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Friday, September 14, 2007

Vinyaka chaturdi Wishes……

Telugu Film News September 14, 2007

Nava Vasantham to release on Deepavali
Mega SuperGood Films's "Nava Vasantham" has completed talkie part. Only two songs are to be shot and they are going to be filmed in New Zealand from September 20th. Dubbing work and re-recording is also under progress, producer R B Chowdhary informed the media. Tarun, Akash, Sunil, Priyamani, Ankita are playing the lead roles. "Nava Vasantham" is remake of a Tamil super hit. Tamil director Shajahan is making debut into Telugu. Music will be launched this month end. The film is scheduled for Deepavali.

Neha Dupia in and as Neti Missamma
Neha Dupia is well-known heroine to Telugu audiences. Neha had acted in "Villain" opposite hero Rajashekar and then many of her Hindi films dubbed into Telugu. A new Hindi film of hers is being dubbed in Telugu by the name of "Neti Missamma". Sonu Sood is male actor. Jyothi Film Factory is dubbing in Telugu which is directed by Agha Y. Neha Dupia plays a very sexy role and it is a romantic thriller.

400 prints for Ram Charan Teja's Chiruta
Buzz is that Megastar Chiranjeevi will launch his son Ram Charan Teja in a mega scale. Charan's first film "Chirutha" is getting ready to hit the screens on September 28th. Reports say Chirutha will be released by producer Ashwinidutt with a maximum of prints about 400. Director Puri Jagannadh is now overseeing the final post-production work.

Takkari releases in November
Nitin and Sada starrer Takkari is going to release in November. Producer Paruchuri Sivaramaprasad informed the media that the film's shooting part is completed except songs. Made on `United Movies` banner and directed by Amma Rajasekhar, "Takkari" puts Nitin in different league. Nitin does the character of a care-free guy and Sada is his love interest. Producer said the film will be released in November. Audio comes next month. Chakri's music and Marudhuri Raja's dialogues are going to be highlights, he said.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Screen Talk: Hansika Testing Patience Of All

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This is the impression that is making rounds in the industry. 'Desamuduru' fame Hansika is taking long duration to practice the dialogues given to her be it in Hindi or any south Indian language. Hansika is not finding her comfortable with South Indian films only due to language barrier. She is not a quick learner and not the one who can adapt to new surroundings and language quickly. Many say that she has an introvert nature.

Off late, we were told that she took longer time to practice dialogues during the shooting of 'Aap Ka Suror' as well. Directors would certainly get restless with her, say some. On the other hand her remuneration is also on the sky high. And she claims bigger sum for south Indian films as she has to work hard. But directors and producers tend to pay good sum for the girls who can finish off the work quickly and accurately.

Is Hansika listening?

eel Buzz: Hero With Middle Class Mentality

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We have a hero with a typical middle class mentality. He spends less, saves more and aims only on small things. It is indeed true that he aimed at bigger things but as things didn't work in his favor he is confining his desires to smaller things, say the sources. He is none other than hero Shivaji.

He aimed at something big by throwing a stone with mass oriented film 'Seetaramudu'. But that turned upside down. Again he is now acting in comedy-action, 'State Rowdy-Veediki Antha Scene Ledhu'. It is said that he is aiming at regular income be it small or big. As per the interview he gave to a tabloid, he says he is ready to act in any role on any banner and supported the concept that 'variety is the spice of life'. His motive is saving the money and purchasing little properties in safer zone. He is also preparing to continue his life happily despite the abrupt terminus of his career. This talented actor has got class appeal followed by 'Missamma' of Neelakanta.

Reel Talk: Sada's PR activity going strong!

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The real name of Sada is Sadaf Mohammed Sayyed. She hails from Rathnagiri in Maharashtra . She got first chance to act while she was in first year of engineering in Mumbai. She bagged film fare with first film 'Jayam' itself. Sada's father is a doctor and mother is a bank officer. She is taking Rs 20 lakhs per film now.

For quite sometime Sada was silent without more films. But now she is bagging continuous offers from Malayalam and Tamil. Even in Telugu she is in demand now. She is acting in Takkari and the other film Adi Oka Idile. After 'Classmates' Sada has presented some stills with big oomph factor. That turned the heads of some film makers in different fields and even her PR activity is turned strong. She got promoters in Malayalam and Tamil fields as well. That way she is acting in 'Novel' in Malayalam with Jayaram as hero. She is also going to act along with Arjun for a Tamil film.

Let us see if she reaches new milestones in this new phase.

Seventymm CD Concept To Kill Piracy

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Seventymm is the new firm that started its mission of showing films to people at cheapest prices after Moser Bear. While Moser Bear is giving CDs and DVDs at dead cheap rates say Rs 30- Rs 20, Seventymm is giving them on rental basis at cheapest prices. It is asking for membership enrolments and promises to give film Cds as and when asked.

Actress Madhu Shalini launched that yesterday. Seventymm has procured 15,000 films so far from various languages- Hindi Telugu, English, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Assemese, Oriya, Gujarathi, Malayalam and Bhojpuri. The modus operandi is on monthly rental basis that starts from Rs 199 to Rs 2745.

The CDs on rental basis will be delivered at door step once an SMS or phone call is given. Madhushalini joined as a member in this.

Buzz: Mastermind behind Hyd blasts dead?

Shahid Bilal, the prime accused behind the twin blasts that rocked the city of Hyderabad in August and the man suspected to be the mastermind of a series of terror attacks in the country, is reportedly dead, if the media reports are anything to go by. It is learnt that Bilal may have been shot dead in Karachi, just 5 days after the terror attacks in Hyderabad.

The speculation is rife that Bilal could have been been killed by the ISI, in a bid to cover up its own link with the terrorist after Indian intelligence agencies began their hot pursuit of the man.

Meanwhile, there is an alternate theory doing the rounds that Bilal could have been a victim of rivalry between factions of HUJI, the terror group that he took command of in 2005.

According to Sources, Harkat Ul Jehadi Islami (HUJI) is being touted as the prime outfit behind the Hyderabad blasts and the face of HUJI being none other than Mohd Abdul Shahided alias Bilal.

Spotlight: Actresses Fighting With 'Boobs'

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This sounds something inappropriate but we are writing the same terms as the actresses have used same terms in public. We are saying about Rakhi Sawanth who got her breast implants removed as they affected her while dancing. She said that she felt painful while dancing because of implants. Hence she got them removed.

She participated in a dance show with 'removed implant breast' and Kashmeera commented her saying that she cannot be noticed now as she has no 'assets'. But Rakhi and her boy friend fired back saying that it is the talent that matters but not the vital stats.

Rakhi's boy friend Abhishek also says that he would have knocked out on the face if that was told by any man. 'Since it was comment between lady and lady I kept silent without giving job to my muscle' he added.

Kashmira on the other hand along with her partner Krushna said, "I don't know why Rakhi misunderstood me. I never look up any lady with big assets, and never look down any with removed implants. I simply said that there is change in her which turned hard to recognize for me".

She also said that it is the competitive fight between Rakhi and she and she would face it in sportive manner and prove what she is. Rakhi also countered in similar way making that dance show a reality one.

Photo Feature: Variety Look Of Kamal Hasan

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This is the pic of Kamal Hasan making rounds in internet stating that it is still from Dasavataram. These days many morphed images of the actor are seen in emails. This could be either one of those or may be a real pic from the film in any song sequence!

Andhra Talk: Is Lord Rama A Fiction?

Lord Rama is the epitome of Ideal Man. He has been the icon of dharma for large set of population. But the central government dropped a petition in SC stating that Lord Rama is a myth and his story is only a fiction. It took the support of Archeological Survey of India that stated that there are no archeological evidences found in support of the existence of Lord Rama. But is a mere non-availability of archaeological evidence enough to declare that Lord Rama is a myth? Rama's story took place way back eons that today's archeology cannot touch the traces of it.

Let me share some things said by our ancient sages during the calculation of time. They have no calculators to count numbers to fractions, no telescopes to look into space and no microscope to examine the cells and atoms. But still they were successful in naming nine planets, knowing the nature of sun and moon, classifying a year into twelve months, and dividing each month into two equal halves as 'Krisna Paksha' and 'Sukla Paksha' and in turn the same month into four weeks. The same was adopted by English calendar as well although the beginning of the year varies. Sages could accomplish all this with their invincible thought power and clairvoyance.

Now coming to the point the same sages broadly classified the time into 4 yugas.

Kritha Yuga- 34,56,000 years
Treta Yuga- 17,28,000 years
Dwapara Yuga- 8,64,000 years
Kaliyuga- span of 4,32,000 years

We are in Kaliyuga and completed 5107 years as on 2007 AD, March.

As per astrological calculations Mahabharatha war took place somewhere around 3300 BC at Kurukshetra. So, that's just about 5300 years ago. So, that's almost the conclusion of Dwaparayuga. We have Egyptian mummies of about 4500 years old. Looking at the archaeological evidence for Mahabharatha period, we have Dwaraka which was found in sea near Gujarat. Since there is no culture of pyramids and mummifying corpses in India we have none of them. Dwaraka also is in sea that has gone in floods, earthquakes and continental drift.

Since Mahabharatha took place just 5200 years ago, we have this big evidence of Dwaraka. But Ramayana took place in Tretayuga. So, just imagine. That's way back some 9 lakh years ago. What archaeological evidences we have that narrates the days of 9 lakh years ago? We hardly find a few broken, decayed skeletons of dinosaurs. We find the pieces of bones of that huge animal. How can we find something related to mankind of that time? The continental drift, soil erosions, earthquakes and many geographical and geological factors would certainly influence each and every remaining of that time. They all would have swallowed by the deep layers of earth and immersed into soil by changing the original forms.

The only archaeological evidence that supports the existence of Rama is Rama Sethu between India and Srilanka. NASA took the pictures of that and apparently concluded that it is supporting the time of Ramayana. But we Indians are ruling out our own backbone of culture and civilization. Ramayana is beyond time. The intellectual muscle of Archaeological survey of India is not sufficient to unearth the bits and traces of Ramayana era from earthily soil. But it can be dug out from the hearts of millions of Hindus living in the sub continent and across the world. The beliefs are deep rooted and Lord Rama is the soul of those beliefs.

Telugu FilM News September 13, 2007

Gowtam Menon to direct Mahesh Babu
Gowtam Menon who made a name for himself as a stylish director with slick flicks like Kakha Kakha (Gharshana in Telugu) and Raghavan in the past is all set to direct Mahesh Babu very soon. On his visit to Hyderabad to promote his latest release Raghavan, Gowtam Menon has revealed this news to the press.

Chiruta on 28 September
After dillydallying with the release date, the makers of Chiruta finally decided 28 September as the release date of Ram Charan Teja’s debut film Chirutha. The music scored by Mani Sharma is a big hit already. Neha makes her debut as heroine. Puri Jagan directs this film after delivering two successive blockbusters. C Aswini Dutt produces this film on Vyjayanthi banner.

Vikram is back
National award winning actor Vikram did not really click in Telugu after the success of Shankar’s Aparichitudu. He is all set to act in a bilingual to be directed by Suri Ganesan (a protégé of Mani Ratnam). Shriya plays female lead. The Telugu version and Tamil version are titled as Mallanna and Kandasami respectively. Kalaipuli Thanu produces it. This film will be launched in Hyderabad on 17 of this month.

Play Contest and Win Happy Days CD

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Wait is over finally for our Shekar Kammula's Happy Days. It is releasing worldwide on 21st of September. Recently audio released in the market and got very good response from all over. Before the release of the film we would like to conduct one contest "answer the questions and get a free audio CD. This contest is only for overseas people.

Please mail your answers to rkfilm.happydays@gmail.com . Don''t forget to send your address to, we will post CD to your home

Here are the questions

1. Happy Days Shekar kammula's
a) 1st movie b) 2nd movie c) 3rd movie d) 4th movie

2. Who is the music director for Happy Days

3. How many lyricists worked for Happy days and Names

4. How many songs are in Happy days and names

5. What kind of song " YA KUNDENDU" where we play this

6. What is the duration of " Oh My Friend " song

7. Who are the singers for " Happy Days " title song

8. "Ontaraina Otamaina Ventanadiche sneham" from which song of this album

9. How many singers are there for Happy Days and names of singers

10. Guess the situation of "Arey Arey" song

11. How many new actors and actresses introduced from Happy Days and what are the Names

12. What are the character names in the movie of all the actors and actresses

Comments On 4 Guys For Wearing 'Pink'!

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'Punnagai Desam' is the Tamil film that is getting remade into Telugu with Tarun, Sunil, Aakash and Rohit in main roles. Priyamani is playing female lead in that. Shahjahan is directing the film while NV Prasad and Paras Jain are the producers.

Well, everything is good with this film and it is only in finishing touches and completes its shooting by October.

The stills of this film were taken long time ago where a photograph in which Tarun, Akash, Rohit and Sunil were spotted in pink T-Shirts. 'Pink' is accepted in India as men's wear, but in the west it is treated different (gays wear pink shirts). There were a few jokes on these guys raising that point but they have taken that sportive. And it is said that Aakash explained the guy who cracked joke on them saying the color is not pink but falls in beige category. But is that not appearing 'pink' for us!

Movie Stills

Spotted: Sania in a brand new chic avatar

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Sania Mirza was spotted in a brand new chic avatar at a press conference last evening.

The lady got her Venus Williams inspired hairstyle from her stylist in Hyderbad. The fringe and the messed up waves framed her face softly.

The new look raised questions whether our tennis star was planning a switch to planet Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan, who attended the press conference with Sania, offerred her a role, saying, “I can work with her 20 years later if I remain as fit.”

Screen Buzz: What Happened To Podarillu?

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'Podarillu' was the film that was announced in big way with the sound on par with 'Bommarillu'.

New actress Neha Pendse and Siva Balaji acted in the film. It has been long time that the film is still struggling in boxes to come out. But meanwhile Neha Pendse is appearing on Telugu screen with a dubbed flick 'Abraham and Lincoln'. Kalabhavan Mani is the hero in the film. This Malayalam dubbing is going to hit the Telugu screen on 15 th of this month.

Neha, who assumed that it would be a good start to hit Telugu screen with a family oriented 'Podarillu' should now get contended with this for some time.

Ramya Krishna Is Hot For Everyone

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Ramya Krishna is hot for everyone now. Ever since she started the program 'Jara Masti Jara Dhoom' on small screen her charisma is getting multiplied. She is also getting number of calls from various businesses to inaugurate their new products or services.

Freshly SBI invited her to launch their new gold coin scheme. Ramya turned the heads of many with her usual smile and glittering sari. The glow on her face is growing day by day and as NTR said on the other day, she is really 'hot' for every tasteful eye.

The scheme is to make people buy gold and the benefits were explained by the bank officials. Ramya Krishna said that it is great thing to buy gold as frequently as possible as the price of it is burgeoning very frequently. She also said that buying gold in small grams will really be a good investment option for future. So, SBI sells gold and Ramya sells SBI's concept.

Screen Talk: Eye Infections In Tollywood

Many among the film fraternity are suffering from eye infections. Indeed, the virus is affecting many from light boys to a few actors as well.

The shooting schedules are getting suffered a little extent with this. The eye fiction that hits a person makes him suffer for 4 days and it certainly spreads as being highly contagious. If one in a family gets the hit of this infection, the others also would suffer successively.

Hence many are sitting at home to avoid further spread of this infection through them. The infection is very high in Hyderabad and it is wide spread everywhere. The infected people are seen with black spectacles to reduce the spread from them and the uninfected people are also putting the goggles to reduce the chances of receiving the infection.

Gossip: Shivaji And His Producer Exchange Gals!

Hero Shivaji's many long cherished wishes are coming true with his latest film in making, 'State Rowdy'. His wish to become an action hero remained unfulfilled, till he signed the film. He longed to have an affair with one of his heroines. Two heroines, Madhu Shalini and Mallika Kapoor are booked for the film. Till the completion of the 2nd schedule, he closely moved with Madhu Shalini and invited her to dinner every day, leaving Mallika to Producer's company. With the commencement of 3rd schedule, he and his producer changed their companions. Now Shivaji is taking away Mallika to dinner parties, leaving Madhu Shalini to his producer's company.

Kamal, Rajni to come together for Mani Ratnam film

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Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan, the two stalwarts of Tamil cinema, are likely to come together in a Mani Ratnam film, say reports.

News about the trio working together started trickling in when Rajni and Mani Ratnam had a series of meetings. The two stars recently met, first at the Kamal's residence and then in the Raghavendra Mandapam, a wedding hall owned by Rajni, further igniting speculation.

According to the sources, Kamal will also produce the film.

If the project materialises, this will be their second film together. Three decades ago, director Bharathiraja had cast both the stars in his 1977 movie Pathinaru Vayathinile. Both Kamal and Rajni made their mark as the hero and the villain respectively in the film set in a rural ambience.

After that, they went on to carve their separate careers - Rajnikant remaining an anti-hero for a long time. When he started accepting popular roles, the tabloid media presented Kamal and him as clashing titans though both have always denied any personal enmity.

Both the stars have worked with Ratnam separately. Kamal was seen in the title role in Nayakan. Released in 1987, the film brought laurels to the director as an innovative filmmaker and Kamal too got overwhelming response for his memorable performance as a Mumbai gangster, modelled on the legendary Varadaraja Mudaliyar.

Similarly, Ratnam's Dalapathy, released in 1991, took Rajnikant several steps up the popularity ladder.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Opinion: Hats-off to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs

Hats-off to Zee Telugu TV show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs

Congratulations to Maestro in Making… Master Harsha for winning Little Champs title on Sunday night. I usually do not watch any Telugu TV shows. I watch Telugu movies, news and sitcoms on ZEE Café and Star World. Whenever we visit our parents, occasionally we are forced to glance through Telugu TV shows on Gemini, ETV etc. I simply could not tolerate meanness in those shows. All of these shows offer low quality entertainment to portray grudge, adultery and sick family relationships. If any stranger watches these low quality stereo-type shows, they actually start misjudging our family values. I am not sure how these TV shows can offer any form of entertainment to audience.

I was browsing through channels couple of weeks ago and came to know about this show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs – I quickly became fan of this show. It is amazing to see such a great talent of young Telugu children performing with great confidence and stride. I watched semi-finals last week and finals on Sunday night. In my opinion, I think this program beat out American Idol show.

We moved back to India couple of years ago. I only stayed up until Midnight to watch Finale of Telugu Film Industry Vajrotsavam a few months back then I stayed up until midnight to watch this wonderful show: Grand Finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs. Harsha, Sarath and Bhuvana rocked audience with their excellent performance; they sang wide range of Telugu songs from Bhakti to Folk to Fast-Beat. They also showed some of highlights of rest of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs shows, not only these three children, it is incredible to know that they had so many gifted children participated in this show.

Devi Sri Prasad is a good musician; however he was just boring and inappropriate to watch him on the stage during Grand Finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs. His sour throat did not help; he sang totally outdated songs and audience very much were not in mood to hear his loud voice. Disco lights only made the whole thing unbearable. It was really nice to see legendary Janaki on the stage and she sang wonderfully mimicking two little babies (bava and maradalu). She was graceful with her blessings on Little Champs. Ramana Gogula, Shailaja and Koti were very supportive and impartial judges. They were giving tips to participants as well as continue to encourage them to pursue their passion of singing – after all, all of these participants are winners!!!

I was touched when Karunya, Sunita, Little Champs etc. made a tribute to folks who lost their lives during horrendous terrorist attacks on Aug 25 th in Hyderabad.

Aswini Dutt and his Vyjayanthi Movies are known for making monumentally successful Telugu movies. However, they did not have many success stories in the recent time. I can only guess it is because of Aswini Dutt's misventure into politics and other businesses he lost focus on his core competency. It is nice to see Vyjayanthi tele productions made this successful TV show on ZEE Telugu channel.

Overall, I sincerely hope that there will be more quality shows such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… Little Champs on Telugu TV channels and continue to encourage future bright stars of India. World knows India for our talent pool of engineers and doctors, I am confident that Indians will also be known for our creative talents in wide range of creative arts in future.

Hot, Comedy, Love, Family Treat On 14th

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September 14th is going to be a pleasant treat for Telugu audiences with Comedy, Love, Family and hot matters on silver screens.

Seema Sastry is the comedy entertainer that is releasing on that day. Allari Naresh and Farzana are playing lead roles in that. Nageshwar Reddy directed it.

'Hello Premistara' is another film that is made on love ground with Sai Ram Shakar as hero and Sheela as heroine.

'Julayi' of Ankitha and '10 lo Premalo Padithey' of Kiran Rathod are the films those are made to send hot waves among audiences that is releasing on same day, that is 14 th September. 10 Lo Premalo Padithey is the film that is dubbed from Tamil film 'Kadal Varum Prauvam'.

Why Sobhana Is Silent On Lesbian Allegations?

We have seen Khushboo who made it big hue and cry when a magazine dared to publish her morphed photos. Rakhi Sawanth also made such uproar for other issues. There were many who made issue like that.

But why Sobhana is silent despite the gossips of lesbianism on her. Is that silence an implied truth? Or is she maintaining her dignity by not opening mouth on such allegations?

Any way, she is silent in her style and carrying on her duty. She freshly acted in Hindi film 'Apna Asman' and shortly planning to give a mega dance show in national level at New Delhi. Well, silence is the answer for many doubts. Silence kills gossips as well. Good going Sobhana!

Gossip: Priyamani Rejects Emotional Role!

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With the success of 'Yamagola', the heroines' reputation too went up. Priyamani, one of the heroines, has received many accolades for her role. She was found very expressive and did her best in emotional scenes. Many in the industry say she has made them reminiscent of Jaysudha during her hey days. Priyamani however wants to shape up her career as a star and not as an actor. She made it clear to C.V.Reddy, a producer who offered an emotional role. She firmly believes Stars alone have glorious future.

Actress Arpita Das

Actress Arpita Das
(Photos by Manish Gupta (Faces), Artiste courtesy: The Lip Shandil - Chhayankan Features & Model Artists Promoters)

Height : 5' 7 1/2"
Vital Statistics : 34-27-34
Weight : 54 Kgs
Complexion : Sultry Wheatish
Color Of Eyes : Smouldering Coal Black
Color Of Hair : Raven Jet Black
Age : 22 Years

Previous Achievements:
1. Done Still shoot for Ridhi Sarees.
2. Covergirl on Info Baron-Fashion Magazine
3. Several Shoots for Export Houses Audio-Visual Commercial for Shakti T.V
4. Selected Model Of The Month in Fashion Bloom
5. Featured In North-East Sun
6. Participated in Kingfisher Supermodel Hunt in 2007
7. Have done Shoots with ace fashion photographers;Rahul Dutta & Manish Khanna
8. Have done promotional shoots for Chhayankan Features

Shilpa Shetty

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Shilpa Shetty attends the World Film Premiere of "Music and Lyrics" held at the Odeon Leicester Square on February 5, 2007 in London, England.

Shilpa Shetty walks the ramp to display the creation of designer Rocky S at a fashion show in Mumbai, India.

Shilpa Shetty arrives to attend the world premiere of the movie 'Life In A... METRO' held at the Empire Leicester Square in London on May 8, 2007Shilpa Shetty offers flowers to Hindu God Ganesh at a temple in Mumbai, India.

Hollywood actor Richard Gere, left, hugs and kisses Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty during an event for HIV-AIDS awareness in New Delhi, India, in this March 15, 2007 file photo.

Shilpa Shetty walks with children at risk of HIV from the Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) in Bombay, India.

Shilpa Shetty leaves the Celebrity Big Brother House, having been announced as the winner of series five during the grand final at Elstree Studios on January 28, 2007 in London, England.

Shilpa Shetty looks on during a promotional event for the United Breweries group in Bombay, India.

Shilpa Shetty, left, and Shamita Shetty pose during promotion of their upcoming film "Fareb" in Bombay, India, Friday, July 1, 2005.

Shilpa Shetty smiles during an event in Mumbai, India.

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Shilpa Shetty presents a creation by Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani during the India Fashion Week in New Delhi, India.

Chairman of the United Breweries Group Vijay Mallya, left, presents a souvenir to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty during a promotional event for the UB group in Bombay, India.

Shilpa Shetty Promotes Her Film 'Life in a METRO'.
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