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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Added 23 More Exclusive TOSS Movie Gallery

Wallpaper Of The Day 26-05-2007

Suhani Wallpaper

Sindhu Thulani's Rs 2 Lakh Budget For Sexy Tummy

Sindhu Thulani, who got image with the films 'Aithey', Goutam SSC, Sarada Saradga, Pothey Ponee is now hitting the screen with 'Nee Navve Chaalu'. Shivaji is playing main lead in the film. She also acted in Tamil film 'Nallan' beside Dhanush. She got bigger fame in Tamil with the film 'Manmadhan'. Sindhu has expertise in Kathak and Bharatanatyam. That's the plus point in her. She acted in three Hindi serials so far. She got chance in 'Aithey' after acting in 'Fair and Lovely' Ad. She got inspired from Nayanatara and Ileana in maintaining body figure and the gossip said that she shaped her tummy and hip through cosmetic treatment investing Rs 2 lakhs just before the shooting of 'Nee Navve Chaalu'.

We have to wait and see if she wins the race at box office with that new shape.

10 More Exclusive Spicy Kalidasu Movie Gallery

Dana Veera Sura Karna in Bay Area

CACinema Management invites all Telugu community in bayarea to paticipate in late NTR 85th Birthday celebrations at Park theater on 05/28/2007 between 2 to 3PM followed by Dana Veera Sura Karna Movie.

All telugu people knows Ex chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Padma sri Dr. Nadamuri Taraka Ramarao as big icon who changed Andhra Pradesh state. We are very happy to announce his Birth celebrations in our theater followed by biggest Mythology movie ever made in Tollywood i.e. Dana Veera Sura Karna.

All film goers knows about great movie Dana Veera Sura Karna. NTR acting and dialogue delivery is big asset of the movie and here are few synopsis of movie why you should consider watching this biggest Mythology ever made in Telugu. This is first longest movie ever made in telugu.

1. Interpretation of popular mythology, that runs contrary to the popular opinion, is always a tabboo in any culture. A society that is founded upon certain principles, which in turn are shaped by the lores and legends of the land, finds it unacceptable to question its own foundations and its own philosophies.
2.The genius of NTR, as far as "karNa" is concerned, is neither his impeccable dialogue delivery, nor the subtle variations he displays in all the 3 characters he took on - Suyodhana, Karna, and Krishna, but his initial brainwave of making Suyodhana the focal point and viewing the rest of the story from entirely his point of view. In the lead up to "karNa", NTR briefly dabbled in projecting the other side of Suyodhana in "Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam", but reigned a lot back to make it more mainstream - traditional and conventional. In "karNa", he unleashes whatever he held back, in regard to the views, positions and choices, and drives the entire movie around Duryodhana.
3.Consider the classic scene of "maaya joodam". Yudhishtira has just bet and lost everything, including his brothers and wife, as Suyodhana proudly gets up and orders the court-keeper to drag Draupadi into the court, when suddenly all the wise talking heads raise objections to his action.
4. This movie was NTR’s 248th movie as an actor.
5. He got the idea of making such an epic when he was acting as Lord Krishna in Shivagi Ganeshan’s “Karna”.
6. The movie was of 4 hours 7 minutes duration and also with 25 reels.
7. It had 10 songs and 35 poems in it.
8. He did triple roles(tripatraabhinayam) as Lord Krishna, Dhuryodhana and Karna along with direction and production.
9. NTR first requested Akkineni Nageswararao (ANR) to act as Lord Krishna for which the hero rejected. NTR then asked him to do the role of Karna.
10. The dialogues like ‘datha and hithuda’ became so famous that the youth at that time started using them.
11. Also NTR’s dialogues in karna entry scene, mayasabha scene and post mayasabha scene are used by amatuer artists for ‘ekapatrabhinayam’ shows till day to prove their talents.
12. The song ‘chitram bhalare vichitram’was the first duet ever made between Dhuryodhana (NTR) and Bhanumathi (Prabha) in pouranikam movies.

Screen Talk: Chiranjeevi's 'Family Planning'!

The talkie of 'Shankardada Zindabad' has almost been completed and the unit will soon be leaving abroad to can the songs.

The work is going on in full swing to release the film in June as Chiranjeevi reportedly wanted a gap of at least 50 days between his son’s film 'Chiruta' and his own film.

As the Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram combination film is coming around October and Allu Arjun and Bhaskar combo film in December, there would be enough space between the release of these four films from the same family.

Presently , Chiranjeevi is dubbing for the film even as the editing is going on. On the other hand, action director Vijay is working hard at Annapurna Studios editing the action scenes.

Another rumour is that Chiranjeevi may appear for a few minutes in 'Chirutha'. That will be ample proof of how caring a father he is, because he is not only planning his son’s career but altering his own schedules for his offspring’s sake.


Lokesh to wed NBK's daughter in August!

What has thus far been a "rumour" has now become news. It is straight from the horse's mouth. Former chief minister and Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu has confirmed that his son Nara Lokesh Naidu is going to wed the daughter of film actor and brother-in-law Nandamuri Balakrishna. Both Lokesh and Balakrishna's daughter are currently studying MBA second year in the USA.

Interacting with a group of reporters at his residence, Chandrababu Naidu confided that the marriage had been fixed and it would be held in the last week of August. August 24 or 26, the date is yet to be decided.

And taking a cue from the Bollywood star Amitab Bachchan, Chandrababu Naidu has decided to keep the marriage a low key affair. He does not want to invite all and sundry. Indications are that even the media may be kept out of the reach.

Looks like the austerity bug has bitten our Chandrababu Naidu, who is famous for his publicity penchant.

Gossip: Comedian Ali's Property Worth Rs 100 Crore!
This is the information that has come out from unofficial sources. We have many crorepathis in Hyderabad who bagged more than Rs 100 Crores. It is being said that comedian Ali also bagged Rs 100 property by now.

He has been in industry since his childhood and started investing on lands from 'Yamaleela' onwards. His real earning started only from then and he started making investments as well inspiring from bigwigs like Murali Mohan. Now he sold out several bits ad pieces and still owning some. All put together that is landing up at Rs 100 Crore as per estimates.

That's really inspiring. Good going Ali!

Trisha’s all set to makes in Bollywood
With southern heroine Asin ready to make her debut in Hindi, Trisha too is earnestly on the lookout for offers up there. And the buzz is that Trisha’s looking to Priyadarshan, the popular Bollywood filmmaker with back-to-back hits; in fact, he is busy with three big films at the moment. It was Priyadarshan who gave Trisha her big break as a heroine in Tamil films. The grapevine has it that he has now offered her the lead role in his new Hindi film. Trisha is already a popular heroine in Tamil and Telugu. Whether she’ll cast her magic in Bollywood remains to be seen.

'Attili Satti Babu' Van On Hyderabad Roads

'Attili Sattibabu' completed 50 days and in celebrating mood. On the other hand, the Attili Sattibabu Supplier Van is roaming in Hyderabad. Well, that is not for campaign anyway. EVV hired a van for the film and painted 'Attili Sattibabu A-Z Suppliers' on it.

The shooting was over, film was released and completed 50 days but the van owner didn't erase those painting letters on it. And the van is functioning with same painting on it.

One way, the van is working as promoter of the film as it's catching the attention of people on roads. It's roaming in various places of Hyderabad and yesterday it was noticed at King Koti area.

Paruchuri's Recommendation -Devisri Prasad As Hero
Paruchuri Gopala Krishna said that he is confident that Devi Sri Prasad can do well as hero as well. Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao first said that he is very happy for introducing Devi Sriprasad, his friend Satya Murthy's son as music director since he bagged big image as successful star in the field.

Adding a line to it Gopalakrishna said that he is confident of Devi Sriprasad's acting skills as well as he is possessed with energy levels while performing stage shows.

Paruchuri also recommended producers to try grooving in Devisri as hero when e appeared in a recent TV interview.

Well, why don't Paruchuri himself make one with him!

Female Fans For Producer MS Raju

Stardom for producers is very rare. Dr Ramanaidu has that and now MS Raju is also enjoying the same.

In a live TV show a few calls have come to the anchor stating that they are MS Raju's fans. Majority of voices were those of female fans. We may conclude that MS Raju's friends might have called so. But in the film 'Aata' when MS Raju appears on screen in a small role during a song theatre roared with whistles and shouts. Similarly shouts were audible when his name appeared on screen as producer.

So MS Raju got his big stardom as producer who makes interesting films those appeal to family audiences

Gossip: Nagarjuna As Rama Krishna Paramahamsa
This is the fresh gossip that is making rounds in industry.

K Raghavendra Rao is going to make the film 'Swami Vivekananda' after he completes 'Ranga Panduranga' with Balakrishna.

It is said that Sumanth will be playing title role while Nag will be playing the role of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as a guest in it. We have to see if it gets materialized.

Sexy Black Beauty's Love For Mr Four Legged!

Basu adores her pet dog posto. And the dog too listen only to the Bong beauty in the Basu household. In fact Bips is so possessive about her pet that she doesn’t let anyone criticise his boisterous behaviour.

Gossip: Ramanaidu’s Gal ‘Mirrors’ Beauty Of Men!
Producer Ramanaidu is generous in helping women. He leaves no woman he meets without patting. One such fortunate gal is Vijaya. She worked as a receptionist for a few years in his office. She is not only endowed with beauty but also blessed with the craft of beautician. She, however, has specialized in masculine beauty. She maintained very good rapport with most of the heroes, when she was in Ramanaidu’s office. After she quit the job, she opened a beauty parlor by name, ‘Mirrors’. She is now erasing all the traces of ageing on the faces of heroes, she knows with her magical touch. The tag, ‘For Men Only’ is attracting more clients. She tried this craft with Ramanaidu, she proudly recalls.

Friday, May 25, 2007

‘Bhukailas’ Review: Comedy Circled Around Real Estate Business

Film Name : Bhukailas

Rating: 3/5
Cast: Venu Madhav, Suhasini, Lavi, Gowri Mumjal., Mumaith Khan, Tirupathi Prasad, Ali, Tanikella, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Sunil, Brahmanandam etc
Dialogues: Rama Swamy
Lyrics: Chandrabose, Siva Shakti Dutta
Dance: Suchitra etc
Art: Narendra
Music: Keeravani, Rohit Raj
Fights: Vijay
Camera: Sreenivasa Reddy
Producer: Gurunatha Reddy
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Siva Nageswara Rao
Release Date: 25th May 2007

Director Shiva Nageshwara Rao is known well for making films those revolve around money. His movies ‘Lucky Chance’, ‘Money Money’ and all fall under same category. Now with ‘Bhukailas’ he has again chosen the theme around money.

Kailasam (Venu Madhav) is an illiterate from a village who lives as milk vendor. His old parents (LB Sri Ram and Geetanjali) are more attached to his son. Bujji (Suhasini) is Kailasam’s niece who loves him since childhood. Kailasam lives in poor background but suddenly he encounters a Swamiji (Rallapalli) who foretells his future stating that he would become a multi millionaire.

Following that, the Ring Road proposal comes into discussion and government lays that road through this village. Thus, almost every one in the village becomes rich and Kailasam’s land of 2 acres will be sold out for Rs 100 Crore. Then the kick that money gives was shown till the end. Kailasam forgets his parents, ignores his love on Bujji and leaves for Hyderabad. Knowing his foolishness Manickyam (Tanikella) approaches him and says that he would make a film with him as hero. Ali comes as director and starts making the film ‘Desa Pokiri’. Meanwhile a politician also comes into picture. Then what happens? How Kaillasam corrects his mistake. When he starts loving his parents and niece? That falls as rest of the theme.

Venu Madhav could have done better comedy. Pathos didn’t gel well with him. He tried to showcase his dancing talent and the attempt is appreciable. Suhasini is really good and photogenic. Her performance is impressive. Gowri Mumjal appears only in a dream song. Mumaith Khan has little role to play other than acting for a song. Sunil’s comedy is below average as Inspector Bhaya Nayak. Brahamanadam, who acted as Danger Das, is also not used completely. Krishna Bhagawan’s dialogues are good and still better rack might have written for him.

Srinivasa Reddy’s camera work is good and impressive. Graphics (while Ali narrates story to Venu Madhav) deserve a mention. Title song is good. Especially the line ‘Soda thaagalenodu koththa Skoda car konnadu..’ tickles the ribs.

Director Shiva Nageshwara Rao used all the current affairs relating to Real Estate. Even the auction of Balapore laddu is used as a scene. On a whole, the director has shown hiccup to maintain depth in comedy till the end. Lack of Treatment is clearly observed in it.

First half of the film runs with humor while second half goes with humor and sentiment at the last. The film obviously boosts up expectations due to Real Estate elements in it. People expect many things and come to theaters. But expectations may not be reached.

The theme chosen for the film is really excellent. There is ample scope for comedy and incessant hilarity till the grand finale. But the director made it pale on a whole although there are a few scenes those bring laughs. It is certainly a better film that his previous film ‘Photo.

There is better scope for this film in B, C centers when compared to A.

Spiderman3 world record at Prasads IMAX

Hyderabad is performing extremely well in the IMAX global map. After creating world records for highest number of patrons for Spider Man 2 and Happy Potter, Prasads IMAX created another world record for highest number of patrons for the latest IMAX release in Hyderabad - Spider Man 3. 55000 patrons have watched the IMAX version of Spiderman 3 in Prasads so far. This number will grow as Spider Man3 is still going strong.

OUT OF THE BOX FILMS Production No.1

Our Telugu NRI's have sentimental attachments towards Telugu language and Andhrites.Of late Telugu films have been released offshore have made record collections.Young lads from A.P who gone to U.S. for better education,employment opportunities have not been able to wart off thier fetish for Telugu cinema and have returned for good to either take up production or directorial venture,this they are doing after a stint in Film school abroad.

Nagesh kukunoor who made films like Hyderabad Blues&Dor, Shekhar Kammula who made Anand and Godavari,Deva who made thought provoking film like Vennela all belongs to same category.Now yet another NRI Suman Pathuri is coming up with his debut directorial venture.He had earlier worked as a Co-director for Vennela.

The producers of Out of the box films areRam K. Reddy,Ravi Pendekanti,Prasad Dasari and they will be introducing the lead pair too.Ravi Varma,Vennela fame Kishore form a part of the cast.Mahesh Shankar who has composed music for Vennela will be working on this movie.The six songs of the film are penned by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry.Srikanth Naroj is the Cinematographer.

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