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Thursday, July 26, 2007

My wife is a cruel lady, says Pavan Kalyan

Power Star Pavan Kalyan, brother of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, has apparently realised that he is in deep trouble in connection with the bigamy case filed by his wife Nandini and that he would have to face a non-bailable imprisonment. After failing to enter into a compromise with Nandini and get rid of her once and for all, Pavan Kalyan had no other option but to file a divorce petition in the Visakhapatnam family court. The reason cited in his petition is strange: He has described Nandini as a cruel woman and that she treated him with utter contempt. He said any continuation of the marital relationship would cause grave damage and injury to his mental health.
Sources said Nandini had produced strong evidences before the court against Pavan Kalyan; importantly with regard to his second marriage. Therefore, it would be difficult for the court to believe his version. Moreover, he is a well-known actor, a martial arts expert and has a lot of influence in the society and therefore, it was doubtful whether the court would believe his argument that she was cruel to him and ill-treated him. Such a petition normally comes from an aggrieved wife.
Secondly, Pavan Kalyan's petition came very late, as the local police had already completed their investigation and are all set to submit a report to the court. Thus, difficult days are ahead for Pavan Kalyan!

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