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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Screen Buzz: Anushka Wept For Gopichand!

Anushka made chitchat on television channel yesterday. She said that she wept for while watching the plight of Gopichand in the film 'Lakshyam'. She said she was moved by that scene. Interestingly, Anuskha spoke in very good Telugu on par with native Telugu speaker while saying that..

Saying about her exposing and performance aspects she said, "We cannot add only spice without salt to a dish with the idea to make it spicier. At the same time we cannot add only salt without spice. So, I feel it should be a right mix of everything. I give preference for the roles those balance me with performance and glamour look. A good performance oriented role certainly elevates the image of an actress".

Well, there has been gossip that Anushka is sharing good friendship with Gopichand. Probably, the same friendship might have jerked tears from the eyes of Anushka.

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