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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gossip: Trisha's Alcoholism Troubling Others!

Trisha is known as beautiful diva on screen but off the screen she is more popular as dipsomaniac and heavy boozer once steps into pubs. She has good number of boy friends and is a hot flirt as well, as per Kollywood sources.

After the case that Trisha troubled the wife of Police Officer after drinking, a few days back, a heavy check was kept on all the actors and actresses who are consuming alcohol in public places. They have passed the orders to Cops not to spare anyone and put extra suppression on the guys and girls who try to show their airs saying they are film celebrities.

So many are showing interest to sit only at home and consume liquor. Police are now keen to catch hold of any wrongly behaving actor or actress to sensitize. Knowing this all are taking care not to fall in the trap. Thanks to Trisha.

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