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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Heroine's Hot Experiments with Heroes

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Nayanatara is the dame who turned popular with the film 'Chandramukhi'. She said a few things about the heroes those turned close to her heart. Just see what she said about her men!

He is a very good co star. He is very jovial. He is highly friendly. He also gives me lot of tips while acting and also teaches me a lot of things 'how to be in industry'.

Rajni Kanth:
I have been the fan of Rajni Kanth since my childhood. When I got the offer to act with him in 'Chandramukhi' I was on cloud-9. I learned lot of things in him. He believes work to be God. 'He never keeps his age in his mind and moves very friendly with me'.

He is very down to earth. I acted for the first time in Telugu with him. He is very jovial with me. He is very professional and simple. 'He taught me a lot which will be useful for my career'.

Mohan Lal:
Mohan Lal taught me how to maintain timing while saying dialogues. He is my first guru in fact. Only with him I learnt maintaining the timing while acting with co-star. 'I cannot forget his lessons'.

Well, Nayantara seems to have done big research about the men with who she acted!! Another thing is that she seems to be very close to seniors in the industry. She did not say anything about Simbhu.

Star Talk: Actress Says Her Mom Is Sexy!

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Kajal is the new actress on Telugu screen who turned popular with the film 'Chandamama'. Normally heroines say that her food or her work outs are keeping them sexy and beautiful.

But when asked the secret of beauty Kajal says a straight single answer, "My mom looks sexy and my dad is handsome. And that's how I was born beautiful".

That's really a straight answer where no there would be no counter query indeed.

Kajal says that she never believes that excessive work puts keep body more fit. She says that it is genetic attribute that makes people look sexier than other things.

Well, Kajal's parents must receive thanks from the film audience of Tollywood for giving such a beautiful girl to watch!!

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