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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nostalgia : Accidental Marriages On Big Stars

Marriages are made in heaven, as believed by many. Marriages of some people happen accidentally and abruptly. The betrothal decisions are taken by some on the spot. When it comes to big stars, the news will be big if such accidental marriages take place and stand for longer time.
Rajani Kanth married Latha in such an accidental fashion. Latha was a journalist who came to Rajani to interview him. When the topic of marriage has come in interview, Rajni said, he would marry if she agrees. She nodded positively. Rajani Kanth presented her a ring and apparently married on the spot. Yes, that's marrying a stranger out of faith and match of wave length.
Hindi actor Dilip Kumar's case is different. Saira Banu used to love Rajendra Kumar another hero of those days. At that time, Dilip Kumar (originally Yusuf Khan) went to Saira Banu's house on the request of Rajendra Kumar to leave him as he was already married and blessed with children. But after going to her house, and looking at Saira Banu, he has fallen flat. He married her within short span. Apparently, the film 'Merupu Kalalu' (Minsara Kanavu Tamil) can be recalled here.

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