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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Snippet: 'Toss' Team In Movie Theatre!

Kamna Jethmalani, Priyardarshini Ram and Raja along with a few unit members went to a few theaters in Hyderabad to entertain the masses. Huge shouts were observed looking at Kamna Jethmalini and a few audiences shouted the name 'Ramya' that portrayed hot exposing role in the film.
A unit member said that they would bring Upendra and Ramya after a week to theater with prior announcement. Raja tried to boast off his mass appeal in front of audiences and told a few dialogues from the film. He is appearing to be behaving with adopted qualities keeping his original mass look aside, off the screen as well.
Priyadarshii Ram over acted with Kamna Jethmalini singing 'Em Chilako..' song looking at her.
In all possible ways, the unit is struggling to make the film runs for few more days in theaters.

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