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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wallpapers Of The Day 19-05-2007( ESHA DEOL )

Friday, May 18, 2007


Kula Sekhar Is In Big Confusion and Tension

Lyricist. Sorry.. Script Writer..no, no..the director Kula Sekhar is not in happy mood these days. The reason is that he has chosen multiple faculties and wanted to prove his mettle everywhere. He has been in the team of Teja for some time. But Teja and RP Patnaik have lost their stardom. But fortunately Kula Sekhar got good opportunities to pen lyrics for many films.

But he left that aside and started writing scripts and directed a film, 'Prema Lekha Raasaa'. But the film is still in boxes. It hasn't come out. But he is doing other film 'Mahalakshmi Maa Ooru Vachchindi'. He went to Kerala for finding beautiful locales as well.

But nothing is moving in his favor. He kept fingers everywhere and all are getting burnt.

Gossip: Young Hero's Aunty Killed Her Husband?

This is the gossip that's making rounds. The young her is popular and comes from a big clan of Tollywood.

His father married a lady of other caste and she has a younger sister. That younger sister got married to another small time actor long back. He was famous with a daily serial on Doordarshan that was very popular a few years back.

That actor was died of heart attack suddenly at his 42nd year. But rumors say that it was his wife who made him die so. The reasons are unknown till now. The lady wasn't married to any other guy later on as well

Mahesh Babu Also Reduced Weight

It's not just NTR who reduced weight but also Mahesh Babu. He was seen yesterday at Prasad's multiplex where he has come for giving away Gold Coins for the Thumbs Up Contest winners. Mahesh Babu has been the Thumbs Up brand ambassador from some time.

He is seen with slim posture than before. His haircut is also different from that of Sainikudu but it's long. That's for Athidhi anyway.

It is said that the shooting schedules of 'Athidhi' are hectic and as per the ole Mahesh turned slimmer than his usual posture.

Huge number of crowds surrounded Mahesh Babu yesterday in Prasad's multiplex.

Hero Stopped Drinking To Flatten His Cheeks Tarun is looking smart now with flattened cheeks. The secret is his rigorous work outs and also keeping away from booze, say some. He is now acting in the remake of a Tamil film.

Apart from this, it is stated that Tarun has got many offers and also getting many, but his mother is resulting in losing them.

Tarun's mother Roja Ramani is disturbing the career of his son, say many. It is stated that some producers approached her freshly with a story. Tarun liked the story and gave his consent to act. But Roja Ramani compelled them to pay Rs 40 lakhs. The producers stepped out calmly.

Buzz: Director Changed For Nitin's Film The fresh gossip that is making rounds in Film Nagar is that the director was changed for Nitin's new film. Initially Amma Rajsekhar was chosen to be the director for this film produced by C Kalyan and Vijayanand. The film was also started. Now AS Ravi Kumar Choudary is directing it.

Amma Rajasekhar bagged good fame with 'Ranam' but spoiled his image completely with 'Khatarnak'. He got the mark as vulgar film director.

Besides, AS Ravi Kumar Choudary's career is also not so impressive now. After 'Yagnam', his immediate flick 'Veerabhadra' went flop. Adding to this the film that was intended to make with Kalyan Ram was stopped. We have to see if he proves his mettle with Nitin's film.

Spotted: Namrata goes shopping!The much awaited two-day-long Femina Clothes Show kicked off yesterday on a stylish note. Namrata Shirodkar inaugurated the exhibition and went around looking for the perfect pieces to buy, buy, buy.And competition was tough - Hyderabad's ladies were all doing the same! And yes, the hot sun didn't deter our ladies from being there!

Raasi Investing Rs. 65 Lakhs In That

The news is already out that Raasi's husband Sreenivas is directing a film in the production of D Sreenivasa Rao. It is stated that it's Raasi who is giving a chance to his husband who has been Associate Director for some time. Raasi is investing a sum of Rs 65 lakhs on it. Rest is being invested by DS Rao. The estimated total budget of the film is about 1.75 Crore. Farzana and Rishi are pairing up in this film.

The script of the film is finalized and it is about to hit sets shortly.

We have to see how this ex-heroine's husband fares well as director.

Dhanush-Shriya in Tamil Becomes Ravi -Trisha In Telugu 'Tiruvilayadal Arambam' is the Tamil flick that was made with Dhanush and Shriya in main lead. Now the same film is being remade into Telugu with Ravi Teja and Trisha in main lead.

Trisha didn't agree to act with Nag in Don little while ago and stated that she is busy in the shooting of Tamil film 'Satyam' with Vishal. But now he didn't give any negative nod for Ravi Teja. The remuneration being given for Trisha for this flick is Rs. 65 lakhs (lesser than her usual price as many say).

So, we have to see how it works at box office.

Screen Buzz: Sexy Koena Mitra's kickboxing!
Koena Mitra has more than one way of keeping her svelte body in shape.

The actress tells us that she’s been practicing Tai Chi and kickboxing for over a month now.

“Currently, I’m learning the basics, flexing muscles, stretching and learning to balance my body.

Abbas, my trainer, has been teaching me how to control my body and carry my body weight.

I am doing this so I can develop muscle definition and carry off an action movie.

I don’t want play a bechari hanging from a tree!” says Koena.

These young guns sure want to kick some serious butt, don’t they?

Spotted: AbhiAsh at an Apple store in France

The newly married couple was spotted shopping at an Apple store in France recently.

The frenzy continues. The first pictures of AbhiAsh on their honeymoon have leaked on the internet.

Photos of the couple shopping at an Apple store in France are now doing the rounds.

Dressed in white shirts and blue denims, the couple was spotted coming out of the store.

Sources claim that fans spotted the jodi and requested to click pictures with them.

While Abhishek Bachchan was hesitant, Ash willingly obliged the fan and his female companion.

We are told Abhishek is a gizmo freak and he was quite excited to check out Apple’s new iPhone.

We wonder if he picked one up for himself in the shopping bag he was carrying!

Sobhan Babu's Style Is Talked This Way

Sobhan Babu is very professional at work and a good family person as well. He would hardly sit with film people after the shooting. He always loved to be with his family members when his job is over in front of camera.

Apart from this he was very keen in terms of payments. He used to take remuneration schedule-wise. As soon as the completion of first schedule he used to ask for advance of second schedule. He never stepped into sets without taking that amount. He never compromised in his attempts to earn perfectly and left no chance to lose any.

As soon as taking the advance he used to buy land with that in the far outskirts of Chennai in those days. That has become big investment for him and now values thousands of crores.

‘Raju Bhai’ Review: Old Story On Beaten Track

Film: Raju Bhai
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Manchu Manoj, Shiela, Tanikella Bharani, Giribabu, Dharmavarapu, Brahmanandam, Sunil etc
Story: Miskin
Choreography: Raju Sunadaram, Ganesh Acharya
Fights: Ram-Laxman
Editing: Goutam Raju
Camera: Prasad
Producer: Padmashri Dr Mohan Babu
Director: Soorya Kiran
Release Date: 18th May 2007

It is the remake of Tamil hit ‘Chittiram Pesudadi’. But the fresh appeal is lacking in Telugu version. The film is made on beaten track and gives old flavor.

Raju (Manoj) is the guy who lives in the gang of Babaji, a local gangster. Raju is dynamic, go-getter, doer and faithful yes man to Babaji.

Like any other action hero of Telugu films Raju happens to encounter a girl (Shiela) and falls in her love. She is motherless and her father (Tanikella Bharani) looks after her since childhood. She too loves Raju and asks him to quit rowdism. He will do that and starts loving by selling dolls on streets.

The girl starts loving him more from then (!)

But Babaji’s son happens to love the girl. On the other hand Raju get trapped by police in a brothel case. The girl loses her love on him. But in an unexpected situation the girl’s father commits suicide (only the scenes before climax reveal the truth).

Then what happens? How Raju wins her? That makes the rest of the story.

Manoj performed with ease. He tried to emulate his father in some scenes especially in dialogue delivery. He has to groom well in dances and looks better if reduced little bit.

Shiela is good looking, photogenic and worthy to act. She has shown her histrionics rightly in many scenes.

Sunil is ok in not-so-prominent role. The song ‘Korameenu Sora Chepala Kalyanam…’ is funny and Sunil’s performance is good in that.

Brahmanandam’s guest comedy is impressive and spilled laughs.

Other characters are routine and ok. Dialogues are weak and lacked in contemporary punch.

Ram-Lakshman’s action scenes worked well. The lyrics in the song ‘Guchchi Guchchi’ are good. The music resembles something on the lines of 7G Brindavan Colony songs.

On a whole Soorya Kiran couldn’t score well with this film. He would have presented in better way with intact screenplay that suits the taste of Telugu audiences.

The film starts on dull note but picks up slowly. First half of the film runs with hilarious aspects. But second half goes serious and action takes major part.

It’s the film that suits the chemistry of early 90s taste. ‘Rowdy Gari Pellaam’ would flash on mind while watching this. Screenplay appears to be in confused state. Many scenes appear artificial. Especially hero selling dolls on streets as alternative to rowdism is far from natural appeal. It would have been more convincing.

Comedy part is very little and it would have been better if it is extended further.

To sum up, the film appears to be on a below average track, in first instance. Rest depends on publicity and patronage of mass audiences.

Telugu cinema actress Charmme birthday 2007 function photos

Chiranjeevi's Shankar Dada Zindabad's first ever still

May 17, 2007

Gemini Film Circuit has not released the stills of the film of unlimited craze Shankar Dada Zindabad so far. Here comes to first still of Chiranjeevi’s Shankar Dada Zindabad released exclusively for indfilmnews.blogspot.com. This photo shoot is done by A Gunakar who is working as still photographer for this film.

Progress of the film:

Shooting of Shankar Dada Zindabad is complete but for songs. A couple songs were already canned. The unit is going abroad to shoot a couple of songs on Chiranjeevi and Karishma Kotak. Audio of this film will be launched in the second week of June. Producers are planning to release the film in the last week of June 2007.

Prabhudeva directs this film. Paruchuri brothers pen dialogues. Devi Sri Prasad scores music. Gemini Film Circuit that produced Shankar Dada MBBS is producing the sequel Shankar Dada Zindabad.

Mahesh Babu @ Prasadz for Meet Mahesh & Win Gold Every Hour Contest

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