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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Buzz: Ameesha In Kiran Rathod Way?

Ameesha Patel acted in two direct Telugu films so far- one is 'Badri' and the other 'Narasimhudu'. While the former was s upper hit the latter toppled down. Ameesha Patel is better known in Bollywood with two super hit films, 'Kaho Na Pyar Hai' and 'Gadar'. There are no big hits for here there as well. She is also not getting many projects in hand and many are considering her as an obsolete actress. She decided to move down south in search of career.
The essence of an interview given by her in a Hindi magazine says that Ameesha understood the advantage of moving down south as earning and recognition for Mumbai actresses will be big. She is landing in Chennai to find her place on Kollywood screen first. She is ready for hot show and has no hesitations in that regard.
Like Kiran Rathod, we may expect Ameesha going bolder and showing off her assets in wilder way. If she finds recognition in Kollywood even Tollywood welcomes her with such special hot roles.
Let us see how Ameesha plans her career.

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