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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Telugu Film News October 13, 2007

Siddardha to do producer Bujji's film
Hero Siddardha has signed another film in Telugu. M S Raju's "Aata" was his last released movie. Siddardha who is very selective in his choice of films is doing his next for producer Nallamalupu Srinivas who is popularly known as Bujji. A new director Kishore is handling the direction. He has assisted top director V V Vinayak for many films. The film will begins its regular shooting from January.

Harish and Rajiv Kanakala together
"Premkhaidi" fame Harish is doing another film after "Pellaindhi Kani". He is going to act in a new movie that also stars Rajiv Kanakala as one of the hero. Sadguru Sai Creations is producing it in the direction of V R Prashant. The regular shooting begins from October 22 nd.

Sri Ramachandrulu Films in song recording
Hindi super hit film "Bhagam Bhag" is being remade in Telugu under Sri Ramachandrulu Films banner. Shivaji , Kamlinee Mukharjee, Ravi Krishna and Brahmanandam are the lead characters. Its re-recording began on Friday. Tammareddy Bharadwaja graced as the chief guest for re-recording ceremony and he wished the team big success. I Srikanth who is directing the movie said it is comedy film and remake of the Priyadarshan's "Bhagam Bhag". Apoorva is playing opposite Brahmanandam.

Comedian AVS turns Fun Master
Comedian AVS has successfully completed 15 years in the Telugu film industry. The versatile actor, writer, journalist and anchor is celebrating this happy moment. On this occasion, Sangam Academy is honoring him with a gold medal and awarding him. "Fun Master" title will be bestowed on him.

Male lead wanted for a film to be directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti

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Reel Buzz: YVS Choudary Crossed The Limits!

It’s about the film ‘Okkamagadu’. The budget of the film has gone beyond the limit with the over enthusiasm of YVS Choudary. YVS, the ardent devotee of NTR and big lover of Nandamuri family is planning to make ‘Okka Magadu’ as ‘Na bhootho na bhavishyathi’ (nothing in past and in future) in the career of Balakrishna. He is investing big sum in that and got drained much before the completion of the shooting of the film.

But a few good financiers who are also the devotees of Balakrishna and fans of YVS came forward to invest knowing the theme of the film. That’s the greatness of Balayya and YVS, we can say. The fate turned positive for the film and it is getting completed up to the dreams and expectations of YVS. The financiers are saying that the film would be a sensational hit and YVS is making it with utter perfection.

So we may see a very wonderful picture of Balakrishna in this film. He is portraying dual role in it as father and son. Simran, Aushka and Nisha Kothari are the heroines in the film.

Who says Rani and I are at loggerheads, asks Abhishek

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Mumbai (IANS) Putting aside rumours about Rani Mukerji being ostracised by the Bachchan camp, Abhishek Bachchan says they are still good friends and that he would love to work with her again.

"Who says Rani and I are at loggerheads? Such talk hasn't affected our friendship at all," Abhishek told IANS on phone from Namibia where he's shooting for Goldie Behl's "Drona".

"Strangely we've played husband and wife in most of our films together, including 'Hum Tum', where I came in, got married to her and was ousted from the script. Rani is a superb actor and we've done some truly challenging work together. You have to see her in 'Laaga Chunari Mein Daag'. I hope to do many more films with her."

The presence of his mother in the film has made the movie extra special for him, says Abhishek.

"I got to work with mom (Jaya). I had done a cameo in a Bengali film as her son. Mom and Pa are two different actors and human beings; they're both unique actors. It's a sheer pleasure to share screen space with mom. I hope to do as many films with her as I've done with Pa."

Ask him what the main difference is in working with his two parents, and Abhishek ponders, "In-between shots Pa and I chill out, have fun. Ma is constantly mothering and fussing over me when the camera is switched off. Though I pretend not to like it, I secretly love it."

There was big-time bonding on the sets with co-star Kunal Kapoor.

"Kunal and I grew up together. He belongs to the same Juhu circle that I do. He's a terrific guy and an even better actor. His performance in our new film will surprise a lot of people. I also admire Konkona Sen Sharma with whom I worked for the first time in the film. She's great fun."

As for director Pradeep Sarkar, "I did a number of ads with him before I finally got to be in a feature film with him. His zest for his work is unparalleled. I saw no difference in his enthusiasm level on the sets of our feature film. I want to work with him again," Abhishek says.

Reel Talk: Mohan Babu Acts In Telugu ‘Sarkar’

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Sorry! We are not saying that RGV’s ‘Sarkar’ is going to be made in Telugu. It is a separate film on a whole. The film is going to be made with Mohan Babu in lead role. The Rayalaseema faction theme and Mohan Babu’s ersatz rule in one of the places falls the main theme of the film. The details of the film are yet to be known and Mallidi Satyanarayana Reddy, the producer of ‘Dhee’ is going to make this film.

Already Mohan Babu acted in ‘Rayalaseema Ramanna Choudary’. Although the word Rayalaseema is there in that, it was a film based on family issues and land settlements and there was no faction in that. Now we have to see what faction Mohan Babu is going to show.

Grapevine says that producer is trying to pull Sobhana for the female role in it on the interest of Mohan Babu. So, are we going to see ‘Rowdy gari Pellam’ pair once again?

Reel Talk: Two Old Titles Creating Interest!

'State Rowdy’- The title itself flashes Chiranjeevi on our mind’s screen. ‘Premabhishekam’- The title reminds Akkineni Nageshwara Rao. One is a hardcore action flick of 80s and the other is a love-failure subject created by Dasari Narayana Rao. It is known that the same titles are being used now for two films along with tag lines that spill laughs.

‘State Rowdy’-Veediki Antha Scene Ledhu is the one being done by Sivaji in lead role. It is the remake of Tamil film ‘Ediri’. It shows how a guy manages the artificially tagged ‘Rowdy’ image to win his love. We can imagine what will be the content in the film.

‘Premabhishekam-Veediki Cancer Ledhu’ is the film with Venu Madhav in lead role. Interestingly it’s Dasari who is penning script for this film. We have to see if Venu Madhav imitates ANR in this film. How Dasari himself making a comedy satire on his own classic hit? That we have to see!

Comparison Between 'Chirutha' and 'Happy Days'

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There appears to be only one formula to get big openings for small films. It is sure that big films need not have very big pre-release publicity. If they do, that adds a little extent for the openings. But small films definitely need publicity. Many small directors and producers assume that the audiences would gush into theaters if they arrange for 4 press meets and 40 posters before the release. Today, even distributors are not coming forward for such hype. The only thing that pumps in life for the collections of any film is 'good mouth publicity'. That is possible only when the film comes out well. Small directors and producers have no other way other than making films in very interesting way. Right story, right screenplay and right interesting element are the core points for success. All this makes a film get good collections.

Just comparing between 'Chirutha' and 'Happy Days', the former has one and only interest point-that is the introduction of Chiranjeevi's son. That brought very big openings but eventually due to the lack of proper story line it is turning off. On the other hand, in 'Happy Days' there are no stars and there are no sons of big stars. All are new faces and new names except Sekhar Kammula. But still the film is ruling the roost. The only interest element for its success is the talk that says, 'a very good movie'.

One thing is straight- Sekhar Kammula brought interest on his film from the beginning by announcing 'Talent Search', then tied up with corporate sponsorships. He got right casting, able to extract melodious music from Mickey, and then released the film in overseas first. 'Chirutha' pulled interest of people by not showing the face of Ram Charan in any trailer before the release of the film.

Both films opened well. Chirutha bagged huge collections because of the hype and number of prints then fell flat, but at the end Happy Days sustained!!

Talk: Radhika Says Girls Should ‘Change’

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Actress Radhika says that Telugu girls should change their mind set. In a short interview given freshly Radhika said that Telugu directors and producers are going behind Mumbai actresses as they are not finding local girls those are in tune with their expectations and interests.

“Things were different during our time. Now if Telugu girls change themselves and come forward with real zeal and enthusiasm, why don’t our directors give opportunities? The only thing our girls should do is to be in tune with the interests and expectations of directors”, she says.

But what is the meaning of ‘to be in tune with the expectations’? There is no clarity in that. Must be Radhika implies that they should be good actresses with talent. But are our Mumbai girls talented? Then what Radhika is saying!!!!

Added 11 Exclusive Spicy Nayantara Gallery

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Rumors: Confusions, Ins and Outs With ‘Don’!

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The film ‘Don’ has been undergoing shooting from many months. Till now the publicity winds are not blowing from this film. It is still in making. Do you know the reason for its delay? When inquired, the inside sources informed that Lawrence started the film abruptly narrating the story line to Nagarjuna. But he hasn’t prepared the script for second half.

It is said that knowing that, Nagarjuna reprimanded Lawrence and asked him to sit on the script work first. He gave enough time to him although gave shunting all the while. It took 3 months for Lawrence to bring second half to a shape with line order and dialogues. Then the shooting started again. So, 3 months of time is a mere hibernation in the shooting of ‘Don’.

We all know that Lawrence is not only directing the film but also doing dance direction and scoring music for it. We have to see what dish he prepares at last.

A Gen-Next hero in Tollywood

Even as Bollywood watchers are keenly await Saawariya, which will launch Raj Kapoor’s grandson, as the hero, a new Gen-Next hero has just been born south of Vindhyas.After a small skill show in Daddy where he proved his dancing skills, superstar Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Teja has made his debut with Chirutha, three weeks ago.

The movie had a wide release with around 350 prints including Andhra Pradesh as well as scores of overseas markets. His name alone of course does is not familiar, yet, millions of hearts welcomed him to Tollywood. Yet, being Telugu mega star Chiranjeevi’s son is enough. Expectations were sky high as there is no more truism in South cinema than “In filmdom, it pays which family you are born into”.Produced by Aswini Dutt’s Vyjayanthi Movies, Chirutha comes from one of the most established banners in the Telugu film industry. Dutt’s past record includes big films with both Chiranjeevi and his younger brother, Pawan Kalyan.

The young scion also had the advantage of having his debut film directed by Puri Jagannath, an established commercial director, whose films kept Tollywood’s box office ringing. For Ram Charan Teja there could not have asked for a better launch pad. Money too was not a constraint as Dutt is said to have pumped anywhere between Rs 15-18 crore for the movie’s production, with a sizable portion of its being spent extensively in overseas locales, especially in and around Bangkok. The hype surrounding the launch of a new star duly helped the film and it was sold for an estimated Rs 25 crore. Crazy fans of Chiranjeevi as well as others rushed to the theatres in droves across the state. As a result, it collected almost Rs 12 crore in the first week itself.

Yet, the film has not proved to have staying power. From the second week on, the film’s collections started sliding. Director Jagannath seems to have got carried away by the hype of launching a new star, and has not focused on the key areas of a film — the story and screenplay.

Fortunately for Ram Charan Teja, its the film which has got all the criticisms while he has landed up with accolades for performance, action scenes and even his dancing skills! All in line with his father’s image. So, yet another Gen -Next star, in the lines of Mahesh Babu (son of Krishna) is born.

Reel Talk: Radio Mirchi ties up with ‘Tulasi’

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Radio Mirchi, Hyderabad, has tied-up exclusively with the movie ‘Tulasi’ released in AP (and across the world) on Friday.

After listening to the super hit music of Tulasi exclusively, listeners of Radio Mirchi can now listen to the interviews of Venkatesh and other stars starting October 12 and catch the excitement all through the week exclusively on Mirchi.

Moreover, there are tickets of the movie to be won and also a chance to meet and greet the stars. There are different contests on air from October 12 to October 18 and one can participate in the contests to meet the stars of Tulasi, win accessories of character Tulasi (played by Venkatesh) and be the face on the special poster of Tulasi placed at Prasad’s IMAX.

All one has to do is listen to Mirchi 98.3 FM and do some simple stuff like guessing the character of the hero, coming up with a byline for the movie etc and win loads of goodies.

Photo Feature: 16 Year Old Amitabh Bachchan

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Yes it's the photograph taken in 1958 when Amitabh was 16 year old. The boy in the circle is Amitabh. He has some features of Abhishek, right! No, No, Abhishek has some Amitabh's features! That's right, probably.

Gossip: Lesbianism Waves In Tollywood

Lesbianism is not a taboo in Hollywood. Many actresses have announced they are lesbians. The waves are recently hitting Bollywood. Some are considering it to be a progressive thought while many are still holding the belief that it is wrong.

The lesbianism is not new in Tollywood and it is there from a few years. It was revealed that two young actresses have gone scapegoats to lesbianism of a 35 year old lady (approx age). Out of the two actresses one is a Telugu girl and the other is a North Indian. Both have got debut on same banner. Now another young actress is also acting on that banner.

It is also said that the lesbian lady is so cruel that she warns her close circles to behave as if they know nothing. Sorry, we can't give clues here.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Meet and Greet - Jagapathi Babu and Anushka

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Dakshin Indian Cusine
675 Route 1 South and Gill Lane, Iselin, NJ-08830

On Sunday, October 14th from 7:00PM--10:00PM
Come and join in 20/20 questionnaire match
With Mana hattric hit hero Jagapathi Babu and Mee Andala raasi Anushka live in person!!!

You can bounce questions to your favorite stars, take pictures, talk to them directly. Also enjoy dinner with many delicious varieties. Ticket price: Only $50 per person.

Tickets available at:

Dakshin Express, 1689 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ - 08820
Dakshin Indian Cuisine, 675 Route 1 & Gill Ln, Iselin, NJ – 08830

Or online at http://www.SecondShows.com

For More Info, Call: 732-494-6363 / 732-750-9292

** Limited Seating. Reserve Your Tickets early **

Can Boyapati Seenu Break the Tollywood Jinx?

Past Few years, it has become a regular pattern that Tollywood's young directors start with lot of promise with their debut movie and put up a disappointing show in second outing. Some were able overcome this and become successful, some are struggling and some could never recover and have become forgotten figure.

Even Star Directors like V V Vinayak, Poori Jagannath suffered setback in their 2nd ventures.

The following are few examples who are the victims of this curse…

Ist Movie

2nd Movie

V V Vinayak


Chenna Kesava Reddy




Soorya Kiran



Poori Jagannath




Student No.1


PA Arun Prasad


Bhalevadivi Basu







Boyapati Seenu has shot the fame by delivering hit with his maiden film "Bhadra". Now he has opportunity to break the jinx with his second venture "Thulasi". We will know this in a week or two.. Till then all we can do is "Wish him Good Luck".

Gossip: Brahmanandam Is Worst Miser Of All

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Brahmanandam is the man who made hundreds of crores as property. He spills laughs among audience in theaters with his acts on screen. But Tollywood circles say that he is very miser and never gives even a single paisa for poor and needy. It is also said that he completely depends on producers for every silly thing.

Sources say that he will not spend to buy a single tea or a mirchi bajji. Everything must be arranged by producers. For the demand Brahmanandam has, he will be bust for 25 days in a month. So, it's almost a daily activity for him to depend on producers.

Many say, he could make such big property only with this attitude. But that speaks very less about him, right!!!!

'Happy Days' Guy Says It's Unbelievable

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Varun Sandesh. The name is not so familiar yet. But if we say 'Chandu' in Happy Days...people can easily make out. Varun Sandesh is the guy who acted as Chandu in 'Happy Days'. He is doing his plus two in USA and came to know about Sekhar Kammula's announcement of talent search. He had simply sent a mail with his photographs to Sekhar. He then got a reply from Sekhar asking to act in a couple of specified scenes and send the CD. Varun did that. Then he got a call from Aneesh, the executive producer of 'Happy Days'. Varun was told that he was selected for a role in the film and hence asked him to fly down to Hyderabad. That's the happiest day in his life he says.

He was asked to do rehearsals initially and the first scene he acted was the ragging scene with seniors. As there are no dialogues for him in that scene, it became a bit easier to do. But he says that he felt afraid to some extent while acting in love scenes with Tamanna. He also said that Tamanna herself pumped in courage in her to do those roles.

Everything went on well. The film released. And now Varun is a celebrity in college student circles. He is getting number of fan mails and phone calls. Now he got a chance to act in Dil Raju's next film 'Koththa Bangaru Lokam'. Varun says that he has the desire to work with directors like Puri Jagannath and Bhasker. Now acting became his priority. He says that he will be focusing on it after completing plus 2.

Varun is the grand son of popular literary person Jeedigunta Ramachandra Murthy. He says humbly that his favorite actor is Jr NTR and 'Simhadri' is his favorite film.

Lawrence: 'It's Like Working With Chiru Annayya'

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The promotion of the film 'Chirutha' is still going on. All the technicians worked for the film are coming on to TV screen and saying a few words about Ram Charan and his specialty.

Lawrence said, "I felt very happy for calling me to compose the opening dance of Ram Charan. Chiranjeevi Annayya made it a point and emphasized that I only should compose the introductory dance. It's like working with Chiru annayya while working with Ram Charan. He has lot of perseverance. He used to practice a step two days in advance and always used to ask me to teach new ways in dance. I have seen such commitment in annayya only".

He also added saying, "We can make any sort of film with Ram Charan. He proved to be good in comedy, action, sentiment and love".

Raju Sundaram simply said, "Ram Charan will definitely develop a lot from film to film. He has got that vigor. I wish him all the best".

Screen Talk: Re-Mix Raghu Is Happy Now

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Raghu Kunche is the singer who is known for TV audiences. He used to appear as TV anchor for a few programs earlier.

Now he is seldom singing playback in Tamil and Telugu films. Recently he released the album 'Raghu-With Love' and that is known for our readers. Raghu says that he is thankful for people those encouraged him. He says that he is coming up with a new album on '5 elements of love' for February 14 th. Raghu is on the way to make his mark by doing old songs as remixes.

His idea is to pull the attention of different directors and producers with this attempt and bag a few play back opportunities. Let us wish this 30 plus aspirant all the best.

Venkatesh's 'TULASI' Movie Review


Genre: Action
Suresh Productions

Cast: Venkatesh, Nayana Tara, Sivaji, Ramya Krishna, Asish Vidyardhi, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Rahul Dev, Ravi Babu, Riaz Khan, Tanikella Bharani, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Ali, Raghubabu, Jhansi & Shriya (item song)

Music: Devi Sri Prasad
: Paruchuri brothers
Kanal Kannan & Ram Lakshman
Story: Boyapati Seenu & Akula Siva
Screenplay - direction:
Boyapati Seenu
Release date
: 12 October 2007



Tulasi Tulasi (Venkatesh) is a lovable guy who falls in love with a co-tourist Vasundhara (Nayana Tara) in Europe. They like each other and get married. Then it is revealed that Tulasi comes from a family of factionists and he has an irresistible violent streak running in his blood. They bear a child and then Vasundhara keeps Tulasi away for his violent ways. The rest of the story is all about how he reasons out with his wife to get his family back.

Artists Performance

TulasiVenkatesh: Venkatesh is pretty good as Tulasi. His comedy timing and accent in the scene in which he imitates Jhansi is hilarious. The way he bites his tongue when is he is angry shows the typical angry expression of Palnadu area. He is very good in action sequences in the second half. However, it is appalling to see such a sensible actor like Venkatesh accepting to act in a climax scene that appears so inhumane (kidnapping a dieing kid).

TulasiOthers: Nayana Tara did a meaty role where she has scope to display both glamour and histrionics. The kid Atulit is pretty cute. Sivaji did the role of heroine’s brother. Shriya did an item song. Jhansi’s comedy as Kokapeta aunty is good. There are eight villains in the film, but the screen time spared for them is minimal. Asish Vidyardhi succeeded in portraying cruelty. Ramya Krishna did a doctor role. Ali’s comedy is bland. Raghu Babu did a typical comedy sidekick role.

echnical Departments:

TulasiStory - screenplay - direction: The basic story of the film is clever amalgamation of various films like DDLJ (couples falling in love during transit trip in Europe), Daddy (wife separating from husband due to his weakness (kindness to friend in daddy and violence in Tulasi)), Anthahpuram (wife does not knowing about the violent past of husband), Yuvaraju (father - son ) etc. The director could not establish love feelings in the story, but succeeded in creating high voltage action drama in the flashback episode shot in Seema. The director chose to show the softer side in the first half and violent angle in the second half.

TulasiOther departments: The songs of the film are good though each one of them is a rehashed version of Devi Sri Prasad’s own music. Background score in action sequences (‘we will rock you’ bgm coupled with Chatrapati and Stalin kind of herobackground music) is good. Cinematography is alright. Dialogues are adequate. The are couple of scenes in this film that appear abrupt due to inadequate editing. Action sequences are well choreographed. The makers tried to blast various vehicles in flashback episode to excite masses.

TulasiAnalysis: First half of the film is mediocre. Second half is better. But the climax of the film is inhumane. The plus points of the film are Venkatesh and the seema flashback episode. The negative points of the film are excessive violence in second half and inconsistency in the story narration. The commercial success of the film depends on how masses embrace this film.

This film has an advantage of catering to two strong sections of audience (Mass &Venky's strong base - ladies)and
there is an equal amount of risk too(normally they dislike the other part)
Majority of the film is in flashback mode(twice).
Family drama is entirely between Husband & wife.

Sriya item song chesindhi.Ramya Krishna Venkatesh friend ga guest charecter lo kanipisthundhi.Mamata Mohandas oka paata padindhi.

Public Talk:
silent 1st half, violent 2nd half
Industry Talk: Minimum guarantee cinema


Sekhar Kammula: 'They Are Saying I'm Going Thinner'

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Sekhar Kammula obviously is in the hang over of success now. 'Happy Days' is ruling the roost everywhere. Sekhar says that he has gone very close to people with this film.

In an interview given on a TV channel he says, "People are making calls to me and asking, 'Babu! Ila chikkipoyavemiti?'. That is how the people are considering me as a member in their family. I don't have bigger goals. I have some small set of goals and will be fulfilled if I reach them".

Yes, Sekhar is highly reserved and he didn't tell what those small goals are.

Answering to any question he said, "New artistes would show bigger drive that established ones. I used to show more drive while doing Dollar Dreams and Anand. I have seen the same spirit in these 8 boys and girls worked for 'Happy Days'".

It's still a high task to get the ticket of Happy Days an hour before the show. One has to go for advance booking one day before.

Buzz: Nagarjuna-Tabu's Hyderabad story

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A source from Hyderabad says that Tabu was out there.. and the Charminar city wallas still keep linking her to Nagarjuna.

Why? Okay, her fancy new villa is in Banjara Hills.. but it’s not far at all from Nag’s bungalow, which has to be one of the best in India – eco-friendly and all that.

Seems Tabu was also there to celebrate the birthday of Nags two weeks back and they were spotted at different discs every other evening (late evening, hanh).

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Thulasi prints are in US customs - No shows today

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Updated Thulasi Print status USA- Prints are in customs and may not be released today for tonight Premiere shows.

Premiere may be possible in New Jersey(Newark) and Delware only. Please check with local exibitors.

Please keep checking for updated status.

For online tickets: www.telugutickets.com

Trade Buzz: Happy Days in Minneapolis

When you walk into a movie and realise that the dialogues are being narated by the audience in unison before they hit the screen you know that the movie is good, this is what happened at Brookdale 8 Cinemas, Minneapolis on Sunday which was the last show of HAPPY DAYS. It was a great sight on Friday to see the auditorium packed for the 9pm show; people did not mind watching the show squating on the floor, the standing ovation at the end of the movie was a great tribute and a sign of acceptence of the movie. The other part that made this movie experience great was the lucky draw, winning the draw ment watching your name on the screen. It is really exciting to see this center packed for this movie with unknow artists when movies like Chirutha and Yamadonga hardly saw housefull crowds. I guess what seperates this movie is SEKHAR KAMMULA. His strength is his ability to connect to his audience his movies remains true to his ideas. This seperates him from other directors who use illogical logic in the name of mass which is a disgrace. The movie takes you down the nostalgic memory lane of yester years and do not miss it.


  • House full crowds first time this year.
  • 15 students watch all the 5 shows.
  • Lucky draw a huge success.
  • Standing ovation at the end of the movie for all shows.

Finally the new management at BROOKDALE 8 CINEMAS, Minneapolis deserves special thanks in bringing a theater which caters to the needs of the Indian cinema. The trio Vijay Beeram, Shankar Bandi and Madhu Kollan are a new brand of entrepreneurs dedicated in bringing entertainment to the Andhrites in America. This new venture Brookdale 8 cinema is dedicated to Indian cinema. The theater has already seen some major rennovation. The experience is just like watching a movie back home with advertisiments and trailers on screen in the breaks and a bell to indicate the end of the interval complete the Indian movie experience at this theater. Thank you guys.

Press meet - Geeta

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Dr. Ravi Kumar Pampana, Dr. K Harinadh Babu and Dr B Sudhakar Babu are producing a film titled Geeta in the direction of Surya Teja on Kon Fusion banner. They arranged a press meet to share the progress. Here are the details -

We have completed the shooting of the film. Currently postproduction work is going on. Audio got attention from all music lovers. It is it there in the chartbusters list in Music World, Planet M etc. we introduced a young talent called Sunil Kashyap as the music director. He is the finalist in AR Rehman’s ‘Oh La La La’ contest. AR Rehman offered him a chance to sing in his forthcoming bollywood film ‘Jodha Akbar’. Among the songs ‘Neekosam Nenunna’ got tremendous appreciation and Sunita rendered it.

We are planning to release the film in the first half of November. It is a thriller with undercurrent love. This film deals with the deteriorating moral values in our society.

The title Geeta has three justification. An important role in the film is Geeta. This film also takes the concept from Bhagavat Geeta. And also Geeta stands for the line which is not supposed to be crossed.

All about Tulasi

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Venkatesh’s Tulasi film is going to be released on 12 of October with 290 prints. D Suresh Babu, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna and Boyapati Seenu.

The story of the film:
It is going to be a complete film with action, romance and sentiment mixed in the right way. Tulasi is the story of wife and husband with family backdrop. Venkatesh and Nayana Tara plays the role of Tulasiram and Vasundhara respectively. If we have to tell the story of the film in three words - Sthree (woman), Saha jeevanam (living together) and Himsa (violence).

290 print release:
Tulasi film got censored yesterday. And it obtained U/A certificate with simple cuts. We are planning to release the film with 290 films which is highest ever for Venkatesh. Earlier highest for Venkatesh was 240 prints. The reason for this extensive print release is the confidence on the film and the Dasara season. We screened the film for our distributors on the night of Saturday and the response has been terrific.

Atulit’s terrific performance
We ran a contest on a TV channel and auditioned 500 kids and selected Atulit for an important role of hero’s son in this film. He is very good at looks as well as at performance. We have not seen such a bright kid in Telugu film industry in the recent days. Atulit will eventually become the hero of this film.

Venkatesh’s performance
Venkatesh character has a tinge of violence in him. Venkatesh character is a multi-layered one. This film is going to be a milestone film in the career of Venkatesh. Venkatesh is very much satisfied with his performance in this film. It has got two shades to it.

8 villains in the film
Venkatesh is not used to the films film multiple villains. But here we have villains acting in Tulasi. The Rayalaseema gang consists of Jaya Prakash Reddy, Sravan and Allari Ravi. The Hyderabad gang has Asish Vidyardhi, Subbaraju and Riaz Khan. The Bangalore villain gang has Eeswar Reddy and Rahul Dev. Imagine the kind of heroism when we have eight villains in it.

Biggest role for Nayana Tara
Nayana Tara is doing the biggest and most responsible role in her career in this film. This kind of role only suits to the actresses of Simran and Soundarya statute.

Special roles
Shriya did an item song. Sivaji and Ramya Krishna also did special roles in vital characters of the film.

Telugu Film News October 12, 2007

Athidhi to releases with 300 plus prints
Mahesh Babu is most popular young hero after the success of Pokiri. His much expected new film "Athidhi" is finally hitting the screens on October 18 th on the occasion of Dussera. "Athidhi" is final stages of postproduction. Bollywood Production house "UTV" is releasing the film with most number of prints. More than 300 prints are scheduled to dispatch worldwide. UTV will also release next three movies of Mahesh Babu. Industry sources it has made an agreement with Mahesh Babu for three films.

Hero NTR and Dil Raju team up
The success of "Yamadonga" made NTR smiling again. He needed this success desperately and the film becoming biggest hit in this year so far made him even more joyful. With this, he turns choosy in selection of films. After a careful listening and analysis of the script, he accepted a project for producer Dil Raju, according to sources. A newcomer Mahadev is to direct this. He is a disciple of S S Rajamouli. The film is going to be launched in January 2008.

Singer Tina to do more pop albums
Telugu pop singer Tina made news with her first album "Maya – The Charming Nari". It was her first Telugu pop album and then she made news further with her recent album at the time of Twenty20 World Cup. The album brought her national recognition and lot of praise and fame. Enjoying the success, Tina is planning more such albums for every sport to give encourage for our sportsmen. Olympics are next on her cards.

Mumaith Khan gets more roles as heroine
Mumaith Khan's new film will be beginning on Vijaya Dasami festival. She is going to play the lead heroine role in director Venky's new film. "Mangatayaru Tiffin Centre" is the title chosen for this and it is produced by K Paidi Babu who got good name as executive producer. Most of the shooting is set in Konaseema region and it revolves around a village.

Lakshmi Putrudu to release in November
R S Films's "Lakshmi Putrudu" has begun re-recording. Uday Kiran and Diya are acting as romantic pair in the film which is directed by new director Raj Kapoor. Polishetty Rambabu is the producer. "We have completed the shooting part and begun re-recording. Our music director D Imman is very popular music director in Tamil and scored many hits in Tamil. He has given great music for our film too and his rerecording will be a big asset," producer said. "We are planning to release it next month. Brahamanandam's role will be big highlight," he said.

I'd like Ash to continue working: Abhishek

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Mumbai(IANS): Contrary to reports, there is absolutely no question of Aishwarya Rai giving up her work as husband Abhishek Bachchan is all for the actress continuing with her career.

"I'd like her to continue working for very selfish reasons. I'm her biggest fan and love watching her on screen. The choice is entirely hers, of course. I'd never ever impose my wish on her. But if she asks me I'd certainly want her to go on with her work," Abhishek told IANS.

Aishwarya is on the verge of completing two projects. In Ram Gopal Varma's "Sarkar Raj" her work is almost done, and for Ashutosh Gowariker's "Jodhaa-Akbar" she needs to shoot a song.

But considering she has her husband and his family to look after, would her workload be decreased?

"No. As it is, she never did too much work at the same time. I'd like her to continue with her career and do the volume and kind of work that makes her happy. As her co-star I must say I want her to continue. Because she's a wonderful co-star and a thorough professional on the sets," said Abhishek.

Asked how Aishwarya's name will read in the credits of her forthcoming films, the actor said: "How would that make any difference? I'd like her to call herself by any name that makes her comfortable. To me it doesn't matter what she calls herself. What she is as a person is what matters.

"However, certain legalities have come into play after marriage. Whatever she's required to call herself, she will. I'm sure she'll do what the law requires. As for her name in the credits, I'd enjoy an Aishwarya film no matter what she calls herself."

The actress has green-lighted Suniel Shetty's "Raasta" with Abhishek and John Abraham in the lead.

Trade Talk: The Week Of A Small, A Dubbed and A Big Film

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The film 'Bhayya' that was released last week could appeal only for B, C Center audiences with trade mark action scenes by Vishal. There is no novelty in the story and that turned out to be a minus point. But Vishal's comedy and high voltage fights impressed all. Vijayan's efforts are seen in big way in this film in the matter of fights. There is no other thing to say about this dubbed film.

And the wonder of the week is the triumphant success of 'Happy Days'. The film is bringing merry for the makers. The theaters are seen with houseful boards in many places. It's a film that brought the story of 4 years of engineering college life without any melodrama, sentiment or violence.

The collections have dropped for the film 'Chirutha' as it lacked in proper story line and effective narration. Although it was opined that it wouldn't be a minus for the film initially, the affects are seen now. Theatres are seen with vacant seats especially in all the shows of week days.

Manisharma's Chinese Instruments For 'Chirutha'

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Mani Sharma says that he has brought musical instruments from China to score for Chirutha.

He said, "Since Chirutha was said to be made in Bangkok, I was asked to do something on the lines of Chinese music. So I brought original Chinese instruments although we can manage on key boards. We kept focus on perfection al together. I got many calls of appreciation for the back ground music given for fights. Especially, the fight in temple got huge response".

But the fact is Mani Sharma took lot of BGMs from some Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan's films. Those who watched the film can easily make out that.

Thulasi Releasing Today: Family man

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Telugu superstar Venkatesh has, over the years, created an image for himself as a family man through his films. His last two releases “Lakshmi” and “Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule” saw him play the role of a typical family man. Both the films turned out to be blockbusters. Now, Venkatesh plays the title role of Tulasi Ram, opposite his favourite heroine Nayanthara. The film is directed by Boyapatti Sreeni and has some great music by Devi Sri Prasad. Sreeni tries to give Venkatesh an action-hero image in the film which is again a family entertainer. Another highlight of the film is a surprise item number by Shriya.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Telugu Film News October 11, 2007

Navadeep donates his eyes
Today is ‘World Sight Day’ (10 October). Actor Navadeep today announced that he would be donating his eyes to LV Prasad Eye Institute on this eve. He made this statement at Prasad Imax today. It is nice to see that a budding actor like Navadeep is coming forward to do such an inspiring work.

Tina - the only singer
Tina got the attention of entire cricket fraternity because of her foresight and optimism. She is the only singer who prepared a cheerleading song wish T20 team success in the world cup. This song was aired in all leading sports channels during the play. And India won and all the cricketers and BCCI acknowledged the efforts of Tina. Incidentally Tina is a proper Telugu girl from Andhra Pradesh. She is also a good stage performer. She recently released her first Telugu album ‘Maya’.

RR Movie makers progress
Nitin is currently acting in a film that is being directed by Ravi C Kumar (of Samanyudu fame). This film features Mamata Mohan Das in the female lead. Shashank and Sindhu Tolani play vital roles. The regular shooting of this film was started on 3rd October. Chakri composes music and Venkat produces this film on RR Movie makers banner.

Vamsi Krishna in Call Center
Kanmani (of Naa Oopiri fame) is currently directing a film titled ‘Call Center’. This film deals with the life style of call centers employees. Vamsi Krishna (Happy Days fame) is doing the role of one of four heroes in this film. Katragadda Lokesh who produced Chinnodu in the direction of Kanmani in the past is directing this film. Anji handles camera and Sai Karthik composes music..

Chirutha in Singapore

City Date Movie Name Exhibitor
Golden Village(GV), Tiong Bahru Plaza Tiong Bahru MRT

13 Oct 07(Sat)
14 Oct 07(Sun)


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