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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Round Up : Chiru, Nag, Bala, Venky and Others...


The film Shankaradada Zindabad is completing its shooting at swift pace. Plans are being made to release the film by 7 th July. Right now the song sequences are being canned.


Balakrishna's part in 'Okkamagadu' has almost came to an end and he is now sitting in the discussions of 'Ranga Panduranga' that is about to be made in the direction of K Raghavendra Rao. The shooting is going to commence in August.

Akkineni Nagarjuna:

The film 'Don' on Keerti Creations banner in the direction of Lawrence is undergoing shooting in Bangalore. Plans are being made to release this film by Dasara.

Pawan Kalyan:

The shooting of the film in the combination of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Sreenivas is going in Hyderabad. It is being said that the film is going o be a wholesome entertainer like Khushi.


The shooting of the film 'Yamadonga' is going on in Annapurna Studios in the direction of SS Rajamouli. The audio of this film is set to release on 25 th of this month.


The shooting of the film with Prabhas and Puri Jagannath on Creative Commercials will be starting in the month of August.

Allu Arjun:

The film in the combination of Allu Arjun, Bommarillu Bhaskar and Dil Raju is set to start on 18 th of this month.

Ram Charan:

The shooting of 'Chirutha' is going on in Bangkok now. The film is set to release on September, the day Chirajeevi's first film 'Pranam Khareedu' was released.

Jagapathi Babu:

Jagapathi Babu and Dasarath combination film is performing shooting in Hyderabad. Right now action episodes are being canned. JD Chakravarthy is playing a key role in it.

Mahesh Babu:

The shooting of Athidhi in the direction of Surender Reddy is going on in swift pace and RR is also going on parallel track.

Spotlight: Is Sivaji A Hit Or Flop?

Now this is the most inquisitive one that many are willing to know. The much hyped film in recent days, 'Sivaji' released yesterday and the result is with mixed opinions. Some say it's down and some say it's good. The other segment says that it runs with the Rajni factor. On a whole we can term it as the film that hasn't reached the expectations of majority people. It is a known factor that big budget films aim at quick recovery but not wait for 100 days celebration.

The interesting part of Sivaji business is that the film made profits much before the release of the film in the form of Satellite rights, distribution rights etc. "It is both distributors and exhibitors who suffer losses if a movie does not run well at the box office," Bellamkonda Suresh who bought the Andhra Pradesh rights of Sivaji. It is sure but in the matter of Sivai many theatre have sold out the tickets 1 week in advance making housefuls with all shows. That way the film proved to be a safe one for many exhibitors as well. It is the arrangement between the exhibitor and distributor that decides the fate of each other. Many times distributor compensates the loss incurred by exhibitors when there is lack of audiences. In that case distributors will be at loss. There were instances in the past that loss incurred by distributors with 'Baba' was compensated by producers who bought AP rights. Similar way when Johnny was flopped Pawan Kalyan filled the loss. But those things happen very rare.

Now coming to the point, the ones who were worried in big way are fans those watched the film with high expectations. It is also true that although expectations are not reached the film is not something to be shunned as entertaining factors are grooved in appropriately.

A segment of audiences say that the film will be like AR Rehman's music and it will enter into the heads of people like slow poison. They also recall the plight of Chandramukhi in initial days that was low. The film picked up only slowly. Similar way they say that Sivaji will also pick up.

Wait and see what happens.

Telugu Film News 16-06-2007 Latest

Shriya: "I Like Those Hot Trendy Things"
"Although we possess many things we still want to have some more things. And when the beloved ones gift them, they really touch hearts", says Shriya.

She listed out her hot favorite things this way:

DVDs of varied films
Clothes and Belts
Ear Rings
Books relating to fiction, autobiography and Indian writers
Ethnic Jewelry
Silver items
Make Up Kit

Well, these are the sweet little things that Shriya likes as gifts. If you want to impress her just get these.

Nostalgia: Mallika Opens Her Heart For Us
Sex bomb Mallika Sherawat shared her past and childhood in a trivial talk on TV.

"My original name is Reema Lamba. Ours is a Zamindari family. I enjoyed my childhood in Haryana at Rohtak. I studied in Delhi public school. Since my childhood I was against male domination. I wanted to prove I too can do something of my own and get recognition. I developed the desire to become an actress. When I was imitating a heroine in my childhood my mother slapped me. But I developed interest further and ignored my mom's slaps. I became heroine now and enjoying individuality", said Mallika Sherawat digging her past.

Mallika says that the film 'The Myth' with Jackie Chan is the most memorable one in her life and she cannot forget that forever.

Gossip: Srinu Vaitla Is Worried Now!
Srinu Vaitla bagged two hits 'Dhee' and 'Dubai Seenu' successfully. But why he is worried now. Just looking at recent past we have the information that Srinu Vaitla invested his own money in the film 'Dhee' to complete it as the producer skipped out amidst making of it.

The producer skipped as he felt that the venture wouldn't be profitable and also assumed that he made overdrafts at financiers. But now as the film brought success, the producer ended up with profits and the financiers are making merry with him.

Srinu Vaitla is worried that no financier is giving credit to him but only enjoying with the producer. He is also eagerly waiting that the producer would pay back the money invested by him in the film. Grapevine says that he didn't pay that till now.

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