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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Gossip: Pavan Bravely Facing His Personal Problem!

Pavan Kalyan, who is crossing swords with his first wife, is not down in spirits. As he is sensitive by nature, he gets hurt even for a trivial remark against him.

The directors and producers of his films had bitter experiences with his unpredictable moods. Whenever he had a personal problem, he would keep away from the shooting. Some times he would receive a call and get upset. The director would have no option except to stall the shooting in the middle, ordered for ‘pack up’.

Now, he is a changed man. Ever since her estranged wife, Nandini, raked up the issue through media, he decided to fight bravely. No sign of disturbance is found on his face, while is doing his role in Trivikram Srinivas’ latest film.

He says Pavan is a changed man.

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