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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gossip: Prakash Raj's Properties worth Rs. 200 Cr

Scuttlebutt says that Prakash Raj's property is worth Rs 150 Cr. He came from a struggling background, sleeping in Chennai Pangal park during his acting trials. The earnings from the four South Indian film industries have given him crores of Rupees and he made intelligent investment of the same in shares and in land. The fate turned positive for Prakash Raj and he landed in crores now. As soon as he made big crores, he started igniting the production ideas and has shown a new facet of him as producer.

The same money and properties brought arrogance in him unfortunately. Interestingly Prakash Raj admitted a few weeks ago that his huge earnings made him arrogant but now learnt how to behave and keep cool with everyone. That sounds to be a sign of repentance. But like a villain in any film, he is again showing his recalcitrance and arrogance to big producers as well in the matters of dates adjustment and coming to sets in time.

So, money makes many things. It even transforms a sincere and hard working artiste as an arrogant freak.

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