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Saturday, July 21, 2007

City Buzz: Greater Hyderabad, greater woes

With the State government delaying the elections to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, officials are busy running the show. This is inviting the wrath of public representatives, particularly local legislators. Hiterto, local legislators used to call the shots with their respective municipalities abutting the city. Now that a Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has been formed, these municipalities have been merged with Hyderabad city. With this development, local legislators have a little say in the functioning of the civic body.
As there's no political supervision, checks and counter checks, officials are allocating funds for development in disproportionate manner. While one erstwhile municipality, LB Nagar to be precise, got Rs 60 crore for development works, Uppal has to make do with just Rs 1.60 crore. The State Assembly on Friday witnessed uproarious scenes over the disproportionate allocation of funds. All the political parties except the ruling Congress and the opposition CPI, expressed their protests and condemned the officials' discretion on fund sanction.
The MIM went a step further and said the government has increased taxes after the formation of GHMC and the greater Hyderabad has opened the flood gates for greater woes.

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