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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nagarjuna Has Chosen Gunnam Because..!

Nagarjuna has decided not to repeat two similar types of roles in consecution. His firm decision is to keep on showing variety from role to role with eccentricity,. He acted in 'Super' as Hi-Tech robber and transformed as Bhakta Ramadasu immediately. Then he acted in 'Boss' as a handsome gentleman. Again he is acting as 'Don' with a different lookout. Freshly there was news that Nag is acting as God in the Telugu remake of Hollywood blockbuster 'Bruce Almighty' where the lead role will be played by Vishnu.
Apart from this, he is going to act in Gunnam Gangaraju's 'Love Story 123' (tentative title). The films of Gunnam will be novel in their own way and Nag thus Nag wants to show his different styles from film to film. All this says that he is firm on his ideology.
Well, little while ago there was a rumor that Nag will be acting in Sekhar Kammula's direction after his 'Happy Days'. Even that is in pipeline and it was revealed that Nag will be portraying the role of doctor in Sekhar's film that may materialize sometime in second half of 2008, as per the sources.

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