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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rakhi Sawanth Boasts Her Sexy Structure

Rakhi Sawanth boasts of her structure and says that she has tempting look that brings envy for other ladies. She is working out day in and day out and says that she is in the process of reducing weight and slimming down. Rakhi is known for her rural look till now and she is going to show herself urbane shortly. She has called a media channel representative to her gym and gave an interview there. She found no hesitation in explaining the shapes of her body and posing in tempting way for the camera.

Rakhi has been a news maker ever since she entered the film industry. She opts something different from her colleagues in projecting herself and doing things. She appeared in a small brasserie type top and a small bottom while giving this interview.

That's really hot, Rakhi!

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