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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Snippet: Jagapathi Says About Emotional Bond!

Jagapathi Babu shared about the emotional bond he has with Gopichand. He says that Gopichand is a very lovely person who caught his attention in first meet itself.

"I don't know why I share emotional bond with Gopichand. I feel him like my brother. I have voluntarily introduced to him a few years back and made friendship with him. Even he too feels the same. We are as good as own brothers like in 'Lakshyam' off the screen as well. We are very happy with great terms between us", said Jagapathi Babu.
Saying about the film 'Lakshyam' he said that the collections are making him wild struck with wide open mouth. He also expressed his feeling that the collections would pick up in coming weeks as well as per trade pundits.

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