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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Screen Buzz: Radhika Dropping Net On Simran!

Radhika, the renowned TV celebrity is now dropping a net on Simran to pull her into her TV serials. Radhika has been the Ekta Kapoor of South India who has been making serials on the banner RAADAAN.

Already Malavika is also getting calls from Radhika wherein the former is still in the dreams of getting heroine roles in films. Malavika got married but still no way getting compromised to retire from film industry.

Simran is now getting film offers but many are complaining that she is looking older than before and that lush is lost now. So, chances are bright for Simran to hit small screen shortly. Gouthami also made her way into small screen but she came out after acting in a serial. She is now with Kamal Hasan. Meena is now acting in small screen serials.

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