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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Narayanamurthy to take on Shah Rukh Khan

Narayanamurthy is a popular face in Telugu cinema known for his revolutionary brand of films that tilt towards leftist ideology is a huge name in Telugu films.

Now he is making his first Hindi film Yeh dharti hamaari that is a remake of his 1994 Telugu superhit, Erra Sainyam or Red Army.

"My subject is linked to human emotions. Like Dilip Kumar's Ganga Jamuna, Amitabh Bachchan's Ganga ki Saugandh and Mother India. My subject is how rural innocent people are feeling, how they are exploited by the non-tribals," said R Narayanamurthy.
Narayanamurthy's film releases on the August 10 and will pit itself against Shah Rukh Khan's Chakde India.

"Shah Rukh Khan is the megastar in India. In Andhra, they call me people's star but I know I am a zero in Hindi. But when thousands of people go to see Shah Rukh Khan's film, there will be many who do not get tickets. I hope that overflow will come to my film," Narayanamurthy added.
In an industry, where there are less hits and more misses, 12 of Narayanamurthy's 19 films have been huge hits, raking in the moolah in the B and C centres.

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