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Friday, July 27, 2007

Director Wished Good But That Turned Bad

Kamalini Mukherjee is unpredictable for many and a serious beauty in the view perspective of some. It is very hard to assess her mind set and perception. She was roped in for a role to play in a Tamil film of Cheran (Tamil 'Autograph' fame). But she dropped from that project later on. When asked, the director said that Kamalini dropped due to dates' problem. But the actual fact is that Kamalini didn't like the script and suggested changes. The director couldn't alter on her request. That made Kamalini unsatisfied and she dropped.
But instead of saying all this, the director said, "Kamalini dropped due to dates problems and she is busy with other projects".
This made Kamalini angry and expressed her grief stating that the director of that film is giving wrong impressions to other producers that she is too busy to attend calls due to busy schedules. She worries that this impression may miss many chances for her. She knows that she s free and awaiting calls from producers.
The director said this with good motive of raising the demand of Kamalini. But Kamalini understood other way round.

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