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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Prakash Raj, An Undisciplined Character Actor?

Star producers are worrying with the behavior of Prakash Raj. Already there were many allegations on him in the matter of arrogance and recalcitrance. Many a time he was reprimanded by big wigs in Tollywood but he still continues to do the same, as per the sources. He is so lethargic that he hardly comes to sets in time. He expects the respect on par with the big stars of Tollywood. But his behavior will not be tantamount to the respect he expects.

If anyone comes to narrate story to him, he listens to that and says 'wonderful'. That is common term he uses for good, bad and ugly stories. He takes advance payment initially and grabs entire amount within first two schedules. Then he says that he has to push of to other film be in Kannada or Tamil. To retain back and complete the job he is asking double the payment.

All this disgusted even the big producers and he is not being considered by many. For the talent he has, he will be seen in every new film that releases if his behavior is corrected. Otherwise, he will be going with the wind.

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