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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chitchat With 'Tooneega' Suhani: No exposing

Suhani, the popular child actress till yesterday has now turned as a gorgeous and voluptuous young girl. This Bengali beauty is 16 year old now. She acted in almost 40 films as child artiste. But as she acted for the song 'Tooneega Tooneegaa.' In 'Manasantha Nuvve' she turned popular.

Let us chitchat with her:

Acting Vs Studies:
I have written Intermediate exams. My aim is to do degree. I plan in such a way that my studies don't get clash with acting career.

I'm a Bengali and we were settled in Pune. But I shifted to Hyderabad along with my Mom and Grand Ma. Others are in Pune only.

Feeling for missing chance in Bapu's film:
I was very much worried after knowing that I was cancelled from Bapu ji's project. I was called after Bapu looked at my profiles for Suraj Dhan jewelers. But unfortunately I missed the chance to work with him.

Second Innings:
I consider my attempt as heroine as second innings. I acted in 40 Telugu films, 1 Bengali, I Malayalam and 5 Hindi films as child artiste. I also received Nandi Award for 'Hindustan The Mother' as best child artiste.

No Exposing:
I don't do exposing. I'm from traditional family background.

I like music. I read film news on websites as frequently as possible.

Dream hero:
My dream hero is Mahesh Babu. My desire is to work with him.

Favorite heroine:
Kareena Kapoor. She is my role model.

Favorite dress:
I like jeans. But many say that I look good in sari.


Kris said...

suha haaaiiiiii

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suhaaa is my best heroine

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suhaaa wre r u

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