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Monday, June 2, 2008

Chiru's SPARC sessions in Canda and US successful - Tel / Eng and photos

Chiru's SPARC sessions in Canada and US successful

SPARC made its succssful landing in Canada with its first session oranised in the country on 31st May 2008. Pro Telugu Org. simultaneously organised two other SPARC sessions in US cities. All three sessions started at the same time with live speech from Dr. A. P Vithal. addressing the NRIs. Speaking from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India on a Telecon Bridge Dr. A.P Vithal spoke on Socio-economic, education and healthcare issues and solutions. He later responded to several interactive questions posed by NRIs over the bridge. Pro Telugu Org. Fouonder and General Secretary Mr. Ram Tatineni thanked the Guest speaker and the NRIs who attended the sessions. Video recordings from Dr. Mithra, Dr. K Nageswar and Mr. Nagendra Babu were shown in the session.

NRIs actively participated in the SPARC brainstorming session at Chicago werein issues on education, Healthcare, Womens role, agriculture, law and order and prices were discussed. The debate went past the alloted time with Ram Dondapati, Pavan Dasam, Satya Gopalam, Suman, Venkat, Sree Basabathina, Raja Sridhar, Geetha, Siritha, Swetha, Rekha, Sangeetha, Srikanth Kondapalli and others debated on several ongoing problems in our state and the how they can be tackled with proper approach.

In another session held in Columbus Ohio Dr. Siddartha Anneboina spoke on Health and Insurance aspect being implemented in US and India. Kidari Madari spoke on role of Parents in children's education. Kavitha Reddy Vennapusa, Surya Gundubogula, Arun Bandari, Naga Srinivas discussed on several ongiong issues in our state. Later megastar Chiranjeevi's "Stalin" movie is screened for those attended the session.

Suresh Somisetty, Ram Shyam Dande, Venkat Beeram participated in the SPARC session held at Windsor Canada.

Consolidating the SPARC sessions held in Canada and US, in a press statement released to the media, Rao Siddam told that NRIs strongly expressed the need of Dr. Chiranjeevi taking up the leadership position for the better and bright future of our state.

Rao Siddam

Media Secretary

Pro Telugu Org.




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