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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vedika: "I am Bold In Loving"

Vedika is the new wave getting recognition in Kollywood and Tollywood. She acted in the film 'Muni' and now working in 'Vijayadasami' with Kalyan Ram. Her asset is bearing the features similar to that of Nagma. She is also called Jr Nagma for the same reason. She says that she is very bold in loving and affirms that she lets out the name of the guy when she falls in love.

About Me:
I'm a Kannadiga. I did my post graduation in London. My specialization is in MSc Marketing. I always used to think in creative way since childhood. I also learnt Kathak and Bharatha Natyam.

Into Films:
I acted in a few music albums. After that Ad films brought me fame. Then I got the opportunity to act in Sivakasi. I portrayed a traditional role in that.

Dream Roles:
My dream is to play variety roles. I want to boast my versatility.

Language Problem:
I have no big language problem being a Kannadiga. I learnt Telugu very fast. Same is the case with Tamil as well.

Favorite Heroine:
Sridevi is my favorite heroine. She is talented as well as beautiful. God has given that grace for her.

Favorite heroes:
Amitabh in Bollywood and Kamal Hasan in Tamil

I have not loved anyone yet. Right now my focus is on my career. I have some principles and opinions on love. If I love, I do that boldly. If I love anyone, I would certainly let out his name.

If not actress:
I would have started a food restaurant if I were not an actress. I'm an expert in cooking, do you know?

Favorite Food:
Any Indian food.

Favorite Holiday Spot:

Favorite Movies:
Mughal E Azam, Black and Chandramukhi.

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