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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Screen Buzz: Why Bhavana For 'Ontari'?

Gopichand is coming up with the film 'Ontari' and is pairing up with Bhavana for that. Why an 'Ontari' needs heroine? When asked about the same, Gopichand said not to try to pull the story part from him by asking such questions. So we have to underline that there is something between the heroine character of Bhavana and the hero Gopichand in the film, which is out of routine.

Gopichand says that the film will in the type of Eetaram films. So we can expect something in societal interest. Gopichand also says that he is willing to go close to family audiences as well along with mass film lovers. That way, he says, 'Lakshyam' brought some contentment for him.

He also said that his 'Lakshyam' ahead is to restart the school established by his father T Krishna. Keep it up Gopichand.

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