting older. There is a huge change in her body and face. But she is obsessed for her beauty. She wants to go for a surgery to sustain her glamorous look".

But Ramya should know that autumn cannot be decorated like spring. Old age is inevitable and everybody is bound to face that. Anything worked on old age to make it young, that simply looks artificial.

Buzz: BIG B is angry on Ash pregnant news!

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Contrary to certain reports, Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan are not becoming dada-dadi soon. On Thursday, media put out the news that Aishwarya Rai is preggers and the entire Bachchan clan is in celebratory mode. However, the Big B is nothing short of angry at the irresponsible news. “Your information is as good as mine. The report is incorrect,” he said rather icily.

Press Release : New Theaters in Dallas

Great news for Dallas movie buffs. Touring Talkies, Inc is bringing the new movie watching experience to desi movie audience from August 10th.
Now Dallas can watch Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi movies with in theaters with Stadium seating, Dolby/DTS digital Hi-Fi sound, spacious parking which are located centrally @ 635 and McArthur Blvd In Irving. The first show starts at 9:30 PM on Friday August 10th with Shankardada Zindabad. Popular Movie and mimicry artist Shiva Reddy and Singer Vijaya Lakshmi will be present for the meet and greet at the theaters. Please be there to be part of the glittering night. Watch for future attractions Yama Donga and Happy Days.

The Address: Touring Talkies @ Hollywood Theaters, 8505 Walton Blvd, Irving, TX, Phone: (972) 401-3456

Touring Talkies, Inc is an entertainment and media company that will produce, distribute and exhibit profitable, sensible South Indian films, TV Sitcoms and short movies with new talent. The promoters behind the Touring Talkies, Inc are part of the team that produced and distributed national award Swarna Kamal winner Dollar Dreams, sleeper hit Anand, block buster Godavari and the much Hyped Happy Days in telugu movie industry. With the experience and talent on hand the team intends to build Touring Talkies, Inc as a successful entertainment company which is recognized by its values, brand and the value it brings for the patrons and stake holders.

Screen Talk: Sneha thumbs down a role

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Recently, actress Sneha was approached for playing mother-in-law to actor Shimbu for his latest venture Kaalai. But, we hear, the actress refused the offer straight away.
I don't want to do a role like that at the peak of my career. Such kind of roles will put me in the character artiste’s bracket.
That’s why I’m so averse to the idea, says Sneha. Apparently, the lady has wished to work opposite top-notch actors from Tollywood.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rimmi sen –Tarun: Will They click?

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It is the question everyone thinks once they heard the news. Tarun, who is looking for a better innings this time is to do a Hindi remake. The role of the heroine is a stubborn one with a metro personality. After Shreya refused to do with Tarun, Bollywood's sexy bombshell Rimmi Sen walked in to the project.

Apparently, Rimmi Sen's debut film is a Telugu flick tilled "Nee Thodu Kavali". She is last seen in megastar's "Andharivadu".

Now everyone is waiting to see the onscreen chemistry between Rimmi and Tarun.

According to the source the movie is going to be produced by Dasari and directed by a newcomer.

Snippet: Simran's View On Her 2nd Innings!

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From the chirpy and chatty characters to stirring roles Simran has done it all. And at this stage of career, the lady misses the sugar-candy romances and running around trees. She is going to seen in more small budget films than all those big banners she has been associated with for years.
But she has her own point of view on this issue. "It is not about small budget or big budget movies anymore. It is my role that makes my film big or small for me.
That is the reason I love to do 'John Appa Rao 40 Plus' with comedian Krishna Bhagawan", she said.
Before all that, she is going to appear on screen with Balakrishna in 'Okka Magaadu'.
Hope some of her contemporaries who want to be on screen again could take a lesson from this.

Reel Talk : Ileana Feels She Is Not Sexy!

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She is considered to be one of the most sexist and hottest stars of the Tollywood, but the only person who is not impressed with Ileana's looks is the girl herself.
The girl who walked to the film fare awards with a gorgeous outfit looked ravishing doesn't really see herself as a sex symbol.
She feels that on most of the days, she looks less than ordinary. "I don't really pay attention to all that. It is only when people starts looking at me I feel I'm attractive. I don't really think I look all that great all the time", says the hourglass beauty.
Well, she got her eyes opened! She is true to some extent.

Daler Mehndi's Song Top Telugu Charts

Music director M.M. Keeravani has got Daler Mehndi to sing in 'Yamadonga' and the move seems to have paid off - the album rules the Telugu music market this fortnight.

The top five Telugu songs are:

1. 'Rabbaru gajulu' - Film: 'Yamadonga'. King of bhangra Daler Mehndi sings this number in his inimitable style along with Pranavi. It has certainly caught on.

2. 'Aakalesthe' - Film: 'Shankar Dada Zindabad'. Mamta Mohandas, who shot to fame with her 'Rakhi rakhi' number in 'Rakhi', makes an impact with 'Aakelesthe'. With good music by Devisri Prasad, she sings it with great zest with Naveen.

3. 'Manasa' - Film: 'Munna'. The song is perhaps the mainstay of the movie. Harris Jayaraj has created magic with singers Sadhana Sargam, Naresh Iyer, Krish, Haricharan and Kandikonda.

4. 'Yemaindi ee vela' - Film: 'Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule'. The entertainer that is progressing towards the 100-day mark is still attracting audiences. Yuvan Shankar Raja's 'Yemaindhi ee vela' is still on the charts.

5. 'Niluvave' - Film: 'Lakhsyam'. Hemachandra sings the remix version of 'Niluvave valu kanula dana' originally sung by Ghantasala. He sounds quite cool in this remix.

Reel Buzz : Producer Is The Real Villain For SDZ

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Guess who is the happiest man before release and upset and disheartened after the release of Mega Star's 'Shankardada Zindabad'? Well, it is choreographer turned director Prabhu Deva. He had seen beaming with joy when he got an opportunity to direct Chiranjeevi. The movie released with a fanfare and lots of hungama but didn't get the expected response from public. There are many reasons and some are pointing their finger to Prabudeva.
"I couldn't recreate another wonder like my previous hit film but I did my best", confesses the scapegoat of the whole issue to his close associates.
The fact is that the Gemini Film Circuit didn't brother to do any publicity for the film. No promo is being shown in TV channels and even the stills of the film are very less.
"The sole reason for the failure of SDZ is lack of publicity", affirmed a trade pundit.
Hopefully the mater will end here and people will take notice.

Yamadonga in Central US by SVR Films

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After exhibiting many Telugu movies over few years at various centers in US, we now have a name for our Telugu film (Sub) distribution. We are glad to announce it as Sri Venkata Ramana Films, (SVR films). We have already earned good reputation of screening not only quality Telugu Movies but in Quality Theaters and in affordable prices. We don’t screen movies in low quality which falls below standards. Screening Telugu Movies is our passion, not fashion.

We are excited to start our Sub-Distribution with Yamadonga because anything we say about the movie would be very less for the movie itself. This movie is already declared HIT on the day it was announced. This movie would definitely be come back vehicle of Jr. NTR. Mohan Babu donned the role of Yama in this movie. Audience will be entertained by 7 female leads. This movie is directed by Rajamouli, who never faced a failure in his career. Music by keeravani has already topped the charts.

SVR Films bagged Yama Donga for the following centers in Central US

Center Name - Contact Person
Detroit - Rama Krishna Nrusimhadri
Saint Louis, MO - Srinivas Sureddi
Kansas City, KS - Subba Rao Thota
Denver, CO - Prasad Oruganti
Memphis, TN - Kanth Nallabantu
Austin, TX - Vasu Neerukonda
San Antonio, TX - Harsha
Tulsa, OK - Chaitanya Manne
Spring dale, AR - Sridhar Vannem
Milwaukee, WI - Siddu Kommareddy
Madison, WI - Siddu Kommareddy

We would like to thank all the distributors who helped us reach this accomplishment, especially Great India Films and KAD in particular. Please visit our website www.svrfilms.com for more exciting news and latest updated schedules of the movies we screen.

Chaitanya Manne
Sridhar Vannem

Hyd Gossip : Actress Struggling To Quit Smoking!

The Southern star that shot to fame with Rajni Kanth's previous film is known for her figure rather than the acting prowess. She is working towards her acting talent to be recognized more very soon. She was bubbly initially but later turned slim and sleek with excessive dieting and liposuction. She got addicted to smoking as well.
Now she wants to quit smoking to keep her figure in shape on which she is betting her career in Tollywood. Smoke kills appetite and affects on the skin and lips.
But the poor girl whose love story with her Kollywood hero made news is finding it difficult to kick the butt. The Mallu girl, who recently decided to quit smoking after being warned by her doctor, is going through "hell" trying to kick her smoking habit. The girl was warned by the doctor and asked her to keep away from smoke. Now she is down to a pack from four but it is a battle for her to say Goodbye to the addiction.

Film Nagar About Kamalini-Sumanth Split

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What are the reasons for Kamalini-Sumanth split? Is it true, first of all? If true, what would be the reason? If false, how this grapevine has seen light?
When enquired about this, the Film Nagar sources said that Kamalini-Sumanth split was quite common and that happened many times even in the shooting time of Godavari.
"They go logger heads for silly reason and unite again after sometime", said a technician.
"They have that soft line which can be called 'love' or 'attraction'. They canot separate I believe", said another.
Many say that the two will unite again after a silence.
So, we need not feel bad that this Telugu guy and Bengali beauty were separated and not talking to each other.

Snippet: Mamatha With Hot-Seductress Image!

She is already raising eyebrows with her self promotional strategies. Mamatha Mohandas, one more Mallu girl who is rocking with her husky voice is going to sizzle the silver screen with NTR's Yama Donga very soon.
She wants to get the dare-to-bare image and a couple of weeks ago she said that she prefers getting dare and seducing image but not the obscene one. From the depth of her words, we think she would any day prefer a bikini.

Not merely that, she acted in skimpy costumes in a Tamil film as well.
When she asked why the actress makes about wearing bikinis in films a big deal she immediately says," Bikini is a sign of glamour if shown in decent way. It is just another costume, which is incidental to my profession. If acting is my forte why would I worry about the costume?

So what is the big hue and cry about it? What a self promotional attitude? Do we see more filmmakers making a beeline for the actress already?

Tollywood Film News 09-08-07

Mamatha Mohandas dubs her voice
Mamatha Mohandas joins a new breed of actresses who are willing to be very professional. Mamatha Mohandas, a Malayalee by birth, doesn’t know Telugu. Still, we hear that, she has managed to dub her voice in her first Telugu film “Yamadonga”. With the guidance of director Rajamouli, Mamhtha said she told dialogues for her character. After Charmi and Sada, Mamatha is another non-Telugu heroine dubbing for their characters themselves.

MS Narayana’s Bhajantrilu in songs shooting
Actor MS Narayana is making a film with his own son Vikram. It is titled Bhajantrilu. Shivaji is another hero and Shivani is the heroine. Senior Producer Devi Varaprasad is making comeback to the film production with Bhajantrilu after a gap of 7 years. The film is now shooting songs in Hyderabad. Presently a song is picturised on Vikram and Shivani under the direction of Tara master.

Press Meet - Happy Days

Happy Days
(Varun,Sandesh,Nikhil,Raahul,Vamsee Krishna,Gayatri Rao,Monali Chowdary,Sonia)
Amigos Creations Pvt. Ltd spearheaded by Sekhar Kammula is proud to present the cast of Happy Days. The search for new talent in Sekhar’s upcoming film was a massive statewide hunt, resulting in talent scouts setting up base in college campuses across the state, this was in synergy with a search organized on the internet.

Applications came in through post and emails from across the globe. Approximately 20,000 applications in all were screened. short listed and finally, seven lucky candidates were selected. This whole process lasted 4 months from applications-shortlisting-auditions-final selections and contracts.

The cast had to go through an extremely trying audition and photo session process, before they were finally selected. We are proud to introduce the final seven.

1. VARUN SANDESH : He plays Chandu in the movie, a boy next door sort of a character, he is the voice of the film. Varun is a Telugu boy, originally from New Jersey, USA. Varun sent his audition through the web and impressed all with his performance.

2. NIKHIL : He plays Rajesh in the film, a tapori sort of a character full of life and zing. Nikhil originally took part in a reality show contest on T.V. He sent in his application to us separately and was selected for the eclectic energy he possessed.

3. RAAHUL : He plays Tyson. a lovable, warm hearted soul who is always thinking of others. Rahul is from Hyderabad and has always dreamt of acting in the movies. He got casted because of an impressive audition and distinctive diction.

4. VAMSEE KRISHNA : He plays Shankar. A sincere, studious guy, who has fixed goals in life. Vamsi was also a shortlist on a reality show contest. He sent in his application separately and impressed all with his raw talent.

5. GAYATRI RAO : She plays Appu. A energetic tom boyish character. Someone who is not very expressive in her feelings in the film. Gayatri stunned one and all with her audition.

6. MONALI CHOWDHARY : She plays Sangeetha. A rich spoilt girl. Monali is a tall, slender girl who impressed one and all with her glamorous looks and talent. She is also a trained architect.

7. SONIA : She plays Sravanthi. She Plays a senior in college. The object of everyone’s attention. Sonia works in a corporate company and balanced her job with her acting schedule.

The music of Happy Days is composed by Mickey J Meyer. The audio of the film will be released by BIG Music (in about a weeks time) for the first time in Telugu cinema.

Happy days is Sekhar Kammula’s fourth feature film. His films include the national award winning “Dollar Dreams”-99, multiple Nandi award winning “Anand”-04, and last years magnum opus “Godavari”-06. Happy Days marks a return for Sekhar to grassroots filmmaking, working with newcomers and fresh talent, tight.

Press Meet

Sekhar Kammula introduced his actors to the media today evening at a press meet organized in Green Park hotel.

Speaking on the occasion Sekhar Kammula said, “If Anand and Godavari were my daughters, Happy Days is like my son. Making this film was as difficult as raising a son. This film has the backdrop of a college. We have shown the youth in angle in this film. This film will remain as wonderful cinema in the history of Telugu film industry. All the new comers fit their characters like gloves. We shot a part of the film in CBIT from which I graduated. We are going to have a nice tagline for this film. Audio will be launched on either 12th of 14th of this month. Happy Days will be released in the first week of September. Lots of corporate are involved in making in this film. This will start a new trend in film industry. Micky J Meyers composed spectacular music with new flavor in AR Rehman style.”

Here are Sekhar Kammula’s observations on his actors -

Varun Sandesh: He has a brilliant smile. He looks like Siddhardh. He sent my video file by singing a Telugu song in USA.

Nikhil: He is a livewire and the most energetic guy. He is extremely good at dances.

Raahul: He suited the character very well as character needs a guy with little cuteness and pathos mixed together.

Vamsi Krishna: He is a fine actor. He behaves as per the mood of the character in the real life too. He is vary passionate about films.

Gayatri Rao: She is a very active girl. She had a long hair when I met her first. We had to cut it short because she is going to play the role of a tomboy. She was very upset for a couple of days when we cut her hair short.

Sonia: She handed over the shields to the dignitaries in Telugu cinema vajrostavalu function. That is where I spotted her.

Monali Chowdary: She played the role with negative shades. She gave a very good performance.

Shooting Canceled Because of Comedian

He is the well-behaved, cooperative and modest star only for press and television interviews. Otherwise he is a torture cyclone!

The guy is most successful comedian of the Tollywood who charges a hefty sum for his work. This dark complexioned comedian's first film as hero was a super hit.

It is learned that in a big producer's movie his acts have crossed the limits and shooting has been called off for that day.

Since he has given two days the director reckoned on shooting at least 7 scenes a day. But after doing 2 scenes, the hero turned comedian gets all irritated and complains that a big star like him cannot be made to slog like this. So, the comedian and director are at loggerheads. The clash went to such a length that shooting had to be cancelled. All these happenings have put the unit in a dazed mood.

The producer decided to replace this nagging comedian and ready to bare the losses.

Now the comedian sheds crocodile tears by saying "It is injustice for a comedian like me?" but in reality, he's making others shed tears of blood, say some.

Hopefully god will do something to bring down from his high horse!, says a unit member.

Talk: ‘Chiranjeevi phobia’ saves Ummareddi

‘Chiranjeevi phobia’ has saved Ummareddi Venkateswralu’s scalp in the reshuffled TDP politburo as he is the only Kapu leader from coastal districts retaining his seat in the party’s highest decision making body.

Interestingly, another senior leader, Kodela Sivaprasada Rao from Guntur, has lost the battle for a place in the politburo due to caste equations. According to reports, party president Chandrababu Naidu had decided to drop Ummareddi from the politburo along with Karanam Balarama Krishna Murthy (Prakasam) and P Srinivasa Reddy (Mahbubnagar). While the decision to drop Balaram and Srinivasa was taken following their election as district unit presidents, Naidu wanted to remove Ummareddi with a view to reducing the ‘heavy weights’ from Guntur district.

Party senior leaders reportedly convinced Naidu that it may not be wise to drop Ummareddi from the politburo at a time when the entire coastal districts are engulfed in speculation about Chiru’s likely entry into politics, sources said.

There is a feeling among the Kapus that they are being given a ‘raw deal’ in the TDP when compared to the Congress. “Ummareddi’s removal will certainly send wrong signals to the Kapus, particularly when four Kapu leaders (Botsa Satyanarayana, Jakkampudi Rammohan Rao, Mandali Budha Prasad and Kanna Lakshminarayana) are serving as ministers in the YSR cabinet,” a senior leader said.

The TDP’s new state committee has left the party circles in Krishna district disappointed as neither the senior nor the youth leaders were accommodated in it. While Lal Jan Basha and Ummareddi got berths in the politburo, Kodela and Nannapaneni Rajakumari will continue as spokespersons. Another leader J R Pushparaj was made party vice-president.

Reel Buzz: Ash and Abhi may soon be parents!

Baby B to be more precise. Yes, the most beautiful woman in the world, Aishwarya Bachchan, is reportedly expecting and Abhishek is gonna be a dad. Amitabh Bachchan, meanwhile, is going to be the grand-daddy of them all!
There are already three ABs in this power family — Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Bachchan, and when media had asked Abhishek in an earlier interview whether he would name his child with the alphabet A, he had said, “That’s actually a cool thought. I haven’t thought about it, though.” And on plans of starting a family, he had said, “Kids shouldn’t be planned.
They should just happen.” So, if the couple is indeed expecting their first child, all we can say is ‘Here’s to Baby B!’ The couple tied the knot on April 20 this year.

Screen Talk: Salman Khan’s Prem kahaani

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Salman Khan’s name in the soon-to-be-released film Marigold, is Prem.
While he is Sooraj Barjatya’s Prem (his character was called Prem in Maine Pyar Kiya , remember?) he is also Willard Carol’s Prem.
Salman Khan’s name in the soon-to-be-released film Marigold , is Prem. So when we asked him if he considers the name to be lucky, he laughed and said, “Actually my character is very close to the character I played in Maine Pyaar Kiya.
It has the same innocence and vulnerability. Now, I play the same guy after 17 years.” Director Willard Carroll thought that the name Prem suited Sallu best. Some prem kahani, this!

Snippet: Extra mile for darling daughter!

Producer Mohan Babu is having a gala time. He, with his family, is vacationing in Las Vegas. And recently his daughter Lakshmi Prasanna celebrated her first wedding anniversary with hubby Andy, her family including her brothers Vishnu and Manoj, and her colleagues from Hollywood circles and other acquaintances at an Indian cuisine restaurant in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Mohan Babu looked as happy as a clam when Lakshmi proclaimed that she owes all her success to her wonderful dad. The producer is set to return to Hyderabad next week for Yamadonga's release.

Suresh Babu Not Open To RANA'S Entry

The star producer Ramanaidu's grandson Rana has stepped forward to carry on the family's legacy in Tollywood. Indeed he already stepped as a technician. He is the producer of children's film 'Bommalata' that bagged best child actor award for Master Sai Kumar acted in that.

Rana, did a film course in New York, and is planning to join films as an actor. The 22-year-old has reportedly expressed his desire to take up only an acting career. It is learned that the tall guy with strange looks has already transformed into a successful actor and has received quite a few acting offers already.

However, his father Sureshbabu is said to be against his son joining tinsel town as actor because he feels Rana will be successful as a creative person. But Rana is sure he will eventually give in to his wish. We have to see what happens.

Ok let us welcome one more star form star producer's house.

Why Kamalini Mukherjee Escapes From Media?

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The Bengali girl, Kamalini is going places with couple of films in Telugu and she is going to foothold in Tamil industry too. The coming year is going to be hectic for her.

But she is deliberately avoiding media. We heard that she doesn't find time even to speak to people.

The poor girl often bumps in to problems too. We heard disturbing stories from her personal front not so long. After her breakup with Sumanth she was linked with her costar Naresh.

It is learned that after breakup with Sumanth she is enjoying every minute of her new found freedom and she wouldn't rather discuss that. No wonder this homely actress keeps herself in quite low profile.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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