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Saturday, June 2, 2007


'Shankaradada Zindabad' Was Made With Half Interest
This is the gossip that is making rounds in the industry. It is being said that Shankaradada Zindabad was made in hurry and no special care is taken to groom it to perfection.

The reasons are also aired in this way:

1. Chiranjeevi is busy in concentrating on his son's debut project
2. Chiranjeevi is not happy as Viadya Balan is not groove din the film looking into financial aspects
3. As it's a remake no special attention was taken by Prabhudeva to make it look fresh
4. Chiranjeevi is not happy with terms and conditions of Gemini Film Circuit

No one knows the truth in these assumptions but they are making rounds as gossiping talk in Film Nagar. Well, Chiranjeevi's career wouldn't affect anyway even though this film doesn't meet the expectations. But Chiru is keen on Ram Charan's debut and putting complete concentration there.

Usha Chowdhary: Rajni's 'Shivaji' Bit On Kamala Screen.
It's to share a sweet nothing I experienced in Chennai Kamala theatre at Vadapazhani yesterday. I was there to watch a Tamil film 'Karuppasamy Kuththgakaarar' along with my Tamil friend. Amidst silence in the theater the trailer of Rajni Kanth's 'Shivaji' was screened where the theater echoed with wild roars and whistles suddenly breaking the silence. It's the involuntary reaction of Rajni fans in Theatre and the craze dwelling in their hearts covered with silence is clearly seen at that moment.

Kamala Theater is going to screen Shivaji on 15th of June. It's really a point to justify that craze as the film was made with whopping Rs 60 Crore budget and biggies like Rajni, Shankar and AR Rehman are associated on AVM banner. It's a routine practice of Rajni fans in Tamilnadu to garland the cutouts of their Super Star and bath them with gallons of milk from top to bottom and lit camphor as good omen for their demigod.

Rajni Knath has huge fan following from Chennai's Kamala Theater to streets in Tokyo to the theaters in United States.

The reaction is seen much earlier with a rolling of the trailer relating to his film, 'Shivaji'.

Shankar is known for go-getting nature. He meets the ends and means are not important for him. For a song in Jeans he rolled camera in all 7 wonders of the world. Now for Shivaji he painted big hills with NTR, ANR, Sivaji and MGR for both the versions. He also has shown a road covered with silk saree like red carpet. His imaginations are expensive and at the same time he never kept his producers down after the release of the film. Everything ended up with profits so far. The only film that was flopped in his career was 'Nayak', the Hindi remake of Tamil Muthalvan (Oke Okkadu in Telugu).

People are waiting with crossed fingers and palpitations in heart for the arrival of 'Shivaji' on 15 th June.

Film News: Flop Talk For 'Veduka'
Along with the film 'Operation Duryodhana' the film 'Veduka' was also released on 31 st May. But that bagged a big flop talk on the first day of its release. Critics and audiences are put down with the stale and pale story that has no gripping feature in narration as well.

The other film 'Operation Duryodhana' also bagged similar talk. That way both the films were turned down miserably.

Now the eyes of people are focused on the release of the most expensive flick 'Shivaji' on 15 th June.

'Sivaji' Producers In Tension But Shankar Is Confident

The producers of 'Shivaji' are now tensed for one big thing. The summer vacations are over and the film is releasing perfectly in the time of schools' reopening. This is disturbing them as they fear that it becomes difficult to make collections in that period.

But Kollywood tabloids say that Shankar is very much confident and he is not at all worried by that. He feels that his product is immune to all ideal factors. He says to producers to sit happily and watch the thumping collections that the film is going to make. Producers have no other way now other than sitting with crossed fingers. They also recalled Shankar the reason for the success of 'Chandramukhi' (That was released in summer holidays).

Listening to that Shankar simply smiled (!)

No VVIP treatment for Dravid at Tirupati
Indian Cricket team captain Rahul Dravid offered worship to the lord of Seven Hill on Saturday after waiting in queue for around 45 minutes. The TTD was criticized from several quarters over the VVIP treatment accorded to the newly-wed film stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai last month.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD), which manages the temple, had recently imposed a ban on providing free VVIP treatment to non-protocol visitors like cricketers and film stars. Dravid and his family had to purchase VIP tickets of Rs 500 each to have darshan of the Lord yesterday.

They had to wait in the queue for about 45 minutes for the darshan, temple sources told. But TTD officials ensured that Dravid and his family members had a comfortable stay at the temple town. "They were provided a good paid guesthouse," the sources said.

Married Ladies Will Elope With Lovers With This Film

Gudipati Venkata Chalam's novel 'Maidanam' shook the conventional base of women and society in last century. He penned the story depicting the life styles of women in 1927 and around.

The Brahmin lady Rajyalakshmi elopes with a Muslim young man Ameer and lives in an open place close to a river in Naizam area. The only reason for getting eloped is her age and attraction towards handsome look of Ameer. Rajyalakshmi's husband is an advocate who puts his head always in books and nothing else. After eloping with Ameer, she happens to encounter another 16 year old boy Meera and falls in his crush. It's a multiple crush and series of love track of a woman that's depicted with conviction in that novel. The novel apparently says that eloping is truth and living with same old husband is false. In those days many said that the book would spoil the minds of married ladies as they tend to elope with the guys of their choice.

Now the same book is going to be made as feature film shortly. The title was given ' Open Place' and Gopi Gangulu is making that targeting Film Festivals. The shooting is going to take place at Araku, Paderu, Gopala Patnam etc and it will be completed by August, says the producer Giri Yadav.

No Film People For Lokesh's Engagement On 24th

Lokesh Naidu and Brahmani's engagement is going to take place on 24th of June. Balakrishna and his wife Vasundhara are busy inviting only a selected set of people for the function in their family.

The engagement is going to be a small family affair and no hype is being given.

But as per the sources, the marriage in August will be planned in the most expensive way where all the film celebrities can be seen in big number.

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