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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Screen Talk: 'Short' Desire Of Tall Actress!

Tabu is known for her tall look. She is 5'9'' height and that is one the reasons for her career that didn't keep her on the top with incessant films. She could tune the chemistry only with a few heroes due to her height. Although she is tall she has a dream to act with Aamir Khan who looks short. Indeed, that's really a short dream of her.

She says that's he likes Aamir Khan a lot and has been wishing to act with him from the past one decade. But till now the desire is not fulfilled. Let us wish he dream should be fulfilled. Is Aamir listening? Although she acted in 'Fanaa' of Aamir Khan, that's not really pairing up with him. She played only an Intelligence Cop in that.
Will she fulfill the dream of dancing duets with him at this age? Who knows? Amitabh and Hema Malini danced even at their later 55s and 60s in 'Baagban'.

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