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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Snippet: Priyamani Going over Active!

Priyamani is going over active in several ways as per scuttlebutt. Already we heard a gossip about her comments on Anushka saying that she is not a perfect Yoga practitioner as she looks fat and plump.
On the other hand she is also saying that she likes to sing her own songs in her films.
Why is she doing all this? The former one might be due to ignorance or lack of balance in speech, if that is true. Such comments would certainly keep her away from main league if repeats again.

And the idea to singing her songs is due to inferiority complex or insecurity feeling, say Tollywood circles. If Mamta Mohandas is singing her numbers, Priyamani feels that may go bigger advantage for Mmata and she will be less recognized. Already she is trying her way to pen her singing account in Tamil films. She was rocketed to fame in Tamil Nadu with the film 'Paruthi Veeran'. Now, by singing she desires to turn the heads of everyone.

Everything is competition!

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