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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Snippet: Vishnu Has Chosen His Comfortable Path

Vishnu Vardhan Manchu seems to have chosen his comfortable path now. He acted in the film 'Dhee' with subtle humor in his role. Although he played many action packed roles before, none could survive at the box office. It's only 'Dhee' that brought him fame and success. Now it is said that he is acting in the direction of P Vasu, a remake of 'Bruce Almighty', in which Nagarjuna is playing the role of 'God'.
The Vishnu going to play in Vasu's direction is the one played by Jim Carrey in 'Bruce Almighty'. The character is packed with full dose comedy and we have to see how Vishnu enacts that. Talking about the trivial, it is observed that Vishnu reduced a little when he appeared for the launching of 'Think Smart Animation company'. If he continues the same reduction, we may see an active and athletic Vishnu who can better justify the role given to him.
P Vasu is famous for making the fantasy and paramedical subject oriented films success and 'Chandramukhi' is the best example. Let us hope that this Telugu version of 'Bruce Almighty' works well. There was news that the same film is being made in Hindi as well with Amitabh and Saif Ali Khan. But there is no update on that till now.

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