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Friday, July 20, 2007

Trade Buzz: ‘Mega Dad(a)’ and ‘Mega Son’ Priced Mega!

Two mega films from Mega Star's family are now releasing at a reasonable interval between the two. While 'Shankardada Zindabad' is releasing on 25 th of July, 'Chirutha' is tentatively releasing in September. The date was announced earlier that Chirutha will be hitting the screen on September 22nd, the release date of Chiranjeevi's first film 'Pranam Khareedhu'.

Fresh gossip says that the overseas distribution rights for the film Shankardada Zindabad were sold out for around Rs 1.60 Crore while 'Chirutha' has gone for around Rs 1.50 Cr.
The rights of 'Chirutha' were sold out in Andhra Pradesh at an approximate price of Rs 27 Crore as per the grapevine, where in some areas it overtook Chiranjeevi's 'Sankardada Zindabad' as well.
Coming to the film 'Athidhi', the entire distribution rights were sold out for UTV at a price around Rs 23 Cr. Initially, producer Ramesh Babu sold the distribution rights of the film in some areas. Now he paid back that amount to those distributors of those specified regions as he signed an agreement with UTV.
The unofficial sources say that the overseas rights of 'Yamadonga' were sold at a sum around Rs 65 lakhs.
That's about the apparent business figures of the newly releasing films.

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