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Friday, July 20, 2007

Nostalgia: Do You Know Poet Sri Sri's Lover?

Once, the legendary poet Sri Sri went to Andhra University to participate as Chief Guest on a dais. He penned a few film songs by then. His famous song 'Naa Hridayamlo Nidurinche Cheli…' was dancing on the lips of people those days.
After the meeting, a student asked Sri Sri, "Who is that 'Cheli' sleeping in your heart?"
Then Sri Sri answered spontaneously, "Communism".
Sri Sri has got that spontaneity in answering that appeal for all or that sounds to be new.
Another student asked, "There is a line in the poem 'nee vechchani needa…'. How a 'needa' (shadow) can be warm?"

"You don't know my body. Darling's shadow will always be warm".

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