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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hyd Gossip : Young Hero Kisses Heroine In Private!

Since their 'first movie' the hero and the heroine are in news for all the wrong reasons. Even after working in considerable number of movies both are struggling to make a foothold in the industry. But it seems that their career doldrums has not deterred their love life.
There may be lots of news about their relationship, but here is a little bit of news that we just couldn't resist telling about. The guy and the gal spotted quietly enjoying themselves in a popular tourist spot which is near to Hyderabad city. "The two were cuddling and kissing each other and did not care much for people watching them. They didn't care who saw them", a source reveals.
But the duo has something else to say." We are just good friends and there is no time for love".
Didn't you get their names on your mind? There 'new light' in the hero and there is 'moon light' in the heroine.

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