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Sunday, July 22, 2007

24 Frames Factory Launch

Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures (SLPP), one of the largest production houses in India announced today the launch of 24 Frames Factory, exclusively designed as a content development company. 24 Frames Factory will conceive and develop varied content to suit the requirements of TV, Radio and Mobile Communication and Internet.
This pre-production and production company will work in association with ThinkSamrt, a leading VFX studio and post-production unit in Hyderabad as a cost-effective service provider catering to the needs of TV program makers, working on a tight schedule and defined budgets. In an effort to ascertain audience preferences in terms of terms of TV programming in Telugu, 24 frames factory has set up an audience research division.
The year 2007 happens to be the silver jubilee year for the SLPP. Commenting on the launch of 24 Frames Factory, Dr. Mohan Babu, renowned actor, producer and educationalist said, “With the proliferation of TV networks and increase in TV viewership - notably in Andhra Pradesh, SLPP recognizes the need to generate and serve non-film based TV entertainment and programmes that reflect changing attitudes and lifestyles. With a well-researched team in this field, target of 24 frames factory is small budget films, quality serials and talk, reality, game and film-related shows.”
“O Inti Katha’, a TV serial, produced under the banner of SLPP is going to be launched in August. The foremost objective of this serial is to encourage the talented and promising artistes and technicians and introducing them to the small screen.
Vishnu Manchu, actor and CEO, ThinkSmart & SVN group said, “We have laid out great expansion plans for 24 frames factory. By next two years, 24 frames factory is poised to enter the area of feature films, mostly catering to new-age audience. In 2009, the target is to make 10 feature films in many in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil and co-production in English films. In tune with the ever growing need for quality entertainment, the company has laid special emphasis on producing meaningful and superior content.”
Along with the launch of 24 frame factory, Vishnu who is the main source of inspiration for its establishment also celebrated 100 days of Dhee, his recent movie.
This launch was attended by K Raghavendra Rao, Bala Krishna, B Gopal and many heads of various TV channels.

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