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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Snippet: Using Shankar's Name And Promoting

Himsinche Raju-23 va Pulikesi is the film that's dubbed from 'Imsai Arasan-23 Pulikesi', a Tamil film produced by Shankar in the direction of Simbhu Devan. The film is releasing in about 15 theaters of Hyderabad and 5 more theatres in Naizam area.

This is an out and out fiction based on historical characters with Tamil politics in ulterior mode. Can Telugu audiences' digest this? Adding to that the hero of the film is Vadi Velu, the Tamil comedian. Nazar has one important role in the film.

The name of Shankar is used to promote this film. As the film is releasing only this week, the affect of Shankardada Zindabad would certainly fall on this and wipe it out, say the trade circles. Let us see if the film turns the heads of any.

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