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Friday, July 20, 2007

Will Sukumar Keep His Promise To Prabhas?

Director Sukumar is all set to make a film with Prabhas. The producer had paid him advance much before the making of the film 'Jagadam'.

At that time another three producers also lined up behind Suumar with an idea to make one film each. But they didn't pay anything to him in advance. After looking at the result of 'Jagadam', they have dropped the idea of making films with him.

But the proposed film with Prabhas has been intact till date because of the advance payment. Sukumar has scared all most all the producers in the industry by consuming more days for completing a film. It took 287 days for him to finish off the production of the film. Though he estimated the cost of the film for Rs.4Crores, it went up to 14 Crores.

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