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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Talk: "Rajamouli's Has Seen No Success At All"

This may sound meaningless to say that Rajamouli has seen no success so far. He is known for everyone as evergreen director with series of successes in his hand ever since he started his career. Well, that's all restricted only to AP. His films were never successful in USA. All the films in his direction toppled at US box office miserably. The main reason for that is excess of violence in his films and pakka mass formula through out. Family audiences cannot relish his movies if that is the blend.
But can we expect he is going to kick out that jinx and come sout with triumphant success with 'Yamadonga'?
Looking at the flip side, even NTR's films in USA were flops. Only 'Rakhi could do something better.
We have to see how Rajamouli's future will be decided with this film.

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